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2022 Chengdu Auto Show: Large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, real shot of the Great Wall Shanhai cannon.

At the Chengdu Auto Show, which opened on August 26th, the Great Wall Gun brand made its debut in a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, which was equipped with a 3.0T V6+9AT high-performance power combination, a luxurious cockpit and ever-changing expansion space. This car is the Great Wall Shanhai Gun. The front-line team of Niuche. com also took pictures of Shanhai cannons. Let’s have a look.

In terms of appearance, the outline of Shanhai Gun is almost the same as that of the current Great Wall Gun, and it is still tough and domineering, but some modifications have been made in details. For example, the new car uses a more complicated and beautiful chrome-plated and black two-color front net, and the headlight group also uses an upper and lower double-layer design, which is more layered and more exquisite.

The classic pickup truck shape is still used on the side, and the wide wheel eyebrows and large ground clearance seem to tell you that I am still the Great Wall Gun that can go up the mountain and down the river, full of momentum, and the lines on the side of the car are also straight lines on the upper and lower floors, which not only looks atmospheric, but also has a good sense of hierarchy. In terms of parameters, the length, width and height of the new car are 5440/1991/1924mm and the wheelbase is 3350mm, which is a little bigger than the ordinary version of the Great Wall Gun, and it also indicates more internal space. The rim also adopts a two-color design, which is more fashionable and conforms to the current aesthetics.

The headlights at the rear of the car also adopt an up-and-down split internal structure, which echoes the headlights. The rear tailgate can be unfolded left and right, can be opened horizontally, and can be split in four or six parts. The upper cover plate can also be folded up and down, making it more convenient to take things. However, due to the limited size of the car body, the size of the trunk is not very large. Fortunately, there is a large storage box under the bottom cover of the trunk, which is enough for daily driving or traveling. ‘

For enthusiasts, Shanhai Gun has also reserved a lot of anchor points in the rear trunk, which is convenient for modification according to actual needs. At the same time, the tail is equipped with a trailer hook and an optional winch, all of which have greatly improved its extreme off-road ability.

In terms of interior, Shanhai Gun is similar to Tank 500, using a small-sized LCD instrument and a suspended central control panel, which is practical, luxurious and scientific, and the three-position steering wheel is the same as the joystick of the spacecraft, which is classic and innovative.

At the same time, in creating a sense of luxury, the interior of the new car uses a lot of leather and soft material packages, and many solid wood decorative boards are added to the details, which are very eye-catching, domineering in appearance and exquisite in interior. It is the core index of Shanhai Gun.

Configuration, head-up display, quartz clock, brand audio, electric adjustable rear seat angle, heating and ventilation of front and rear seats are all available, which is quite surprising.


Looking at luxury, sitting comfortably and driving wild seems to be the realm that Shanhai cannon wants to achieve. However, in this era, hard-core cross-country is paying attention to the comfort of transportation. It is also normal for Great Wall Gun to build such a large pickup truck with exquisiteness and luxury. Then let’s wait for its performance and see if you recognize this pickup truck with great personality.

Volvo, which has two enemies at home and in Europe, is expected to land on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in the second half of the year.

Wen | You Niu Finance

After Geely Automobile decided to terminate its trip to science and technology innovation board, Volvo once again revealed its trend in the capital market.

According to media reports, in an interview with the media on June 30th, samuelson, CEO of Volvo Cars, revealed that Volvo’s listing process has made good progress, and it may land on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange at the end of this year.

In fact, Volvo Car has discussed the possible listing many times. After giving up the plan to merge with Geely Automobile, Volvo once again embarked on the road of landing in the capital market.

Volvo Car, which is famous for its safety, was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1927. After decades of development, it has gradually become a famous luxury car brand in Sweden. Volvo’s two founders originally worked for SKF, a well-known ball bearing manufacturer at that time. One was an engineer and the other was the manager of international marketing department. They persuaded SKF’s board of directors at that time to start research and development of new cars in 1926, and officially launched the first product a year later.

With excellent sales performance, Volvo grew in size. In 1935, it officially left its parent company SKF and continued to operate independently for Volvo. In 1999, Volvo Group sold its Volvo car business to Ford Motor Company of the United States, and eleven years later, it was acquired by Geely Automobile in China for $1.8 billion.

After Volvo embraced Geely Automobile, it embarked on the highway of development. According to the data released by Volvo Cars, its global car sales in 2019 were 705,400 vehicles, up 9.8% year-on-year, achieving a six-year continuous increase in sales. Among them, China is still Volvo’s largest single market, with a cumulative sales volume of 154,000 vehicles.

At the same time of rapid development, Volvo began to plan the route of landing in the capital market.

In March 2017, some media reported that Volvo planned to raise 500 million US dollars to prepare for listing. In 2018, Volvo officially launched the listing plan. At that time, top investment banks such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were hired for listing counseling. However, Volvo finally stopped the IPO plan because the valuation given by the investment banks did not meet expectations.

On February 10 last year, when Geely announced that it would merge with Volvo, some analysts thought it was Geely’s action to help Volvo go public as a whole. Wang Guanqiao, chief analyst of Industrial Securities Transportation Equipment Industry Research, said: "Volvo’s listing is inevitable, but it is only a matter of what form and how much valuation."

However, this merger only lasted for about a year. In February this year, Geely Automobile said that the previous merger plan was shelved, and the two parties would maintain independent operations, but they would cooperate in the fields of autonomous driving, electrification and powertrain.

In mid-May this year, Volvo announced in a statement that it was seeking an initial public offering from the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange, and also extended the contract of CEO samuelson until the end of 2022, while samuelson had been hoping to promote Volvo’s listing.

Looking at the whole automobile market, new energy vehicles have become the focus of a new round of competition in the global automobile industry after 2020.

According to Canalys’ forecast, it is estimated that in 2021, the global sales of electric vehicles will exceed 5 million, accounting for more than 7% of global sales, up 66% year-on-year. It is estimated that by 2030, the sales of electric vehicles will reach 48% of the global passenger car sales.

On the one hand, with the progress of artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous driving, 5G and other technologies, and the establishment of carbon-neutral targets around the world, a new round of technological revolution will bring earth-shaking changes to the automobile manufacturing field.

On the other hand, the domestic sales of new energy vehicles account for a small part of the global market, and the national policy support originally planned to withdraw from the market this year is still being distributed because of the continuation of the epidemic, which also provides more support and encouragement for the development of the new energy market, which keeps the domestic new energy fever high for a long time.

Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of China Automobile Industry Association, said in an interview with the media recently: "At present, it is not a problem for the domestic annual sales of new energy vehicles to exceed 2 million this year, especially under the advocacy of the two principles and policies of" carbon neutrality "and" peak carbon dioxide emissions ",the internal and external environment of the new energy vehicle market is still constantly optimized and accelerated."

In May, for example, the domestic sales volume of new energy vehicles was 217,000, a year-on-year increase of 159.7%. From January to May this year, the cumulative sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 950,000, a year-on-year increase of 224.2%. However, due to the epidemic last year, this data may not directly reflect the real situation of new energy vehicles in China. Compared with the sales of 1.206 million vehicles in 2019, the sales of new energy vehicles in the first five months of this year have reached 78% of the sales in 2019, with a huge overall increase.

On the other hand, according to the report of Forward-looking Industry Research Institute, as Volvo’s home market in Europe, the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in global sales in 2020 even exceeds that in China, reaching 43.8%, which may be a good situation for Volvo, which focuses on Europe and China, because of its previous sales base.

In the face of the growing global new energy vehicle market, it is inevitable that Volvo chooses to go public to promote the company’s development. For Volvo, if it can be listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, it will be able to face global investors and reduce the influence of China investors. Moreover, Volvo’s independent listing, for Geely and Volvo, can be valued separately, which also has certain advantages in the capital market.

In the rapidly growing new energy vehicle market, listing can reserve some funds for Volvo, which can reduce the financial pressure, whether it is used for follow-up research and development or to open up sales channels. However, it needs to be clear that after Volvo’s independent listing, Geely Automobile will remain its major shareholder.

However, in such a big market of new energy vehicles, there are naturally many players who want to take a slice of this big cake.

After the year 2021, many domestic enterprises such as Baidu, Xiaomi, 360, SAIC, Beiqi and Dongfeng have joined in the manufacturing of new energy vehicles, and some enterprises have launched smart car brands to grab market share, such as the HI version of Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei, which adopts many Huawei technologies, and the first new energy vehicle equipped with HarmonyOS OS smart cockpit.

Not only in China, but also in Europe, which accounts for the largest sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2020, with the introduction of various favorable policies (subsidies and suppression of traditional vehicles) for new energy vehicles by the European Union, many traditional automobile giants such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have actively or passively engaged in this field.

"At present, the automobile industry is undergoing changes at an unprecedented speed. Electrification, autonomous driving, intelligent networking and new business models are coming like a wave, and the competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. We must be fully prepared. " Geely wrote in an internal letter published on February 10th.

In fact, the pressure on Volvo is not only from other players entering the market, but also from Geely.

On the one hand, Geely and Baidu cooperated to set up a new energy vehicle enterprise named "Jidu" at the beginning of this year, which gathered Baidu’s autonomous driving technology and Geely’s experience in vehicle manufacturing.

On the other hand, as early as 2016, Volvo and Geely jointly established a high-end brand named Lectra, and a year later, Polar Star was established, which also had a certain impact on Volvo’s new energy vehicle strategy. For example, Polar Star released a pure electric vehicle Polestar 2 in early 2019, while Volvo did not release a model named XC40 Recharge until October, and the parameters of the two models were almost the same.

Fortunately, Volvo is also trying to make changes.

Volvo plans to standard lidar on the next generation of new cars, and in order to achieve software autonomy, Volvo began to switch from relying on suppliers to developing its own software. According to Volvo, it is currently cooperating with NVIDIA, Google and other technology companies, gradually transforming into a full-stack self-research and central computing platform, and plans to equip future models with self-developed in-vehicle systems.

Samuelson plans to achieve full electrification in 2025, reaching the global sales target of 1.2 million vehicles, of which 50% are pure electric vehicles and the rest are hybrid vehicles; In 2030, it became a pure electric luxury car enterprise; Strive to become a climate zero-load benchmark enterprise in 2040; All pure electric vehicles will be sold online.

If this transformation strategy can be carried out smoothly, it will help Volvo to occupy a place in the global competition of new energy vehicles, but the road to change is full of risks and unknowns. Facing the eyeing competitors, listing is a rare opportunity for Volvo to become the leader of luxury pure tram enterprises.

Trass is expected to take over as British Prime Minister, and the party survey is far ahead of his opponent Sunak.

  The election of the leader of the British ruling Conservative Party will announce the voting results on September 5; According to the latest survey in party member, the current Foreign Minister Trass is 22 percentage points ahead of former Finance Minister Sunak and is expected to replace Johnson as Prime Minister.

  According to Lianhe Zaobao, the survey released by Opinium Research13 on the 13th showed that among 450 Conservative Party party member who had decided to vote, Trass was far ahead with 61% support rate, while Sunak’s support rate was 39%.

  The above survey was conducted between August 8 and 12. There are three main reasons why party member supports Trass: she doesn’t like Sunak, thinks she is more honest and credible, and she remains loyal to Johnson.

  If the respondents who did not indicate their intention to vote were included, the total number of survey samples of Opinium Research reached 570. Less than one-third of them, or 29%, said they had already voted; Another 47% said they had decided who to vote for. Only 19% said they might still change their mind.

Heduo Technology Releases Smart parking service Product HoloParking Announces A Round of Financing

  BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhua)-Today, Heduo Technology held a press conference in Beijing, and released and displayed its self-developed intelligent parking service product HoloParking. This product is the first self-driving parking service product that supports all-weather and all-scene real operation, and can realize the whole process of unmanned parking and car pickup. Heduo Technology will join hands with partners to implement the "2020 Plan" and jointly promote the landing application of HoloParking. In addition, Heduo Technology also announced that the company has recently completed a round of tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.
Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.

  Eliminating parking anxiety, HoloParking lets human drivers get rid of parking lots.

  Heduo Technology focuses on building an autonomous driving scheme based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and automobile industry technology, and is one of the few companies in the industry with full-stack autonomous driving research and development capabilities. According to Ni Kai, the founder of Heduo Technology, the original intention of the company was to realize the technology landing as soon as possible and let people enjoy the benefits of autonomous driving as soon as possible. HoloParking released this time applies L4 autopilot technology to parking scenes, aiming to completely liberate human beings from the chore of parking.

