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Tourists take photos with RMB scenery. Designer: It’s a combined landscape.

  Figure ①: The fifth set of RMB 100 yuan with the back pattern "Great Hall of the People".

 Fig. ②: The fifth set of RMB 20 yuan back pattern "Guilin Landscape".

 Fig. ③: The fifth set of RMB 10 yuan back pattern "Three Gorges Kuimen".

  The Great Hall of the People, Potala Palace, Guilin Landscape, Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Mount Tai, and San Tan Yin Yue are all the buildings and scenery behind the fifth set of RMB banknotes. Why did you choose them as the main scene on the back? Can the photos taken by framing be directly used on paper money? Recently, the reporter came to China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation and visited the people who had participated in the design and production of the fifth set of RMB in that year to reveal the secrets of the scenery on RMB for you.

  Theme design

  Beijing West Railway Station and Jiuquan Launch Site were once candidates.

  Everyone knows that the fifth set of RMB was officially listed and issued in 1999. In fact, the design and development of this set of RMB started as early as 1988, and its design process is also very complicated and tortuous.

  The design of the theme alone has undergone many changes. In the fourth set, the front main view of RMB is the head of representative national figures in China, and the back main view is based on the famous mountains and rivers such as the main peak of Jinggangshan and Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, which embodies the theme of high spirits and unity of people of all ethnic groups in China. What is the good theme in the fifth set?

  The first theme given by the designer is ancient historical figures, in the order of dynasties. Kong Qiu and Qu Yuan in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Sima Qian and Cai Lun in the Han Dynasty were all selected. The second theme is contemporary leaders such as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. The third theme is the head of Mao Zedong on the front and the famous scenery and buildings in China on the back, highlighting the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

  In the process, some leaders suggested that nanpu bridge, Beijing West Railway Station, "Three North" Shelterbelt, Jiuquan Launch Site and so on could be added to the ticket.

  In fact, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation has designed color drafts of these schemes and submitted them to the People’s Bank of China, and the People’s Bank of China has submitted them to the State Council for discussion. What is finally confirmed is what we see now. On the front, Mao Zedong’s head is adopted, and on the back, famous buildings and landscapes such as the Great Hall of the People and Potala Palace are selected from China’s historical sites and buildings and landscapes.

  There are so many scenic spots in China, why are these selected? The most basic principle is not to use the scenery that has been used before. "Let people know at a glance where it is, have a special status and popularity, and be expressive", which is the standard in one of the designers’ mind. Although it may not be possible to cover the factors considered by every designer, after hundreds of repeated discussions and verifications by designers, the victories of Potala Palace and Mount Tai are truly deserved.

  "It was once suggested that Huangshan Mountain be used on the back of 50 yuan, but after discussion, everyone thought that Huangshan Mountain had been used before, and the Potala Palace not only reflected the elements of national unity, but also added a lot to its religious significance." Liu Yongjiang, director of the product development office and head of the fifth RMB design, said.

  Field shooting

  The mysterious collector of the West Lake has to take a close-up shot in the rain.

  In the minds of employees of banknote printing and minting companies, RMB is an "outstanding representative product" they produce, hoping to be recognized and loved by the people. However, after all, RMB has its own particularity, so that it is kept secret throughout the design and production process, and even it is difficult for ordinary people to see it until the moment it comes out. Kong Wei Yun, a sculptor of RMB, told the reporter an interesting story that happened during the filming.

  In those days, Kong Wei Yun went to the West Lake in Hangzhou to collect the wind and print the moon on the three pools behind the 1 yuan paper money. According to the confidentiality regulations, only the director of the currency issuance department of the local people’s bank knew the purpose of his visit and arranged his accommodation and itinerary. Unfortunately, the day of collecting the wind just happened to catch up with the rain.

  There are regulations in the West Lake that you can’t go out when it rains, and you can’t shoot Santan at close range without taking a boat. What should I do? Kong Weiyun told the boatman that he was an advertising company, and his task was urgent. He would return to Beijing tomorrow, and he had to shoot today. The boatman said that he would sail, but there must be two guests on board, so Kong Weiyun had to pay for a tour guide.

  Finally, the ship sailed successfully, but the route was not satisfactory. The boats in the scenic spot all have a fixed driving route and time, but Kong Wei Cloud has its own specific shooting point, so we can only spend more money to let the boatmen temporarily change the route and add time. "The boatman still wondered and asked me why I didn’t see so many beautiful scenery in the West Lake."

  Do we have to photograph the real thing? Kong Weiyun said that unlike designers who can find inspiration by looking at albums, as sculptors, they must see the details. If you don’t look at the details, you don’t know how to do the edges and corners when carving, and you don’t know what the patterns and patterns on Santan stone carving are. Because he couldn’t tell the boatman his true intention, Kong Weiyun joked that he was a "mysterious collector of the West Lake".

  In the fifth set of RMB design stage, Kong Wei Yunhe and other designers and sculptors were also pulled into a small building at the foot of the Great Wall to "lock up" for two weeks’ closed creation. There are no "outsiders" here, and they eat and live in the building. Because the mobile phone was not popular and the transportation was inconvenient at that time, it can be said that it was really isolated from the world and the confidentiality work was done quite well.

  "combined" landscape

  Want to take pictures of the scene? Actually, it can’t be completely matched

  After the introduction of the fifth set of RMB, the back scenery became a hot topic, and tourists took RMB to take photos of the back scenery, but designer Li Zhinong told you, "Forget it, you can’t find exactly the same place."

  Li Zhinong told reporters that unlike the previous sets, the fifth set of RMB clearly stated that "combined" scenery can be used. In other words, what you see on the back of the paper money, such as the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Three Ponds and the Moon, is difficult to find exactly the same angle to shoot again in reality. They are combined "brand-new" landscapes.

  Take Mount Tai as the most representative, the unique stone carving of Wuyue, the Southern Gate of Heaven and the Jade Emperor’s Peak are all symbolic symbols of Mount Tai, but it is difficult for tourists to find a place to photograph these three elements. Why do you want to put them together? Li Zhinong said that the characteristics of Mount Tai are not very prominent. It is difficult to tell if it is Mount Tai only by depicting the mountain features. Therefore, in order to better show the grandeur of Mount Tai and facilitate identification, all three elements are simply integrated into one picture.

  Similarly, after a large number of multi-angle shooting in the early stage, in order to make the composition more beautiful, the designers also "moved" the positions of several distant mountains in Guilin Mountain, "moved away" some mounds near Potala Palace, and "depressed" the grandeur of the distant mountains, making the pillars as the decoration of the Great Hall of the People, the five-pointed stars and lights of the dome become its background … …

  "There is actually no close correspondence between color and face value. One hundred yuan is red, but once one yuan was used in red." Liu Yongjiang said that colors serve the theme, and they should ensure that different denominations cannot be confused and easy to distinguish.

  Of course, how to design is not up to one person, and it can even be said that every link of RMB design has the hard work of countless people. Not only do designers choose scenery and design angles to draw sketches, but also some people draw sketches to improve them, and sculptors use dotted lines to shape scenery … … Every draft of design, painting and sculpture will be different. After each link, the scenery may change slightly. "Because of the technological restrictions and anti-counterfeiting requirements, the scenery on the banknotes must stand scrutiny and picky." Liu Yongjiang said.

Swimming an hour to eliminate 1000 calories? Why are you getting fatter and fatter?

  Many people say that swimming is one of the best exercises to lose weight. Swimming for one hour can eliminate 1000 calories, which is almost the sum of the calories a person needs in a day.

  Does this mean that as long as you swim for an hour, the calories you eat in a day will disappear? Can it really consume that much? Then why do some people get fatter after swimming?

  How many calories can swimming consume?

  In fact, swimming consumes 1000 calories per hour, which is not accurate and comprehensive. The amount of heat consumed per hour varies greatly with different intensities of swimming.