  Different from the existing parking assistance function in the market, HoloParking doesn’t need the driver to drive the vehicle to the parking space, and the driver can get off at the gate of the parking lot, and the vehicle can find the parking space and park it by itself, without being watched. When picking up the car, the owner can also remotely start the HoloParking system, so that the vehicle can park itself and drive to the boarding place. In other words, the owner can complete the whole process of parking and picking up the car without entering the parking lot. Ni Kai believes that the value of this product lies in saving time and energy for car owners in all weather and all scenes.

  The first parking service product that supports "all-weather", "full scene" and "real operation"

  In fact, the parking scene is an application scene of autonomous driving technology that is widely concerned by the industry. At present, many automobile manufacturers, Tier 1 (first-class supplier) enterprises and autonomous driving companies are competing to develop solutions for this scene.

  In Ni Kai’s view, compared with other parking service schemes, HoloParking’s advantage lies in its ability to support all-weather and all-scene real operation. No matter in the environment with serious light shortage, in the complex parking lot with mixed traffic and many emergencies, or in bad weather such as rain, snow, strong wind and dense fog, HoloParking’s system can operate normally, providing users with safe and stable parking service service.

  Ni Kai believes that in order to achieve all-weather and all-scene real operation, parking service system must have three capabilities: intelligence, robustness and landing. Heduo Technology can achieve this function mainly due to HoloParking’s unique "three-in-one" technical scheme.

  According to Ni Kai, the conventional thinking of the industry is to take the car as the only carrier to realize autonomous driving, but the pure car-end solution can not meet the three requirements of intelligence, robustness and landing at the same time. The practice of Heduo Technology is to introduce the field terminal and high-precision map terminal into HoloParking system, and form a set of "three-in-one" scheme together with the vehicle terminal. Through the coordinated operation of the three terminals, HoloParking is obviously more intelligent in perception, positioning and decision-making; Through sufficient redundancy, higher robustness can be achieved, and various complex working conditions, climates and unexpected situations can be properly dealt with. In addition, by empowering the field end, the sensor and calculation unit at the vehicle end completely meet the requirements of the vehicle regulations.

  During the conference, HoloParking was dynamically displayed on the spot.

  In the first round of display, the tester started HoloParking service with one button through the mobile APP 100 meters away from the open-air parking lot, and then the vehicle automatically drove to the parking lot. When the sudden appearance of pedestrians on the road is detected, the vehicle stops immediately, waits for the pedestrians to leave before moving on, and finally stops smoothly. When returning the car, the tester remotely started HoloParking through the App, and the vehicle was parked independently. When an obstacle car parked on the road was detected, it bypassed the obstacle car through secondary route planning and continued to drive, successfully reaching the boarding place.

  The second round shows that HoloParking is equally intelligent and stable when multiple vehicles are running at the same time. Three different types of vehicles carrying HoloParking received parking instructions at the same time, two stopped and one picked up the car, all of which successfully completed the task. On the way to the vehicle, the nearby waterwheel began to water to simulate heavy rain. Under such conditions, the vehicle still successfully completed the whole process.

  Wang zheng, vice president of Heduo Technology, pointed out that HoloParking has been able to effectively cope with all kinds of bad weather and emergencies, and support multiple vehicles to run at the same time, thus meeting the needs of actual landing operation, with high stability and safety.

  The "2020 Plan" was announced for the first time, and parking service can be expected to land

  While releasing HoloParking, Heduo Technology also disclosed the future landing plan of this product.

  Ni Kai said that the commercialization process of HoloParking will start from important outlets and gradually realize large-scale operation. In this process, Heduo will work with commerce, automobile industry and capital to build parking service Alliance.

  At the press conference, Heduo Technology announced its "2020 Plan" for the first time.

  Starting from 2019, Heduo Technology will be the main technical participant, and cooperate with Shanghai Automobile City to carry out the "Last Mile" demonstration operation project, centering on the automobile innovation port, radiating Shanghai Automobile Museum and Shanghai Automobile Expo Park, and HoloParking will polish the technology in the continuous real operation.

  By 2020, Heduo will support more than 20 cities, with at least 20 parking lots in each city. In order to achieve this goal, at the parking lot end, Heduo will cooperate with the smart parking enterprise "Parking Simple" to jointly complete the intelligent upgrade of the parking lot, so as to support the service of HoloParking in parking service.

  In terms of sensors, Hedo has reached a strategic cooperation with Velodyne, the world’s leading laser radar supplier. As a strategic partner, Velodyne will provide Hedo with priority procurement rights and support Hedo’s wider deployment in the future. In the future, the two sides will work together to reduce costs. Heduo’s goal is to realize the cost of single parking space renovation of 2020 yuan.

  Ni Kai said that all these plans can not be completed without the help of capital. Heduo Technology has recently completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing, led by sequoia capital china, followed by Oceanwide Investment, and NavInfo, IDG Capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) continue to increase their holdings. Ni Kai said that this round of financing will be mainly used to increase investment in technology research and development, and accelerate the large-scale testing of HoloPilot, an expressway automatic driving scheme independently developed by Heduo, and the landing application of HoloParking, an automatic driving scheme in parking service.

Can the listing of Qin Pro save BYD?

Text | Xu Zhe

With the launch of the new Qin Pro today (September 21st), BYD’s Dragon Face family has further grown. As BYD’s fist product this year, Qin Pro, like the new generation of Tang, launched three power versions-fuel version, DM plug-in hybrid version and EV pure electric version.

In terms of selling price, the guiding price of fuel version is 79,800-115,800 yuan, the subsidized hybrid version is 149,900-176,900 yuan, and the subsidized pure electric vehicle is 169,900-189,900 yuan. In addition, models for developers were also released, including 176,900-206,900 yuan for the developer version of Qin Pro DM and 189,900-299,900 yuan for the developer version of Qin Pro EV500.

Continue the "dragon face" design

Before the design director Wolfgang Eiger joined us, BYD’s face value was really heart-rending. Now, the former Audi design director used his "Dragon Face" to end the rustic old face value and the world’s spit for BYD. The reason why he chose "Dragon" as the theme of the design language is precisely because in the vast historical process of thousands of years, the dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation and the symbol of China culture.

Inspired by this, the models of BYD Dragon Face family all adopt a rounded large-size front grille design, with horizontal chrome trim strips, which looks like a faucet, and Qin Pro is no exception, which makes it highly recognizable.

Combined with the long and narrow headlights on both sides, two-color rim design, through taillights, etc., the whole car is more sporty.

The side waistline extends from the front fender to the tail, and the C-pillar is designed in an upward way. Slip-back modeling starts from B-pillar and presses down the curve to the rear of the car. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a five-spoke two-color rim design.

In terms of size, the three versions of BYD Qin Pro are consistent except the height of the car body. The length, width and height of Qin Pro are 4765/1837/1500mm, the wheelbase is 2718mm, and the height of the new energy version is 1495 mm.

In the interior part, the three models are basically the same, and the 8-inch LCD instrument panel and the 12.8-inch rotating large screen are undoubtedly the most eye-catching.

Qin Pro’s central control big screen has an 8-core processor, which can rotate adaptively, and is equipped with Android system, which can realize many interconnected functions such as chatting, games, entertainment, shopping and so on. BYD DiLink’s intelligent networking function also supports the interconnection of mobile phones and vehicles for remote operation.

In addition, the three versions all adopt the popular electronic lever design, but adopt different lever shapes.

Sandian technology highlights are full. DM version may become the main sales force

Qin Pro fuel version is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.5T turbocharged engines, with maximum power of 109 HP and 154 HP respectively, which are matched with 5-speed manual and 6-speed dual clutch gearboxes respectively. The DM plug-in hybrid version is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of 1.5T and a driving motor. The maximum output power of the engine is 154 HP and the peak torque is 240 Nm, while the maximum output power of the motor is 150 HP and the peak torque is 250 Nm. The integrated maximum power of the whole hybrid system is 295 HP, the integrated peak torque is 417 Nm, and the acceleration of 100 km takes only 5.9 seconds.

According to the official introduction, since Qin Pro9 opened the pre-sale on September 5, in less than a month, nearly 5,000 DM plug-in hybrid models have been sold. Not surprisingly, the DM plug-in hybrid model should be the main sales force in the early stage of Qin Pro’s listing.

At the same time, Qin Pro’s high-density and large-capacity battery has an energy density of 160.9Wh/kg and a capacity of 56.4kWh. In terms of cruising range, Qin Pro EV can achieve a maximum of 500km. According to the current national subsidy standard for electric vehicles, Qin Pro EV can get 66,000 national subsidies, and the maximum subsidy amount is 90,000 after local subsidies, which is highly competitive in price.

However, the listing price of Qin Pro is still "high" by netizens.

In particular, there is a certain gap between the starting price of 79,800 and the previous estimate of 60,000. Some netizens bluntly said: "The 1.5T engine is on S7, while the 1.5L engine is on Speedsharp. It costs 30,000 more to change the car shell and configuration, and the Speedsharp is only 50,000, and it has become 79,800 here."

Others compared the fuel version of Qin Pro with Geely Emgrand GL, and thought that the configuration of Emgrand GL was better than Qin Pro at the same price.

Some netizens believe that BYD has expanded after the hot sales of MAX in the Song Dynasty and the second generation in the Tang Dynasty. "I originally took a fancy to this car, but because the Great Wall that I opened now has a huge fuel consumption for five years, the BYD fo I bought for my wife has eight oils, which has made me lose confidence in the engine technology of domestic cars, and I can’t rely entirely on patriotism when buying things."

Affected by subsidies, the profit dropped by 70%.

Looking at BYD’s performance this year, apart from the "Li Juan incident" that has not yet escaped, we have to mention the embarrassment of the sharp drop in profits.

According to the sales report issued by BYD, in the first half of the year, BYD sold a total of 220,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 21%. Among them, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles reached 71,200, up 106% year-on-year, ranking first in the sales list of new energy passenger cars.

Although BYD’s performance in the first half of the year is good from the sales data, there is still a big gap with its annual target. In January 2018, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD’s automobile sales, once said that BYD hopes to achieve the annual sales target of 600,000 units in 2018, including the target of 200,000 new energy vehicles. As a result, in the first half of 2018, BYD only completed 36.92% of the annual task target, and the new energy part only completed 35.6%.

In addition, according to public data, BYD’s operating income from 2015 to 2017 was about 80.009 billion yuan, 103.47 billion yuan and 105.915 billion yuan respectively; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses is about 1.207 billion yuan, 4.613 billion yuan and 2.987 billion yuan respectively; The government subsidies included in the current profit and loss are about 581 million yuan, 711 million yuan and 1.276 billion yuan respectively.

After entering 2018, BYD’s profits have dropped sharply. According to the previous report of Observer Network, it can be found from BYD’s financial report for the first quarter of 2018 that its net profit in the first quarter plummeted by 83.09%. To make matters worse, the semi-annual performance expectation outlook: BYD expects the interim net profit to drop by at least 71%.

In this regard, BYD gave a big profit dive to the "decline in government subsidies for new energy vehicles". The financial report explained that "the overall profit of the new energy vehicle business, including electric buses and new energy passenger cars, has dropped significantly compared with the same period last year."

Of course, the reason for BYD’s profit decline is obviously not only the subsidy decline, but also the unbalanced structure of BYD’s existing models and weak profitability. Therefore, the listing of BYD Qin Pro is particularly urgent.

Back to the product, compared with the self-owned brand cars of the same class in the first echelon on the market today, from the fuel version, Geely Emgrand GL, brand-new Changan Yidong and SAIC Roewe i6 are all competing products of Qin Pro. In terms of new energy, two new energy compact cars, Roewe ei6 and MG 6, owned by SAIC will compete with Qin Pro.

This article is an exclusive manuscript of Observer. It cannot be reproduced without authorization.

Xiaokang shares: it is difficult to enjoy the cool by relying on Huawei.

Text |Zero state LT Yao Zhang

Editor | Hu Zhanjia

On the evening of July 15th, Xiaokang shares disclosed that 137 million ordinary shares had been issued, and the total amount of funds raised was 7.13 billion yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, the net amount of funds raised by the company was 7.06 billion yuan. The number of new shares issued this time is equivalent to 1/10 of the original total share capital, and a total of 17 investors were allocated. The most allocated fund is Guangfa Fund, with the allocation amount of 1.47 billion yuan. The last round of fixed increase of Xiaokang shares was in June 2021. At that time, the company raised 2.57 billion yuan, and Guangfa Fund also participated in it, which was also the first issue target.

By cooperating with Huawei to build a car brand, Xiaokang shares are entering the new energy field in a big way. Going back to the middle of June, Xiaokang shares were pushed to the public because the new energy vehicle "Wenjie M5" jointly built with Huawei was suspected of "spontaneous combustion". As soon as the report came out, Xiaokang shares fell for many days.