  According to the data of "Nutrition and Dietary Guidelines for China Residents (2016)", a 66 kg male, with an average freestyle/backstroke of 30 minutes, consumes 264 kilocalories; Breaststroke for 30 minutes consumes 330 kilocalories; Butterfly swimming consumes the most calories, which is 363 kilocalories.

  In contrast, a 56 kg woman spends an average of 30 minutes in freestyle/backstroke, consuming 224.1 kilocalories; Breaststroke for 30 minutes consumes 279.9 kilocalories; The maximum calorie consumption of butterfly stroke is 308.1 kilocalories.

  Although you don’t exercise for an hour and consume 1000 calories, it is undeniable that swimming does burn fat. In contrast, a 66 kg man jogs for 30 minutes on average and consumes 231 kilocalories. A 56 kg woman jogs for 30 minutes on average, and consumes 195.9 kilocalories. In addition, another advantage of swimming is that there is no damage to the knees.

  Why did you get fat after swimming?

  But why do some people get fatter and fatter after swimming? First of all, it has much to do with how much you eat. Dr. Wu Xi, an associate professor in the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out that losing weight actually creates a calorie gap and consumes a lot of calories, but it is impossible to lose weight by taking more. People usually feel hungry after swimming and want to eat food with high fat content. Some people feel that they consume so many calories, and when they get home, they can eat some high-calorie foods with peace of mind, not only will they not lose weight, but they will also get fatter and fatter. Sometimes, after swimming for an hour, a bottle of coke will offset it.

  You should still eat some foods with high fiber and low calorie before and after swimming, including bananas and tomatoes. It is not good to eat when you are hungry, which is easy to cause overeating.

  Dr. Wu Xi pointed out that exercise to lose weight should be a long-term and persistent lifestyle, and weight loss should also be a gentle process. As long as you persist in sports with enough intensity for more than half an hour every day and keep your heart rate at 120-150 times per minute, you will eventually see results.

  Of course, there is another possibility. If you find that you gain weight after an exercise, it may be caused by drinking more water after exercise. If you gain weight after a period of exercise, it may be that the proportion of muscle has increased and the proportion of fat has decreased. Because of the high density of muscles, muscles with the same volume are much heavier than fat, so despite the weight recovery, the weight loss effect has actually been achieved, and the body will look more compact.

  "Of course, in addition to aerobic training, resistance exercise is also very important for improving basic metabolism and body shaping; Muscle training first, then aerobic exercise such as swimming and running can also prevent joint injury. Every week, 1-2 times, 30-45 minutes of resistance exercise, or HIIT exercise program (high-intensity interval training), which can effectively maintain and increase muscles. " Dr. Wu Wei said.

  We should pay attention to these problems when swimming safely.

  Summer is the season of rapid growth of various pathogenic microorganisms and high incidence of various ocular surface diseases, and the average infection rate is twice as high as that in winter, especially in public swimming pools. If the disinfection measures are not strict, it will easily lead to the spread of pinkeye (infectious conjunctivitis). So how to prevent it? Can I swim during my period? The reporter interviewed relevant experts.

  Dr. Hong Jiaxu, an attending ophthalmologist at the Eye, Otolaryngology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, suggested that you should choose a regular swimming place to ensure the water quality and wear goggles before entering the water. Regular swimming pools will sterilize the water source, but once one or two patients with pink eye enter the swimming pool, they may still infect other people.

  Pink eye disease is mainly transmitted through contact, such as towels, face plates, eye drops, coins, keyboards, door handles, faucets and so on. After touching things with germs, rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is more likely to infect bacteria. Therefore, the management of swimming pools should also strengthen supervision, prevent patients with pink eye from swimming, and strengthen the sterilization of water sources. In addition, patients with pink eye should also be conscious, swimming may aggravate their condition, so they should not go swimming in public swimming pools again. In addition, everyone should also pay attention to personal hygiene, wash their hands frequently, and don’t cross-use daily necessities such as towels.

  Huang Weihong, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology department of Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, pointed out that some women think that they can get into the water safely by using tampons or moon cups during menstruation, but this method is not desirable. Women’s vagina is connected with the outside world, which provides the possibility for bacterial infection. Moreover, the cervix of the uterus is relatively dilated during menstruation, and the blood flowing out of the uterus during menstruation itself is a good culture medium for the reproduction of germs. After the tampon is soaked in water, germs can easily enter the body, causing reproductive system infection.

  "Of course, if you enjoy the environment very much when traveling, and women are at the end of their menstrual period, if you really want to go into the water, it is not bad to use tampons or menstrual cups, but swimming during menstruation for a long time will increase the chance of infection, which is definitely not recommended."

  Dr. Huang Weihong said, "Female swimming during menstruation is prone to reproductive system infection or menstrual disorder, and it will not be cured for a long time."

  Dr. Huang Weihong warned that if you swim in unsanitary water, dirty water can enter the vagina, and germs can take the opportunity to cause various diseases. Although the water in the swimming pool is disinfected circularly, it is impossible to be sterile, and there is no guarantee if it is not disinfected thoroughly in some places. There are many swimmers with tinea corporis, tinea pedis, trachoma, fungal vaginitis or trichomonal vaginitis, and even patients with gonorrhea and condyloma acuminatum. They bring pathogens into the pool water and easily infect healthy swimmers.

The news of the snow has been confirmed. It is freezing in Zhejiang, and there is sunshine on New Year’s Eve.

Chao news client reporter Fang Li

Recently, it has been overcast with rain in Zhejiang Province, with obvious rain today (February 3-4), and the precipitation was suspended on the 5th, and the freezing rain and snow weather resumed on the 6th-7th.

Let’s stick to it for a few more days. Judging from the current weather situation, the weather in Zhejiang on New Year’s Eve was good, accompanied by sunshine, and the temperature began to rise.

West Lake misty rain user sea photo

Affected by cold air, the daytime was still cold yesterday. At 15 o’clock yesterday, the temperature in all parts of Zhejiang was low. Huzhou was only 2.9℃, and southern Zhejiang was relatively warmer. The temperature in many areas dropped by more than 10℃ compared with the same time the day before. At night, the water vapor strengthened again and the rain increased again.

Today, there are sometimes showers in cloudy weather in the whole province, and more rain will appear tomorrow, with moderate rain and partial heavy rain in the whole province.

For example, in Hangzhou, due to the eastward movement of the deep south branch trough, the Jianghuai cyclone was also born in the southwest airflow in front of the trough and the easterly airflow at the bottom of the northern high pressure. At the same time, the water vapor condition of precipitation in Hangzhou has been strengthened and the dynamic conditions have become more sufficient. The whole city of Hangzhou will experience moderate rain and partial heavy rain.

In the next few days, the rain will stop all over the province on the 5 th, mainly cloudy weather. However, due to the influence of multiple cold air, the temperature will drop further.

The coldest day is February 6, and it is predicted that Zhejiang will join the "ice and snow group chat" on this day.

Since the 6th, the warm and humid air flow has been strengthened again, and combined with the low temperature, it is easy to change the phase of rain and snow.

In the morning, the temperature fell below the freezing point again, and the lowest temperature in most parts of the province was 0 ~-2 C with thin ice and-3 ~-5 C with freezing. The highest temperature during the day is only about 2℃ in northern Zhejiang.

It is estimated that there will be sleet or snow in the mountainous areas of central and northern Zhejiang on June 6-7, and there will be sleet locally in the plain areas.

The rainy weather in Zhejiang will last until the 7th, and it will turn cloudy to cloudy on the 8th.

From this point of view, despite the baptism of rain and rain before the festival, on New Year’s Eve, we can finally be accompanied by winter sunshine.

Hangzhou’s red wall Bai Mei netizen sea photo

Let’s draw the key points again-

It was rainy in our province before New Year’s Eve, and there was low temperature, rain and snow freezing in the mountains on June 6-7. 2-5 days, there is a wide range of rain, snow and freezing weather in central and eastern China.Friends who have plans to return home should plan their itinerary in advance to ensure safe travel.

Medium-range weather forecast

4th (Sunday): There is moderate rain in the whole province, and partial heavy rain in northern and western Zhejiang.