Backed by the big tree of "Huawei", is Xiaokang shares really cool?

Huawei’s "M5" was caught in a storm of spontaneous combustion, and Xiaokang’s ability to build a car was questioned.

On the evening of June 13th, a Huawei mobile phone franchise store in Inner Mongolia caught fire, and another Huawei mobile phone M5 in the store was burnt down.

There are different opinions about the cause of the fire, and many people attribute it to the concerns of Celestial Automobile, a subsidiary of Xiaokang Co., Ltd., the "foundry" of M5. In response, Cyrus responded that the charging stop time of the vehicle in the store was later than the fire time, and it could be preliminarily judged that the fire source was not from the vehicle itself.

But even so, the trust of the outside world in the foundry has not been "stitched". After all, before Huawei intervened, Xiaokang shares focused on low-end new energy vehicles, and the Sailis brand, which has been polished for several years, has never improved. There has never been such experience in producing and manufacturing cars exceeding 300,000 yuan. Therefore, in the production process, the outside world has been in doubt about whether Xiaokang shares can build the high-end model M5.

Xiaokang Co., Ltd. was originally just a manufacturer of electrical appliances and automobile springs. It got on the express train of Dongfang Group and jointly launched the Oriental Xiaokang. In 2011, the sales volume of Dongfeng Xiaokang mini-car reached 1 million, which became a turning point in its transformation of vehicle manufacturing. Five years later, Xiaokang shares were successfully listed. In 2016, at the time of the new energy vehicles, Xiaokang shares launched the new energy brand Sailis in Silicon Valley, USA.

However, at the beginning of the transformation, Xiaokang invested the money earned in the fuel vehicle market and the capital market into the new energy sector, but Cyrus did not give a corresponding return, and the sales volume was bleak. In 2020, only 732 units were sold.

The first cooperation with Huawei opened the market for Celeste. At the beginning of 2019, Huawei and Xiaokang Co., Ltd. held a comprehensive cooperation signing ceremony. The two sides carried out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of industrial Internet, ICT infrastructure, intelligent new energy vehicles and networking. The share price of Xiaokang shares has also risen. After joining hands for the first time to build the first Celestial SF5 appeared in Huawei’s offline exhibition hall, sales began to pick up.

The M5, which was jointly built for the second time, was put into production and put on the market, and achieved good sales. The data shows that in May 2022, the monthly delivery volume of Huawei’s M5 reached 5,006 vehicles, and the sales volume of the same gear jumped to the top three, with a cumulative delivery of 11,296 vehicles. In the capital market, Xiaokang shares are also riding the east wind of Huawei and soaring. Wind data shows that in the last month (as of June 10th), the share price of Xiaokang shares rose as high as 96.8%, ranking first in the comprehensive passenger car sector.

However, both the market and capital are optimistic about Huawei, the big tree behind Xiaokang shares.

In this fire, the questioning of Xiaokang’s ability to build a car was intuitively reflected in its share price. On June 14th, Xiaokang’s share price fell as high as 5% in intraday trading. At present, the market value of Xiaokang shares has exceeded 100 billion. Inconsistent with the market value of 100 billion, Xiaokang shares are still at a loss. In the first quarter of 2022, the financial report of Xiaokang shares showed that the loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 839 million yuan in the first quarter, compared with 533 million yuan in the same period last year; Operating income reached 5.131 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.03%.

The year-on-year narrowing of quarterly losses and revenue growth point come from the increase in sales of new energy vehicles in Xiaokang shares. According to public data, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in Xiaokang in the first quarter reached 17,400 and 14,200 respectively, with an increase of 296.87% and 207.43%.

In March this year, the first model of AITO brand jointly built with Huawei started delivery. According to the statistics of the Association, the sales data of the M5 in March was 3,045 vehicles, and it entered the top ten sales of new energy vehicles at the level of 200,000-300,000 yuan. Although the growth has achieved good results, in addition to traditional mini-cars and economy cars, the competitiveness of Xiaokang shares in the middle and high-end fields represented by Seles SF5 is still obviously weak.

With the blessing of Huawei’s sales channels, the annual total sales volume of Celestial SF5 is only over 8,100, which is equivalent to the monthly sales volume of the three new car-making forces "Wei Xiaoli".

Xiaokang’s own hematopoietic capacity is not comparable to that of the first echelon car companies. The loss of Xiaokang shares first appeared in 2020, with a loss of 1.729 billion yuan, down 2690.76% year-on-year; In 2021, the loss of Xiaokang shares reached 1.824 billion yuan, and the loss further expanded. The loss mainly comes from the soaring marketing expenses, research and development costs and team expansion after the transformation of the new energy automobile market. In 2021, Xiaokang’s R&D investment was 1.948 billion yuan, accounting for 11.66% of revenue, which was narrower than that in 2020.

Under the pressure of loss, Xiaokang shares tried to spend a tight life through "blood transfusion". At the beginning of this year, the company announced that the non-public offering of shares would raise no more than 7.13 billion yuan, and the funds raised would be invested in projects such as the development of electric vehicles, the intelligent upgrading of factories and the construction of user centers.

But whether it can turn losses into profits is still uncertain.

It is difficult to pick Huawei’s "OEM" hat.

Backed by Huawei, this big tree is good for enjoying the cool, but it also brings a lot of troubles to Xiaokang shares.

In the past, BMW Brilliance was changed to BMW and Beijing Benz was completely cut off. After many imported models were made in China, they fell into the fate of being cut off. For many car owners, it seems that the shadow of domestic production has been removed, and the car has instantly become taller.

A while ago, Xiaokang shares just experienced a round of public opinion. This time, it’s not for imported cars, but the first model of the high-end brand AITO series jointly developed by Huawei and Sellers-Wenjie M5. Because the popularity of Celeste is far less than that of a big brand like Huawei, some car owners chose to "change the logo" after purchasing Huawei’s M5, and removed the logo of Celeste and replaced it with the logo of Huawei Smart Choice.

Huawei has publicly stated that it will not build a car. This alliance with Selis is just cooperation. However, it is undeniable that the selling point of this car is that it is equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS cockpit, and the core power comes from Huawei Drive ONE pure electric drive range extension platform. Yu Chengdong, CEO of BU, a smart car solution, personally came off the stage to bring goods for the M5. He not only promoted this car on many occasions, but also drove it home and off the track during the New Year, and spoke for it crazily.

Netizens ridiculed that although "Huawei does not build cars, users will build cars for Huawei."

The bidding also reflects the user’s lack of confidence in the Celeste brand. Obviously, the light of Cyrus is covered by Huawei’s strength. Xiaokang shares are very concerned about being passively robbed of the title by Huawei.

Zhang Zhengping, chairman of Xiaokang Co., responded: "Whether the product is good or not, the market has the final say. If the product doesn’t work, no matter whose label is posted, no one will buy it. " In addition, Xiaokang shares are also very concerned about the outside world calling it Huawei’s "foundry". At the investors’ meeting at the beginning of the year, Xiaokang specifically emphasized that it was not a foundry before and now, let alone a foundry, and what Huawei initiated was a deep cross-border cooperation model of joint business.

In fact, this statement only applies to the cooperation of the previous model Celeste SF5. Xiaokang shares are responsible for supply chain links such as R&D, manufacturing and delivery, while Huawei is responsible for brand and channel sales. However, during the development of the M5, Huawei led the R&D and sales, and Cyrus was only responsible for providing relevant data support. According to Huawei Yu Chengdong, "In addition to providing key automotive hardware components, Huawei’s mobile phone industrial design team, software team and user experience team are also involved in the cooperation".

Subject to Huawei’s leadership, Huawei is the main beneficiary of the sales profit sharing of this M5. According to Caijing Weekly, a Cyrus 4S clerk said that after users placed orders in the experience store, although the order processing was the responsibility of their user center, most of the rebates from the manufacturers were sold to the experience store instead of Cyrus manufacturers. For Xiaokang shares, the initial intention of cooperating with Huawei was to improve the brand tonality and remove the label of only making low-end cars, but the result was to make wedding clothes for others.

Although the sales volume of M5 in the current world is very popular, Xiaokang shares can not get much benefit, and excessive dependence on Huawei’s manufacturing team brings great risks. Recently, it is reported in 36Kr that Huawei Smart Car Selection has been widely spread in the industry. Besides Jin Kang New Energy, it has successively finalized smart car selection business cooperation with Chery Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile and Extreme Fox Automobile.

If the cooperation between Huawei and other car companies deepens in the future, the status of Xiaokang shares will be in jeopardy. Perhaps Xiaokang shares can be completely transformed into a vehicle foundry and occupy the market with excellent manufacturing technology.

Xiaomi car price hot search Xiaomi officially released the electric car SU7 "SU7"

Webmaster’s House (ChinaZ.com) December 28th news:On the afternoon of December 28th, Xiaomi officially released its electric vehicle model-SU7, which was positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car. This news has aroused widespread concern in the industry.


Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said at the press conference that Xiaomi SU7, as a Xiaomi car, is an important step in the layout of Xiaomi in the automotive field. He emphasized that cars have always played an important role in the automobile industry, and many famous cars in history are cars. Therefore, Xiaomi firmly chose to enter the car market, hoping that SU7 can become a masterpiece of this era.

From a technical point of view, Lei Jun thinks that making a car is more challenging than making an SUV. He said that Xiaomi has chosen the most difficult and far-sighted road in all technical decisions to ensure that SU7 has excellent performance and quality.


When talking about the design concept, Xiaomi emphasized the important position of cars in the automobile industry, and said that the design of SU7 will stand the test of time. Xiaomi hopes that by returning to the essence of design, he will create body lines that conform to intuition and natural beauty and bring visual enjoyment to consumers.

Lei Jun said at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference that the Xiaomi automobile model has been mass-produced on a small scale, but it will be released in "a few months" because it needs to continue various extreme tests.


The body size of SU7 is 4997mm long, 3000mm wheelbase, 1963mm wide and 1440mm high, which is praised as the golden ratio, showing its elegant and dynamic lines. What’s more remarkable is that it has the drag coefficient Cd0.195 of cars all over the world, and this excellent aerodynamic performance ensures the stability and fuel economy of vehicles when driving.

According to Lei Jun, the acceleration time of SU7 from zero to 100 kilometers is amazing, reaching 2.78 seconds, which even exceeds the 2.93 seconds of Porsche Taycan Turbo.

The SU7 not only performs well in acceleration performance, but also reaches a speed of 265km/h, exceeding the 260km/h of Porsche Taycan Turbo and the 250km/h of Tesla Model3. In addition, the SU7 also supports ejection starting, providing a customized driving mode with unlimited degrees of freedom. In terms of braking performance, its braking distance is 33.3 meters at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, which is better than the Porsche Taycan Turbo’s 34 meters.

Regarding the pricing of SU7, Lei Jun said: "Don’t expect such a low price of 99,000 yuan, which is impossible. Cars with such performance and configuration usually cost more than 400 thousand yuan. Therefore, 149,000 yuan is not a reasonable price, and we should respect the value of technology. "


This little red book selection methodology will be finished after reading it!

It is very important to choose products when operating in Xiaohongshu, and we need to adjust dynamically according to the changing market and users. In this article, the author summarizes the relevant methodology of selecting small red books, which may help you better cut into the operation of small red books.

Good choice of goods, no trouble in selling goods!

Seven points depend on the selection, and three points depend on the notes!

Choosing products is a long-term process, not a specific medicine that can be eaten at once!

The average person eats through the selection for 1-2 months, and within 7 days for talented players, even if you are Xiaobai, it doesn’t matter. It’s not out of reach to earn 10w+ a month!

Today, Brother Daren will take you through the following aspects to analyze the picture and text of Little Red Book. If you choose the products with the standard selection methodology, even if you are Xiaobai, you can finish reading it.

According to the data, among the 200 million people living in Xiaohongshu, 72% are post-90 s, and they are concentrated in the first and second lines.

Moreover, according to the user data provided by iResearch, the analysis shows that the main group of Xiaohongshu is women, accounting for more than 80%, which also fully conforms to the community sharing and e-commerce model and the shopping habits and user group characteristics of female users (as follows).

There are several scenarios in the behavior of users of Xiaohongshu: active search, viewing product reviews, understanding trends, seeking inspiration, and actively sharing.

Moreover, 60% of users search in Xiaohongshu at high frequency every day, with an average daily search query volume of nearly 300 million times.

Finding products with good recent data and high sales volume is also the fastest way to produce results.

Whether it’s graphic notes or video notes, first attract users’ attention through the content of the notes, then click on our product link, and finally make a decision to buy and place an order.