5th (next Monday): The whole province is cloudy.

Day on the 6th (next Tuesday): It is cloudy to cloudy in the southwest of Zhejiang, and it turns cloudy with light rain in the afternoon; Cloudy to cloudy in other areas.

6th night-7th (next Wednesday): There is little to moderate rain in the province, and there is sleet or light snow in the mountainous area of central and northern Zhejiang.

8th (next Thursday): The northern part of Zhejiang is cloudy to cloudy, while the rain in other areas gradually stops and turns cloudy.

9th (next Friday): Cloudy to sunny in the whole province.

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Warm stomach and warm heart! Returned workers in Neijiang Economic Development Zone have a hot group annual banquet.

Neijiang News of Sichuan Economic Net (Reporter Mao Chunyan’s text/map) The end of the year is the peak period for migrant workers to return home. On January 30th, organized by the Neijiang Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, 100 representatives of returning migrant workers from this area came to Chang ‘an Village, Jingmin, where they gathered together to share the feast of the Year of the Communist Youth League, reminisce about their hometown and welcome the Spring Festival.


site of activity

Near noon, the smell of food began to waft in the courtyard dam of Chang ‘an Village Party-Mass Service Center. The reporter came to the scene to see that more than 10 tables of annual banquets were laid out in turn, and representatives of returning workers from all walks of life in the whole region were seated, sharing bowls, handing chopsticks and pouring drinks. Everyone was polite to each other, and the sound of reminiscence and laughter continued.

Soon, a series of steaming and delicious dishes were served on the table: sweet and boiled, sweet but not greasy, steamed crispy meat crisp and tender, braised beef soft and rotten, and Sam Sun soup delicious … "These meals are delicious! Delicious! I want two more bowls today! " Eating authentic hometown food, He Bo, a representative of returning workers, said happily.


site of activity

"Over the past year, the vast number of workers have actively participated in the fiery practice of" fighting for the economy and building ".Everyone has worked hard, silently contributed and strived for self-improvement, creating a good living environment for their families and setting a good image for their hometown." Zhu Jun, vice chairman of the Neijiang Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, expressed his gratitude to the workers for their hard work. He hoped that in the new year, everyone would continue to work hard, make positive progress and write a happier and better life with practical actions.

"I used to work outside and rarely went home. I finally came back this time and saw that my hometown has changed a lot and developed very well. I am sincerely happy! " Wang Jun, a representative of returning migrant workers, said that he did not intend to go out to work this year, but wanted to find a company at the "doorstep" to make his own contribution to the development of his hometown.


Recruitment activities

On the day of the group annual banquet, the Neijiang Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions also presented Spring Festival couplets to representatives of returning workers and distributed home-going gift packages; The Employment and Social Security Bureau of the Joint District conducted on-site recruitment activities, providing more than 900 job information of 14 enterprises; Cooperate with Neijiang Rural Commercial Bank to carry out financial knowledge publicity activities and protect the "money bag" of returning workers with heart and affection.

It snows in Yichang!

Rain and snow come as promised.

From yesterday to today

There is light rain in most cloudy days in Yichang city.

There is sleet in some periods.

There is snowfall in the mid-mountain and above.

At 8 o’clock on February 2, netizens filmed snow on the roof of Wujiagang District.

just now

Snow in Bei ‘ao, Hejiaping Town, Changyang

Still raining.

The traffic police are checking the safety of passing vehicles.

Snow on the Road of Yandaiya Section of Xingshan National Highway 209

Xingshan Brigade actively cooperates with the transportation department.

Take snow removal measures

Issued by Hubei province

Yellow warning of low temperature rain and snow freezing

Wuhan Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of freezing rain and snow at 07: 02 on February 2: It is estimated that there will be snow in Shiyan, Xiangyang, Shennongjia, Yichang, Jingmen and Suizhou from 08: 00 on February 2 to 08: 00 on February 3, and there will be freezing rain or sleet in Enshi, Jingzhou, Tianmen, Qianjiang, Xiantao, Wuhan, Xiaogan and Huanggang. Please take precautions.

1-2 February afternoon

Yichang Meteorological Observatory and several county meteorological observatories

Release one after another

Yellow warning of road icing

The latest travel tips are coming.

Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge

The main deck of Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge is from north to south, and there is snow on the road surface. As of press time, the relevant departments are carrying out snow removal operations, and the traffic police temporarily control traffic and leave one lane for traffic.

The Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge has begun to remove snow.

yiling yangtze river bridge

Last night, the bridge deck of Yiling Yangtze River Bridge and some sections of Jiangcheng Avenue were frozen, and the traffic police brigade of Dianjun joined forces with the Bridge Company and the road maintenance department to carry out emergency snow removal operations.

In the early morning of February 2, after the emergency snow removal by the Bridge Company and the road maintenance department, under the command of the duty personnel, at present, some electric bicycles have been released to cross the river slowly.

Zhushi Street traffic police squadron early patrol auxiliary police reminded electric vehicle riders to pay attention to safety.

S68 dam-turning expressway

At 4 o’clock in the morning today (February 2), due to the drop in temperature, most sections of S68 Fanba Expressway snowed, and the traffic police controlled the four toll stations of Dianjun, Chexi, Zigui and Zigui Port. The maintenance construction unit sprinkles snow melting agent on the whole line. At present, the S68 dam-turning control section has been completely deregulated.

Yichang weather forecast

Today and tomorrow.

Moderate rain turns to heavy snow.

There is sleet or freezing rain in some periods.

Local snowstorm in mountainous area

5 -8 February

There is also a rainy and snowy weather process.

The temperature will continue to fall in the next three days.

The highest temperature dropped to 0 ~ 3℃

The minimum temperature drops to about -2℃

The temperature changes sharply.

Everyone must take warm measures.

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Freehand brushwork China explores the origin of Chinese characters, and Qihe River from The Book of Songs reproduces poetic beauty.

  Which river is known as "China Poetry River"? What is the fetter with poetry? Recently, the reporter followed "freehand brushwork in China — — Exploring the Origin of Chinese Characters "The interview group came to the bank of Qihe River in Hebi, Henan, and felt the deep ancient and modern poetry.

  Time flies, and the stars move. Wandering in the river, there are endless long years flowing. Qihe River, which has come from the depths of history, has left behind poems that have been sung for thousands of years, nourishing one side of the land endlessly.

  Poetry has profound cultural connotations.

  Qihe River, called Qishui in ancient times, originated in Qizishan, Shanxi Province. After entering Henan, it flows into Weihe River in Qimen, Hebi, with a total length of 176 kilometers and a length of 83 kilometers in Hebi.

  Poetry related to Qihe River. People’s Daily reporter Liu Weishe

  Since ancient times, many literati have come here to play and watch, and their poems are full of joy. "Qi Shui Tang Tang, gradually draped over the car", "Qi Shui Cui, Ba Ba Song Zhou" and "Looking forward to the Olympics, green bamboo and bamboo" … … In the Book of Songs, the first collection of poems in China, many poems describe the beautiful scenery of Qihe River and record the customs closely related to cross-strait life.

  Poets of all ages, such as Li Bai, Gao Shi and Wang Wei, also came to the Qihe River to sing. "Qi water flows like jade, and boats and cars rush every day." Li Bai saw a lot of traffic on both sides of the Qi River, which was very lively; "yiyi Xishan, don’t leave the mulberry forest", Gao Shi came to stay by the Qi River and lived a rural life of self-cultivation and self-sufficiency; "Ping Ju Qi Shui, Dongye Kuang Shan", the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei lived in seclusion in a small village, intoxicated by the quiet pastoral scenery.

  Ancient rivers are pregnant with ancient poetry culture. In September 2014, the Chinese Poetry Society officially named Qihe River as "China Poetry River", which is also the first river named after poetry in China.