Most users rarely look at the content of the product details page and whether there is sales or not, and how the score is. Basically, if you think your notes are well shared, just buy and place an order directly.

The core logic of benchmarking products lies in:

I’ll sell what my peers sell well, and I’ll sell what my peers sell. I’ll sell any product that explodes, and I’ll use any form it uses. If it sends pictures and texts, I’ll send pictures and texts.

Because there is nothing new under the sun, the explosive products will still explode with great probability.

Mistakes in marking and following products:

  1. Don’t look for enterprisesFor example, if someone is an enterprise store and a flagship store, don’t follow.
  2. No sponsorshipThere is a sponsored account in the lower right corner of this note. Don’t follow it.
  3. Not large.The fan base of this account is over 10,000, so don’t follow.
  4. No real peopleDon’t follow the accounts and notes of some real people.

As the name implies, crowd analysis is to find the corresponding products according to the actual crowd attributes.

Although more than 80% of the users of Little Red Books are women, it is not enough for us to understand this, because before girls and girls, their needs were completely different.

For example, girls of every age have different demand for products, and different places, hobbies and needs are also different.

  1. 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds have different needs for skin care products.
  2. North and south, life requirements and entertainment needs are different.
  3. People who like art are different from those who don’t.

People with different identity tags like different things.

Such as:Wear during pregnancy, early education, baby products, baby care, maternity experience, baby fashion, baby care products, baby food and so on.

Moreover, the needs of babies at different ages are different, and the focus of products will change with it, just like focusing on milk powder at the age of 0-1 and early education at the age of 1-3. Of course, you can also classify it in more detail, just one example.

For example, "novice bloggers pay more attention to some basic equipment, such as fill lights, brackets, and learning bloggers’ courses (virtual products), while bloggers with certain experience may have higher requirements for equipment, so our products can choose cameras, micro-orders, radio microphones and so on."

For example, "people in the grass-roots workplace pay more attention to cost-effective skin care products and office supplies, while those in the middle pay more attention to luxury and brand skin care products, while those in the top pay more attention to famous brands."

The same people, different seasons and different months have different needs.

For example, July and August are summer holidays, which is bound to be the peak season for tourism. Products can choose suitcases, storage bags, travel suits and so on.

The following are some recommendations for the products selected in recent months:

If you look at it with the naked eye, you can’t find products with high sales quickly. At this time, we need to use some data analysis tools.

Brother Daren had previously shared an article on the application of small red book tools: girls make small red books to make money! You must know these tools and skills ~

Recommend several mainstream platforms:New red data, thousand melon data, gray dolphin data.

note:You need to open a member!(Generally, newly registered accounts can be experienced for 1-3 days for free.)Of course, you can buy it directly from a treasure, which will be more cost-effective.

Skills of selecting data tools for xiaohongshu;

  • Macro analysis:First sort the big categories, then subdivide the small categories, and choose the best price.
  • Microscopic analysis:First note analysis, then account analysis, and final income analysis-execution.

The methodology of selecting products for Xiaohongshu is shared here today. What needs to be added is that the market is dynamic and people are dynamic. Don’t change it. We should constantly adapt to market changes and adjust our strategies in time.

Just like the Red Sea is already crowded, then we can try to cut into the blue ocean, with great demand, small competition, small investment and low requirements, which will enable you to get results quickly in Xiaohongshu.

"Fast Gunner day trader" was released today with five highlights.

  The action comedy day trader, a fast shooter, was released nationwide on July 15th, directed by Pan Anzi and starring Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Good summer movies are released in turn, and day trader, the Fast Shooter, is the most important action comedy blockbuster in this summer. The action scenes are wonderful and exciting, and the process of winning the treasure is full of jokes. The 11th version is released in full format, which will take people on an exciting and unforgettable journey of winning the treasure. On the day of the release, the film exposed the production special and selected five highlights of the film for the audience to see at a glance.

  Aspect 1: The first western action comedy action scene was once full of addiction.

  The movie day trader, the Fast Shooter, tells a series of stories about how Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing formed an alliance of treasure-snatchers, and fought wits and wits with the big Boss played by Vivian Dawson in order to recapture the national treasure. The film was filmed in Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places. It is the first western action comedy blockbuster in China.

  There are plenty of action scenes in the film, which make the audience dazzled. The sea, land and air are at war at any time, chasing cars and climbing over the walls, and the big Boss takes turns to appear. The wonderful fighting makes the audience’s heart beat faster. Kenny Lin challenges Parkour, Zhang Jingchu has two guns in his hand, Tengger singer picks up a train, and the basement is bloody and big Boss, which stimulates a good-looking addiction.

  Aspect 2: A strong lineup collides with fireworks and painstakingly builds them.

  The movie day trader, a fast shooter, brings together powerful star lineups such as Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Kenny Lin and Zhang Jingchu formed the "dirty and spicy CP" this time. The man was responsible for being funny and cheap, and the woman was responsible for dancing guns and making swords. The two laughed and beat each other all the way, loving each other and killing each other; Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing play an old married couple, and Tengger singer turns into a hen-pecked wife, cooking, washing feet, kneeling on the washboard, and serving Liu Xiaoqing well; Vivian Dawson incarnates as a big Boss, showing the dark side of his belly. Several actors collided with each other and staged a ridiculous story together.

  The production special of this exposure also shows the process of carefully creating the film. Kenny Lin put on makeup for nine hours to vividly show the image of the elderly, and Zhang Jingchu was stabbed with several pieces of glass. The main creator had to deal with the sudden sandstorm and other bad weather when shooting, and several leading actors overcame difficulties and worked together to show the best effect to the audience.

  Aspect 3: the theme of winning the treasure is fascinating, and the road to hilarity is endless.

  Day trader, the Quick Gunner, takes the treasure as its main theme. In recent years, adventure movies have been loved by people, and whether it can be made skillfully and brilliantly is also a big challenge for the director. The script of the film has been polished repeatedly, and finally the story of the film is complete, logical and smooth, which makes people laugh to tears.

  In the film, a big bad guy, a group of bastards and a group of smelly foreigners burst into laughter, and the baggage that they shake out at any time makes people laugh until they cramp. Both the plot setting and the language are full of humor, and the intensive laughter makes the audience laugh enough at once.

  Aspect 4: Version 11 released the first full-format Chinese film.