  Spontaneous chantingHeritage Classic

  Today, thousands of years later, people living here still love poetry and inherit classics. With the theme of poetry, a 2.5-kilometer-long street park was built in qibin district — — Qishui Poetry Garden, with Qihe River as the carrier and poetry corridor as the main line, is divided into five chapters: pre-Qin, Qin and Han, Tang and Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern times from north to south, with a total of 1,500 poems.

  Strolling along the Qi River, the water surface is sparkling under the sunlight. No matter on the slate of the poetry corridor or the floor tiles of the square, poems related to the past dynasties are engraved everywhere, and parents can be seen everywhere taking their children to have a rest and recite poems, telling stories related to this place, adding a lot of poetry and painting under the beautiful scenery.

  The children are singing poems. People’s Daily reporter Liu Weishe

  It is reported that on weekdays, citizens often come here spontaneously to organize poetry readings. On the day of the reporter’s visit, members of Hebi City Recitation Association and students of Futian Primary School in the city performed wonderful recitation programs in Taibai Square. "Vote for me with papaya, with Joan Cheng. It’ s always good to report it. " While bowing, the children sang The Book of Songs Wei Feng Papaya with childish voices.

  This city, which is closely connected with poetry, inherits the classics by combining modernity with tradition, and shows the profound cultural elegance of Qihe River Basin.

  Protecting ecological damei wetland

  Qihe River is Hebi’s mother river and life river. It rushes out from Taihang Mountain, giving birth to the misty Qianhe Lake, the Qiligou with clear water, the mysterious and romantic Jinshan Temple, the ancient Lutai Pavilion and the Qihe National Wetland Park with flocks of birds. In 2015, Qihe Ecological Zone was rated as "National Eco-tourism Demonstration Zone" by the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2021, the Hebi section of Qihe River, as the only river selected in Henan Province, was selected as the nomination case of "Beautiful Rivers and Lakes" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

  Qihe national wetland park. People’s Daily reporter Liu Weishe

  Following the interview group, the reporter came to Qihe National Wetland Park and saw the reeds rippling by the clear river. "Duck Prophet of Spring River Water Heating", strolling in the garden, many ducks and geese are playing in the water, and peacocks are pacing on the shore. Red-crowned crane, gray crane, white-headed crane and gray-crowned crane … … In Heyuan, there are many rare cranes walking leisurely. According to the on-site commentator, there are 8 kinds of cranes in Heyuan, and there are more than 200 other birds. "Come to Hebi to see cranes" has become a new business card being built locally.

  It is understood that Qihe National Wetland Park has a total area of 4,987 mu, of which the wetland area is 4,065 mu, and the wetland rate is 81.43%. The wetland park has diverse geological terrain, rich hot spring resources and good water quality, which provides an ideal growth environment for animals and plants.

  "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", it is reported that the local investment is nearly 400 million yuan to build water conservation forests, build ecological buffer zones and isolation zones, build ecological wetlands to restore rivers, and build an ecological protection circle of Qihe River, which combines arbor, shrub, grass, vine and humidity, and reproduces the Dameiqi River from the Book of Songs.

New Year’s Eve of four generations of train drivers: This is how they eat their New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year's Eve of four generations of train drivers: This is how they eat their New Year's Eve dinner.

  BEIJING, Shenyang, Feb. 16 (Shen Diancheng Gaobing) The train witnessed the wealth and civilization of the industrial age and the social development process of China. Train drivers in different times have different stories about Spring Festival travel rush.

  Zhang Shunpu, a steam locomotive driver: Holding a steamed bun for New Year’s Eve dinner.

  In Shenyang Railway Exhibition Hall, there is a Jiefang 6 steam locomotive: a dark car body, wheels more than one person high and a round chimney on the roof … … This is the steam locomotive that Zhang Shunpu, the train driver of Shenyang Locomotive Depot, has been driving for 14 years, and the locomotive with long smoke in the eyes of the people.

  In 1984, Zhang Shunpu first boarded a liberated steam locomotive. At that time, the train was driven by three people, with a driver, a co-driver and a stoker. The driver and the co-driver operated the locomotive and the stoker was responsible for feeding coal. When the fireman is baking at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, he should throw the coal into the furnace shovel by shovel, and shake the burnt coal ash down the ash pit again and again with a shaker.

  Zhang Shunpu said that because there is a long boiler in front of the locomotive room, we must stick our heads out of the window at any time during the driving so as to have a look. Throughout the crew process, the faces and bodies of the three of us are always getting gray. Some people teased the driver at that time that "he looks like a refugee from a distance, but he looks like a beggar from a near distance. If you look closely, it belongs to the locomotive depot".

  What the locomotive depot said was the train driver. At that time, we chose steamed bread instead of rice. Steamed bread was convenient to eat. With a pinch of thumb and forefinger, we ate pickles. Finally, we threw away the remaining steamed bread with a black handprint. The New Year’s Eve dinner in those years was also eaten like this.

  Diesel locomotive driver Yang Dongxu: Beautiful fireworks over New Year’s Eve.

  In 1977, the first diesel locomotive was put into service in Shenyang Railway Bureau, and its power was much greater than that of steam locomotive, with a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. At present, although electric locomotives are popular, a certain number of diesel locomotives are still reserved because there is no power grid in some areas, especially in the extremely cold areas of Northeast China. Once it encounters rain, snow and freezing weather, diesel locomotives will "show their talents".

  Yang Dongxu is the crew member of the Beijing-Dandong section of the Beijing-Pyongyang international passenger train, in which the DF11G diesel locomotive is used for traction between Shenyang and Dandong. Compared with steam locomotives, the working environment of diesel locomotives is much cleaner and more spacious, and the line situation in front of the operation can be directly observed in the cab. Due to the special nature of work, some train drivers can’t go home for reunion on New Year’s Eve, so they can only drive trains on the land of the motherland and shuttle between cities. Seeing distant lights and fireworks at night will also bring some comfort to their hearts.

  For Yang Dongxu, this has also become a luxury, because he is responsible for more line tunnels between Shenyang and Dandong, with a total of 38 tunnels, the longest of which is 5,005 meters. When the diesel locomotive passes through the tunnel, it is dark all around, and the smoke from the locomotive is trapped in the tunnel and can’t be dispersed, and it seeps into the locomotive, which is very choking. In spite of this, Yang Dongxu also concentrated on driving, looked ahead, and did not dare to slack off, because the safety of nearly 1,000 passengers was behind him. When the train leaves the tunnel and gallops smoothly on the line, his mood will gradually calm down, and occasionally he will feel extremely happy and proud when he sees fireworks in the night sky.

  Su Ying, the Third Generation Electric Locomotive Driver: One’s New Year’s Eve

  In 2001, Shenyang Locomotive Depot began to assign the first electric locomotive — Shaoshan 9, which is a milestone for train drivers to enter the electric power era.

  The output power of electric locomotives is two to three times that of diesel locomotives, and about five times that of steam locomotives. The capacity is greater, as the saying goes, "strength" is greater, and it is also high-tech — If the microcomputer fails, it can be handled through the touch-type microcomputer screen at hand, and it is basically unnecessary to go to the mechanical room for "baking inspection". Another example is the 6A fault monitoring system, in which seven cameras monitor important corners in the locomotive in real time, and can monitor the running status of the locomotive at any time.

  In 2010, Su Ying started driving an electric locomotive, and she was so happy to see a clean environment and brand-new equipment. However, a slight deficiency is that it is too lonely. In 2008, the railway was reformed, which changed from a package ride system to a round ride system, and a single driver was implemented. From the previous "brothers traveling around the world together" to "riding alone for thousands of miles", the road became "lonely".

  At other times, it’s easy to say, especially on the night of New Year’s Eve, people gather together in a warm home and greet the new year with joy. A train driver like Su Ying is far away from his family and is alone in the cab, full of emotions, joys and sorrows.

  Qu Tao, the driver of high-speed train: 4 times a day to transport 5000 passengers.

  The wheel of history has entered the era of high-speed rail. Qu Tao is a high-speed train driver in Shenyang Locomotive Depot. Before that, he drove diesel and electric locomotives, and then he was selected at different levels to become a high-speed train driver.

  In his words, driving a EMU is "enjoyable". Electric locomotives walk 30 meters per second, and we walk 80 meters per second, just like flying a plane to the ground.

  After becoming a high-speed train driver, not only the locomotive performance has changed, but also the business level has been required to be high, and other aspects have also changed greatly. For example, the maintenance period has been extended, and a multi-functional decompression chamber has been equipped to decompress the high-speed train driver through music, incense and other means, and a full-functional driving simulation room has been established. These "high-level" measures are aimed at ensuring the high-speed train driver to drive better.

  For example, other locomotives require a lookout interval of no more than 3 seconds, while high-speed rail drivers require a lookout all the time, which puts higher demands on drivers’ energy and physical fitness.

  Nowadays, traveling by bullet train and high-speed rail has gradually become people’s first choice, especially during their stay in Spring Festival travel rush, people want to return to their hometown more quickly. In order to meet this demand, the railway departments often add temporary passengers during their stay in Spring Festival travel rush, and the workload of high-speed rail drivers is much more than usual.

  When he was in Spring Festival travel rush, Qu Tao took a ride four times a day at most, transporting about 5,000 passengers, which was nearly 30% more than usual. He either rested in the baoxiu room or drove online. When the train arrived safely and punctually, and the passenger came home for the New Year with a happy and joyful smile, he thought to himself: It is worthwhile to be tired and tired again! (End)

China’s beauty market is full of vitality (interpretation by experts)

Customers buy cosmetics in Haikou Riyue Square Duty Free Shop. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Chengshe
"China’s beauty market sales will exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2025." According to an article in Women’s World Daily, China has become the key to the growth of global beauty companies, driven by the increase of family income, the continuous influx of newcomers and the growing local brands.
At the "June 18th China International Beauty Summit Forum" held by Women’s World Daily, Gian positano, head of the Italian Cosmetics Federation, said that the beauty market in China is expected to reach 92.1 billion US dollars in 2022. The growth momentum will mainly come from the rapid growth of the male beauty products market and the rise of domestic beauty brands.
According to the report, China is not only a key consumer market and manufacturing center, but also a driving force for innovation. From setting up research and development centers to investment funds, many international beauty giants continue to expand their investment in China; At the same time, many local brands of beauty cosmetics in China began to internationalize in order to explore the international market. China beauty brands are still entering foreign markets through cross-border e-commerce.
In recent years, the beauty market in China is full of vitality, showing new development characteristics. First, the growth rate is fast and the coverage is wide. At present, the market scale of China’s beauty industry is gradually moving towards trillion level; Second, facial basic skin care is the core track, accounting for the largest market share, and the growth rate of sub-tracks such as makeup and makeup is also faster; Third, the male beauty market is developing rapidly, and major brands are competing to enter the market. In addition to "her economy", "other economy" has also quietly emerged; Fourth, domestic beauty brands have risen rapidly. Domestic brands have made remarkable progress in raw materials, formula and technology, and a large number of cutting-edge domestic brands such as Perfect Diary and Huaxizi have emerged.
China’s beauty market is booming, which is of great significance to promoting domestic and even global economic recovery. In terms of supply chain and industrial chain, the development of beauty industry is closely related to agriculture, biochemistry, glass industry, plastic industry, transportation industry and advertising industry, and many related industrial chains have been developed and integrated. This has a positive role in promoting the global industrial chain.
The unprecedented development of China’s beauty industry is the result of multiple factors.
First, with the continuous development of China’s economy, the main contradiction in today’s society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people’s growing need for a better life and the unbalanced development. Beauty products just meet the social needs and respect needs of consumers.
Secondly, more and more foreign excellent beauty brands have entered China, bringing advanced production technology, novel marketing methods and unique product concepts to the beauty market in China, promoting the industrial chain to be mature and perfect, and cultivating consumers in the beauty market in China to some extent.
Third, the consumer groups of beauty products in China are gradually expanding. With the rapid economic development, China people’s household income level and consumption power are constantly improving, and the demand for beauty products will also expand. In addition, some beauty brands have gone to other cities to explore the market after deep cultivation in first-and second-tier cities, and gained more sustained positive growth momentum.
Fourthly, the change of consumption concept provides a broad market for the development of beauty products in China. Generation Z consumers are the core consumer groups in the future beauty market.
Fifth, new social and marketing platforms such as live broadcast have expanded rapidly. The rise of social media, such as Little Red Book Assessment, online celebrity Live Delivery and KOL, has strongly promoted the development of China’s beauty market.
With the development of economy, the progress of science and technology and the change of consumer groups, there will be some new trends in China’s beauty market. First of all, driven by "Yan value economy", the influence of "Z generation" on the beauty market should not be underestimated. Secondly, digital transformation is the general trend. Digital transformation of layout is conducive to grasping the core channels of beauty products, such as credit payment method, digital marketing concept, digital network sales channels and so on. Finally, Guochao brand has great development potential. "Generation Z" consumers have a high degree of cultural self-confidence, preferring China elements and national brands, and new publicity strategies and marketing methods such as "co-branding" are loved by consumers.
If China’s beauty market wants to achieve steady and healthy development, it needs to firmly grasp the development direction. From the core competitiveness of beauty products, we should pay attention to the independent research and innovation of product formulas, establish a "moat" of domestic brands, and gain a place in the global beauty industry chain; From the special properties of beauty products, we should enhance the experience and efficacy of beauty products and enhance customer stickiness. As an "experience product", consumers will pay special attention to the core ingredients and actual use effect; From the perspective of development trend, we should focus on digital transformation, put product design and research and development, industrial chain operation and customer loyalty system on a digital platform, and then make a comprehensive layout of digitalization; From the perspective of sustainability, green materials should be used to promote sustainable development. Beauty products are "fast-moving consumer goods", and packaging materials will produce a lot of carbon emissions when they are processed. The country strongly advocates "carbon integration". If beauty brands can pay attention to sustainable development and combine with the major policies advocated by the country, it will not only benefit the brand itself, but also help the environmental development.
(Interview with Zhou Ying)

What happened when a public institution won the first place in the total score but missed the physical examination?

  Although the written test and interview are the first, Qu Jianghuan, a candidate from Wuning, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, failed to make the list of medical examiners because of the inconsistent interpretation of his professional qualifications by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and was replaced by the second candidate, Ke Wendi.

  In a rage, Qu Jianghuan took Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, Jiujiang City People’s Social Security Bureau and Wuning County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau to court. In this public examination storm of public institutions, Qu Jianghuan learned afterwards that it was Ke Wendi, the second candidate in the total score, who reported that his major did not meet the job requirements, which led to his unqualified qualification review, and Ke Wendi’s father was a deputy director of the local judicial bureau, which made Qu Jianghuan suspect that he had encountered "radish recruitment". After this incident was reported by the media, it caused heated public opinion.

  Why does the local people’s social security bureau make inconsistent professional qualification identification? Is there any injustice in this open recruitment? The reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network launched an investigation into this.


  "I didn’t report it maliciously. I just reported it through formal channels ‘ Professional mismatch ’ The problem of safeguarding your rights and interests. " Ke Wendi stressed to reporters.

  In the public recruitment of Jiujiang institutions in the second half of 2017, Qu Jianghuan, an undergraduate majoring in "Art Design (Decoration Art Design)" of Minjiang University, applied for the post of "Cultural Counselor 1" in Wuning County Township Publicity and Culture Station (later renamed as "Wuning County Culture Radio and Television Press and Publication Tourism Bureau" due to institutional reform).

  Through the written test and interview, among the 13 candidates, Qu Jianghuan was shortlisted with the first total score.

  On February 9, 2018, official website of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Announcement on Matters Related to Physical Examination of Staff of Public Recruitment Institutions in Wuning County in the Second Half of 2017. Qu Jianghuan accidentally found that his name disappeared from the list of shortlisted candidates for physical examination.

  Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau replied that there was no name of Zhai Jianghuan in the medical examination announcement in 2018, because there was controversy, so there was no announcement.

  Eight months later, Qu Jianghuan learned from the announcement of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that the second place, Ke Wendi, was shortlisted for medical examination because of her unqualified qualification review. On October 26th, 2018, Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security announced in official website of Jiujiang City Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that Ke Wendi had passed the qualification review, and informed the time and place of medical examination.

  Ke Wendi, who also applied for the position of "Cultural Counselor 1" in this open recruitment, recalled that on the afternoon of December 12, 2017, he went to the office of the special technology unit of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau to submit his resume, ID card, academic certificate and other materials needed for the preliminary qualification examination. When signing the registration form for confirmation, he saw that the professional name of the candidate Qu Jianghuan on the form was art design (decoration art design), so he casually asked Huang Songmin, the head of the special technology unit responsible for qualification examination.

  Huang Songmin replied, "There is no problem with majors", and also took out an internal review to explain to him that "art design is a big category, including decorative art design".

  According to the Announcement of Public Recruitment of Staff in Jiujiang Institutions for the Second Half of 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the "Recruitment Announcement") issued by Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security on November 2, 2017, the job requirements of "Cultural Counselor 1" are: full-time national unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, 30 years old and below, limited to Wuning household registration. Undergraduate professional requirements: art design (media art design), performance (130301) and art design (130501).

  With questions, Ke Wendi looked up the catalogue of undergraduate majors in colleges and universities promulgated by the Ministry of Education (2012) on the Internet, and found that none of the three majors required for the recruitment position matched "art design (decoration art design)".

  The next morning, Ke Wendi went to the County People’s Social Security Bureau to reflect it step by step. After many unsuccessful reflections, he mailed the reflection materials to Zhang Xiaoqiu, then director of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, by notarization service on December 18, 2017. Subsequently, the issue was reflected in writing to Wuning County Bureau for Letters and Calls, Wuning County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Jiujiang Bureau for Letters and Calls, Jiujiang Minsheng Channel and Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security.

  "I went to the County People’s Social Security Bureau to report that the other party asked me to consult the city for specific questions. I went to the city to report. The Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau said that the County People’s Social Security Bureau was responsible for the specific qualification examination. I ran more than twenty or thirty times before and after, and the People’s Social Security Bureau did not give me a positive answer." In desperation, Ke Wendi reported Huang Songmin, the chief of the special technology unit of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  It is precisely because of Ke Wendi’s repeated reflections and reports that Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security began to urge Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security to re-examine the qualifications.


  In response to Ke Wendi’s reflection, Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau and Wuning County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau jointly issued the "Information Note on the Qualification Examination" (hereinafter referred to as the "Description") on January 15, 2018.

  The "Description" mentioned that according to the recruitment announcement and the answer to the catalogue of majors and new majors in the "Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2017" issued by the Municipal Bureau, and referring to the professional requirements of the three positions recruited by Wuning County Township Cultural Station in the second half of 2016, there is also a similar situation in the art design major. "We think ‘ Cultural Counselor 1’ The qualification examination results of the three candidates who were shortlisted for the interview were all qualified. After communicating with the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Wuning County, the employer agreed to the qualification examination results of our bureau. " The "Description" is stamped with the official seals of two units.

  Huang Songmin, Chief of the Special Technology Unit of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, has been engaged in job title evaluation and recruitment of public institutions since May 2013.

  Huang Songmin mentioned in the "Description of the Situation" made to the Fifth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of Wuning County Commission for Discipline Inspection on January 24, 2018 that during the registration period, candidates asked: "Can this post ("Cultural Counselor 1 ") art design or art design (XX direction) major apply?" After consulting the Municipal Bureau of Public Affairs, Comrade Liu Jian of Corey made it clear that he could apply for the exam.

  It is the qualification examination stage after the written examination. On December 11, 2017, Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2017" to all qualification examination units in Jiujiang City in the internal QQ working group.

  Huang Songmin said that the position of "Cultural Counselor 1" was shortlisted for the interview. Qu Jianghuan majored in art design (decoration art design), Chen Moumou majored in art design, and Wendy Ke majored in art design (media art design). According to the second point of Article 5 of the Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2017 issued by the Municipal Bureau, the answer is: "For the major of art design, the elderly,

  Before the interview, the candidates who are shortlisted for the interview need to send the originals and copies of their ID cards, diplomas and academic certificates to the Special Technology Unit of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau for review. Referring to this qualification examination standard issued by the Municipal Bureau, on the day of formal qualification examination, in order to confirm whether Qu Jianghuan can apply for the post of "Cultural Counselor 1" again, Huang Songmin asked the Municipal Bureau of Public Affairs again, and Comrade Liu Jian clearly replied: "No problem, you can apply."

  The "Description" mentioned that Huang Songmin also reported the situation to Zheng Chuanxian, deputy director of the Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, and Zhang Xiaoqiu, director of the Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau. After careful consideration by the leaders, he decided: "This is the recruitment examination for public institutions organized by Jiujiang City. The Municipal Bureau has explained this major, and the county-level qualification examination unit should implement it according to this standard. Therefore, the qualification examination results of the three candidates who have been shortlisted for this position are all qualified. Our bureau reported the results of the qualification examination to the Municipal Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau did not raise any objection. "

  It is also mentioned in the "Description of the Situation" that "Wendy Ke came to our bureau to report that Qu Jianghuan’s major did not meet the job requirements. I and Deputy Director Zheng Chuanxian reported to the Bureau’s business department, and the reply was: there is no problem with this review. If there are candidates who have doubts about this result, please ask the employer to give their opinions. Deputy Director Zheng Chuanxian and I communicated face-to-face with the employing unit, and Director Jiang Debiao of Wenguang New Bureau clearly agreed with the results of this qualification examination. Art design (decorationCandidates majoring in art design can also be qualified for this job. "


  However, in the physical examination after the interview, Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau made an opposite determination to Qu Jianghuan’s qualification review results.

  On October 16, 2018, Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security announced that the post of "Cultural Counselor 1" in the township propaganda and cultural station of Wenguang New Bureau in Wuning County was vacant due to unqualified candidates’ qualification review, and Ke Wendi, who took the second place in the total score, planned to be shortlisted for medical examination. Officially confirmed the cancellation of Qu Jianghuan’s medical examination qualification.

  "Before entering the examination and after the written examination, I consulted Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau twice to confirm whether my major can enter the examination for this position, and all I got were positive answers. ‘ If the major meets the requirements, you can apply for ’ 。” What puzzles Qu Jianghuan is why he was ‘ The major you studied does not meet the post requirements ’ Brush it down for reasons.

  Without a medical examination, Qu Jianghuan began the road of safeguarding rights. On November 1, 2018, Qu Jianghuan filed an administrative lawsuit in Yongxiu County People’s Court, demanding that the human and social departments resume their medical examination qualifications.

  On December 28, 2018, Yongxiu County People’s Court rejected Qu Jianghuan’s claim. After losing the case in the first instance, Jiujiang Intermediate People’s Court ruled in the second instance that the third person was omitted in the first instance, which violated legal procedures, and the original judgment was revoked and sent back for retrial. On December 12, 2019, the Yongxiu County People’s Court reopened the case after adding a third person, Wendy Ke, ex officio. Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Wuning County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau all sat in the dock.

  During the trial, the Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau gave an explanation that contradicted the previous reply. "Qu Jianghuan’s undergraduate major is art design (decoration art design), not ‘ Cultural Counselor 1’ As a major with no professional code, Qu Jianghuan should consult the recruiting unit in advance and report to the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau for filing under the approval of the recruiting unit before passing the examination. However, Qu Jianghuan did not consult the recruiting unit before applying for the exam and was recognized. "

  Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau also believes that Qu Jianghuan’s passing the interview review does not indicate that he has met the recruitment requirements. "According to the provisions of the recruitment announcement, the qualification examination for examination and employment runs through the whole process of open recruitment, and a review will be made at every link. Although Qu Jianghuan was not considered unqualified in the written test and interview, it does not mean that his qualification must meet the professional requirements of the recruitment position. Qu Jianghuan’s undergraduate major is not ‘ Cultural Counselor 1’ The post is within the scope of undergraduate professional requirements, and his registration qualification does not meet the requirements of the recruitment position after review. "

  Regarding the "Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2017" issued by the Business Department of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said that this is not a legal document, but a guiding explanation made by the staff. Personal views are for reference only and cannot be used as the basis for qualification examination. In the end, the professional catalogue and announcement shall prevail. "And our bureau has not made it clear that Qu Jianghuan meets the requirements for professional setting." The Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau conducted a cross-examination. "This document is a provision for internal reference and cannot be binding and enforceable."

  Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Wuning County Bureau of Wenguang New Tourism all said: "It is only a preliminary opinion of internal review."

  As for Huang Songmin’s "Description", Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau said that it is Huang Songmin’s personal description, and the examination qualification examination should be based on the recruitment announcement.

  On December 20, 2019, Yongxiu County People’s Court ruled in the first instance that the administrative actions made by Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau and Jiujiang Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau to cancel Qu Jianghuan’s medical examination qualification were illegal, and ordered the two levels of people’s social security bureaus to jointly compensate Qu Jianghuan for a loss of 12,000 yuan, rejecting Qu Jianghuan’s request to cancel other litigation requests including the specific administrative actions of the People’s Social Security Bureau.

  After the verdict was pronounced, Qu Jianghuan, Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau and Jiujiang Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau all refused to accept the verdict and appealed. On the afternoon of July 17, 2020, Qu Jianghuan sued Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, Jiujiang City People’s Social Security Bureau and Wuning County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau for refusing to admit himself to the second trial in Jiujiang Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial that day, whether Qu Jianghuan met the recruitment conditions became the focus of court debate, and the case was not pronounced in court.

  on the basis of

  In the court hearing on July 17th this year, Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau recognized Qu Jianghuan as a "professional nonconformity" eight months after the preliminary examination of the qualification was qualified, and explained that the qualification review was unqualified: "During this period, we learned a lot about the correlation between the two majors, so after such a long time, we finally decided that his major did not conform and disqualified."

  The "Recruitment Announcement" states that this exam will be conducted in good faith online, and no qualification examination will be conducted during online registration. Applicants should be responsible for whether they meet the job requirements. If you are in doubt about whether you meet the post qualifications, you should consult the relevant departments first, and then fill in the form after confirming that you meet the requirements. Qualification examination will be conducted before the interview (physical examination), and those who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified from the examination or employment.

  The fact that Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau finally made the unqualified decision is that Qu Jianghuan’s undergraduate major "Art Design (Decorative Art Design)" is not within the scope of undergraduate professional requirements for the post of "Cultural Counselor 1".

  The "Recruitment Announcement" determines that the professional reference catalogue of this recruitment position is the "Undergraduate Professional Catalogue of Ordinary Colleges and Universities". The professional requirements of "Cultural Counselor 1" for undergraduate education are art design (media art design), performance (130301) and art design (130501). Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau argued that from the comparison of the old and new professional catalogues, it can be seen that art design and art design are two different majors of "design science", and they are in a parallel relationship rather than a species relationship, and Qu Jianghuan’s major art design (decoration art design) and art design belong to different majors.

  The reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Net consulted the Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors in Colleges and Universities (2012 and 2020 editions) promulgated by the Ministry of Education, and found that neither the major of "Art Design (Decoration Art Design)" nor the major of "Art Design (Media Art Design)" was in the professional catalogue of these two editions.

  On the afternoon of August 5th, the staff of the Academic Affairs Office of Fujian Minjiang University said in an interview with the reporter of Zhongqing Daily and Zhongqing.com that the school started to offer the major of art design in 2004. According to the Catalogue of Academic Degrees Granting and Personnel Training (December 2005) revised by the the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and the Ministry of Education at that time, the major of art design belongs to the "art category", and the major of art design enrolled in 2009 has seven professional directions, including art. In 2012, the Ministry of Education issued a new catalogue of undergraduate majors. In 2013, the major of art design was renamed as "Environmental Design and Visual Communication Design", which belongs to the major of "Design Science".

  Ke Wendi also told reporters that in order to standardize the names of some disciplines, the undergraduate major "Art Design (Media Art Design)" of the Ministry of Education has now been renamed "Digital Media Art", which belongs to two disciplines under the category of "Design Science".

  In this way, in the 2012 and 2020 editions of undergraduate professional catalogues, "Visual Communication Design" and "Digital Media Art" belong to two disciplines, a first-class discipline, and belong to different majors.

  "The catalogue of undergraduate majors promulgated by the Ministry of Education was revised four times in 1987, 1993, 1998 and 2012 (revised for the fifth time in 2020). Art design, art design (decoration art design) and my professional art design (media art design) have always been the first-class disciplines ‘ Design science ’ Under the two disciplines, the three majors are parallel two disciplines majors, which was not explained by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Art design is a big category, including all art design majors. " Ke Wendi believes that the internal document of the Municipal Bureau, "About Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2017", gives an explanation that art design is obviously inconsistent with the professional catalogue promulgated by the Ministry of Education, and expands the professional scope of the post at will, which is inconsistent with the requirements of the recruitment announcement. In the end, it became the only basis for the qualification examination of the county bureau, and made a review result that was inconsistent with the recruitment announcement.

  "In this process, the municipal bureau made unprofessional and unscientific explanations, which provided a basis for those who did not meet the profession to pass the qualification examination." Ke Wendi said.

  In the past few years, Ke Wendi has participated in many examinations of public institutions. According to him, in the interview training after the written examination every year, there are always students in the interview class who fail to pass the qualification examination because of their majors, and leave halfway through the interview class. A classmate in the interview class told him: "A friend applied for a position in Jingdezhen, and one word of his major did not meet the requirements and could not pass the examination."

  In the meantime, Ke Wendi consulted the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Social Welfare Department by telephone number 12333, and the answer was: "Art design and art design (decoration art design) are both in two disciplines under the category of" design science ",and there is no relationship between inclusion and inclusion. Two disciplines cannot be interpreted as a first-class discipline. The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has no right to expand or narrow the scope of the profession. The right to interpret the professional catalogue lies with the Ministry of Education. "

  Qu Jianghuan said that in the past, the Ministry of Education did not standardize the professional name, and the setting of university art majors was not strictly in accordance with the professional catalogue of the Ministry of Education, but what was popular. Now, with the continuous standardization of undergraduate professional catalogues, universities also set majors in strict accordance with the professional catalogue, canceling the previous majors and making the professional courses clearer. "But this also caused the graduates of previous art majors to have no professional basis when applying for positions (the corresponding professional name cannot be found in the professional catalogue), and in many cases, they can only call for inquiries.


  "The post I took is restricted to local household registration, and the major of art design (media art design) can’t be found in our local small county. Not only does Tsinghua Peking University have this major, but Nanchang University and Jiangxi Normal University don’t have it, and even Jiujiang College doesn’t have it. ‘ Cultural Counselor 1’ Why did the post set up an art design (media art design) major without a professional code and not in the undergraduate professional catalogue? " Qu Jianghuan questioned whether this major without professional code is designed for people.

  Since the major of "Art Design (Media Art Design)" has no professional code, and it is not in the catalogue of undergraduate majors issued together with the Recruitment Announcement, how did the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Wuning County know and set up this major, and how did the County People’s Social Security Bureau examine and approve it?

  On August 2, the reporter called Nie Daofa, director of Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau, and Zheng Chuanxian, deputy director, respectively. Both of them said, "No interview" and then hung up.

  "This major, like my major, is a major divided several years ago, and it can’t be found in the professional catalogue comparison table of the Ministry of Education. The latest recruitment plan actually specifies to recruit an old major that is not in the professional catalogue. " Qu Jianghuan can’t figure it out.

  Moreover, the explanation of Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security on relevant professional issues can’t convince Qu Jianghuan. Since it is not a major listed in the Recruitment Announcement, you can’t apply for the exam. Then why can the majors of the hired personnel in the "Cultural Counselor 2" position recruited in the same year be exactly the same as those required in the Recruitment Announcement?

  After three court sessions, the reply from the two-level human resources and social security bureau made Qu Jianghuan very helpless. "It means that we thought you could, but now we think you can’t. It used to be our internal decision. Such a serious matter as open recruitment will change when it changes. "

  In the past three years, Qu Jianghuan repeatedly asked the court and the People’s Social Security Bureau to obtain the application materials of 13 candidates who actually referred to the post of "Cultural Counselor 1", but they were unsuccessful. The top three candidates for the post of "Cultural Counselor 1" are Qu Jianghuan, Chen Moumou and Ke Wendi. If only Ke Wendi’s major meets the requirements, then Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau and Jiujiang Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau knew that only Ke Wendi met the professional requirements of the post after the written test. In order to help Ke Wendi achieve the goal of directing the post, it is obviously illegal to pass the qualification examination of Chen Moumou and me and enter the interview. "

  Qu Jianghuan believes that according to the professional situation of the 13 candidates in this position, several of them meet the requirements of the Recruitment Announcement. In order to prove that this position is not a directional condition, Wuning Human Resources and Social Security Bureau or the court should order them to submit the relevant professional information of these 13 applicants.

  A transcript of the trial obtained by the reporter shows that during the second trial, Qu Jianghuan asked the Wuning County People’s Social Security Bureau. How many applicants for the position of "Cultural Counselor 1" met the recruitment major? The other party replied: "We don’t know."

  During the trial, the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Wuning County issued a cross-examination opinion, saying that when applying for the post, there were no discriminatory conditions unrelated to the post, and the post of "Cultural Counselor 1" was set up because of work needs, and at the same time, several similar majors were set up to meet the post requirements. "We declare to the human resources and social departments in accordance with the law. According to the requirements of the Recruitment Announcement, majors that are not included in the professional code can also be set as the scope of recruitment. There is no problem with setting direction in this recruitment. "

  "At that time, there was really no ‘ Art Design (Media Art Design) ’ Major, I don’t know how the employer found this major. I only applied for it when I saw a position in the recruitment announcement that met my major. In that year, my major was clearly stated in the recruitment announcement, and I don’t need to look at the professional catalogue again, but Qu Jianghuan’s major was not only in the recruitment announcement, but also in the professional catalogue of that year. " Ke Wendi stressed, "If this position is specially designed for me, why is there such a problem in the qualification examination? I don’t have to spend so much time to reflect and report, and I should be able to pass all the way directly. "


  Because Ke Wendi’s father is the deputy director of the Justice Bureau of Wuning County, Qu Jianghuan even suspects that he has encountered a "radish recruitment".

  Ke Wendi responded by saying: "My father is the deputy director of the county judicial bureau, but he doesn’t work in the People’s Social Security Bureau or the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau. He is not related to the leaders or team members of these functional units, nor is he a classmate or friend. How can I set up a post for me? I just want to pass the exam and get a job opportunity. "

  After graduating from college in 2015, Ke Wendi joined the Yuning Judicial Office of Wuning County Judicial Bureau as a community correction worker (community correction assistant) and was a temporary worker in the unit. At the beginning, the monthly salary was only 1300 yuan, and it didn’t rise to 2000 yuan until the beginning of 2019.

  Ke Wendi said that the community correction work of the Judicial Bureau has a heavy task and is very short of people. There is only one director and one temporary staff member at each grassroots level. In the year of university graduation, the former community correction assistant of Yuning Judicial Institute left the company after taking the examination of the teacher establishment, and was in urgent need of manpower. The institute reported to the bureau and asked the bureau to arrange suitable personnel, but because the salary was too low, no one could be recruited.

  At this time, Ke Wendi was preparing for the examination of public institutions at home. When he saw that his father had not recruited anyone in the office, he suggested that he sign up and try. "You can prepare for the exam while working, and make a transition."

  "The post of community correction assistant requires young, educated and computer-savvy. After I signed up, the Judicial Bureau held a meeting to study and agree to take over the job after the National Day in 2015. " Because the salary is only 1,300 yuan, plus getting married and having children, life is unsustainable. In the past five years, Ke Wendi wanted to quit her job several times to do business. "There is really no one in the office, so let me insist. To be honest, the salary of 1,300 yuan is a problem for me to eat by myself. Now, for two children at home, it costs more than 1,000 yuan to buy milk powder alone. The expenses at home depend on my wife’s salary, and I have to rely on my parents to help me from time to time.

  Ke Wendi said frankly that with the mentality of taking an examination of institutions, she initially hoped to have more time to study and review, so she found this temporary job without preparation, which was only a transition and the salary was lower.

  Ke Wendi told reporters that the staff before the post were introduced by acquaintances. Because the salary was too low, no one wanted to come. When there were suitable people, they were introduced. People who came to work also tried their best to take the exam. "All the people before my post took the exam. If this didn’t happen, I might have taken the exam."

  At present, Ke Wendi has completed the medical examination procedure. Up to now, the employer Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Wuning County has not assessed him, and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has not announced the final employment, and everything has been suspended.

  Qu Jianghuan’s life was also suspended because of this incident. In the past three years, Qu Jianghuan has gone through three court trials and five court trips to defend his rights, and the municipal and county human resources and social security bureaus have visited countless times. As he has never had a fixed job, he works for three or four months at most in a year, mostly doing casual work such as road repair. "Wuning, where there are road repairs, I will go there. I have no income for half a year this year, and I often rely on my parents for subsidies in my life. At present, I am preparing for the civil service exam in Jiangxi Province at home.

  For this recruitment storm caused by professional qualifications, both young people told reporters, "I believe the court will give a fair judgment."

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Chen Zhuoqiong

Blacklist, duty on the road, exam! There is always a takeaway brother who is "suitable" for traffic violations.

CCTV News:Shanghai Pudong police recently notified several major traffic accidents involving take-away riders and punished the enterprises involved.

As can be seen from the monitoring screen, in October last year, two take-away riders drove electric cars in tandem on the non-motor vehicle lane in order to save time. As a result, the rear rider mishandled and ran into the front car, causing the rear rider to fall to the ground and be injured. He died after being rescued by the hospital. On January 2 this year, when a man was driving a two-wheeled scooter, he collided with a takeaway rider who was driving in the opposite direction. The man fell and was injured and died after being treated by the hospital.

Takeaway riders are ordered to rectify traffic violations.

According to the statistics of the traffic police department on the types of traffic violations committed by take-away riders in January 2019, the number of times of "driving electric bicycles in reverse" was 1777, ranking first in traffic violations. For the case that the main responsibility of traffic safety management of take-away enterprises is not implemented in place, the traffic police department also imposed fines on several take-away enterprises and full-time traffic safety management personnel of enterprises and ordered them to make rectification.

A takeaway rider was blacklisted for repeatedly breaking the law.

In the list of take-away riders with frequent traffic violations by take-away enterprises in Pudong New Area in January 2019, a take-away rider broke the law 13 times in one month, with a score as high as 40 points, and was finally blacklisted by take-away enterprises, becoming the first case in Pudong New Area to be blacklisted by take-away enterprises due to traffic violations.

Li Chun, head of Shanghai regional security of a takeaway enterprise:Deduct 36 points in a quarter, which shows that you are a rider who often violates the law. Our company considers others for its own sake, so we pull the black with the industry.

Score management for riders’ traffic violations.

Since the end of 2017, the traffic police department in Pudong, Shanghai has worked out the "Traffic Civilization Scoring Method" in consultation with the express delivery and take-away enterprises within its jurisdiction, and managed the rider’s traffic violations through the "Take-away Traffic Civilization" APP with personal information.

Lu Wei, Captain of Che Xuan Brigade of Traffic Police Detachment of Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau:For other riders with scores over 24 to 36, we ask them to be on duty for an hour on the road to carry out voluntary activities of traffic civilization. There are also some riders who break the law more, and we ask them to pass online tests to improve their awareness of law-abiding.