  As the most noteworthy action comedy blockbuster in this summer’s movie, Fast Shooter day trader will be released in full format in 11 versions, namely: 2D Normal Edition, IMAX2D, China Giant Screen 2D, Dolby Atmos, China Multidimensional Sound, ScreenX, 4DX, MX4D, DTS-X, China Giant Screen DTS-X and Dolby Vision. Eleven versions of the film will land in the cinema at the same time, so that day trader, the Fast Gunner, will cover all the 2D versions, becoming the first full-format film in Chinese, setting a precedent in the history of Chinese films.

  It is worth mentioning that day trader, the Fast Shooter, will be shown in Dolby Cinema, and it is also the first Chinese film made with Dolby Panoramic Sound from Dolby Vision. Dolby Cinema combines Dolby Vision and Dolby Panoramic Sound to bring high-quality cinema viewing experience to movie audiences. So many versions fully show the temperament of the film blockbuster.

  Aspect 5: Carry out the hilarious laughter to the end. Eggs can laugh.

  "Fast Shooter day trader" will be hilarious to the end. Not only is the feature film brilliant, but even the eggs have been carefully edited. Eggs can laugh, making people laugh from beginning to end! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t leave in a hurry after watching the feature film. Eggs are also a big surprise!

  The film day trader, a Fast Shooter, was carefully created by all the masters, with exciting action scenes and hilarious plot. The release of multiple versions makes people enjoy a visual feast, and it is an action comedy blockbuster that cannot be missed this summer.

  The film "Fast Shooter day trader" is produced by Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Huace Film (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Beijing Paradise Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing yi yang Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hengdian Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Beijing Gordon World Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Film Channel. Shanghai Asia Television Art Center, Yili Dasheng Legend Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongjiang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Maodahui Cultural Investment Management Center, Lidexing Film and Television Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zhongchuan Film Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Panorama Unlimited Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, and released by Wuzhou Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and Wanda Film (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., which was released nationwide on July 15th.

Adding elevators to existing residential buildings in Hangzhou has benefited more than 14,000 households. AR real-life software for adding elevators is gradually being applied.

To improve the livable level and living conditions, the installation of elevators in existing houses in Hangzhou has entered the fourth year as a livelihood project that conforms to the people’s yearning for a better life. Up to now, 347 new elevators have been installed in existing houses throughout the year, with a total of 1156 completed.
The amount of completion doubled compared with the same period last year.
This year, 347 elevators have been installed.
"Started, not far from the day of sitting on the elevator! I finally have hope! " Residents in the colorful community of Xixing Street in Binjiang District are all excited to see one machine entering the site for construction. Although they were temporarily shut down due to the epidemic, the two-level housing, insurance and housing management departments in the urban area did not stop serving the residents, and began to make full preparations for the resumption of work early, striving to minimize the delay caused by the epidemic to the installation of elevators.
(Colorful Community Construction Site)
Since the comprehensive resumption of work, the installation of elevators in the city has sounded the horn of "acceleration". Thirteen districts, counties (cities) and Qiantang New District have gone hand in hand, strengthened guidance and coordination for local towns and communities, and made every effort to promote the process of adding stairs, such as holding a street ladder promotion meeting in Shangcheng District and Binjiang District; Gongshu district actively coordinates the pipeline department and pre-arranges the relocation and renovation of pipelines; Lin ‘an District took the lead in launching the joint trial of adding stairs … As always, it actively promoted the implementation of this livelihood project and achieved practical results. Among them, 10 districts, counties (cities) have included the work of adding stairs in the key promotion of people’s livelihood at the district level this year, so that more households can enjoy the convenience brought by installing elevators.
Up to now, the city has added 327 joint audit projects and completed 347; Over the years, 1,424 projects were started and 1,156 projects were completed, benefiting more than 14,000 households and nearly 35,000 residents.
At the same time, the Bureau is making every effort to promote the formulation of the first domestic government regulation on installing elevators-"Administrative Measures for Installing Elevators in Existing Houses in Hangzhou", striving for breakthroughs in key issues such as public opinion unification, joint review and follow-up management, which has been submitted to the Municipal Bureau of Justice for review.
"Project" and "policy" are pushing forward, and Hangzhou is making efforts to speed up the installation of elevators from "bonsai" to "scenery"
Adding ladder loan and endowment insurance
Hangzhou ladder service is innovative.
Recently, the owners who live in Xinghai Yunting, Chongxian Street, Yuhang District are very happy, because the "ladder loan" they applied for has been successfully handled, which is another step away from the realization of the "ladder dream".
This is another innovative service to promote the addition of elevators in Hangzhou. "Financing difficulty" has always been a difficult problem in the process of installing elevators in existing houses. In view of the economic ability of the disadvantaged groups in old residential areas, Yuhang District and China Bank took the lead in launching a low-interest "ladder-adding loan"-the owner can apply for a maximum credit of 150,000 yuan with ID card, household registration book, real estate license, elevator installation contract or agreement, income situation and personal credit situation, which not only meets the residents’ demand for ladder-adding, but also relieves the residents’ pressure of one-time payment. At present, many owners in Xinghai Yunting, Chongxian Street, Yuhang District and Shuixie Huadu Community, Tangqi Town have successfully applied for the "elevator loan", which also provides a blueprint for the subsequent installation of elevators in the city.
Not only that, the owners of Xinghai Yunting can also customize the most satisfactory elevator style for themselves through the first AR real-life application software in China. This "visible and tangible" ladder-adding AR real-life APPlication software was successfully piloted in Yuhang District a few days ago. The app has a variety of ladder-adding schemes and decoration configurations built in. The owner can generate the real-life effect of ladder-adding superimposed on the real residence in real time through positioning, and select the details such as the number of elevator stops, materials and colors according to the needs. Finally, it is adjusted in real time by AR real-life software in one step, which is more intuitive, simple and efficient than the previous plane drawing scheme mode.
(map of ladder service in Nanyuan Street, Yuhang District)
What’s more, Nanyuan Street in Yuhang District has also released the first map of elevator service. Through on-the-spot survey of each house in each community within its jurisdiction, the houses that meet, basically meet and do not have the conditions for adding stairs are marked with "green, blue and red". Residents can know whether their buildings meet the conditions for adding stairs by looking at the map, and they also emphasize the policies and procedures for adding stairs, which provides a detailed strategy for residents and promotes the work of adding stairs into the "fast lane".
The installation of elevators is being rolled out in an all-round way, and more and more residents enjoy the convenience of going up and down the stairs. After it is put into use, elevator maintenance and other issues have always been concerned. Focusing on the problem of "long-term follow-up management", we insist on exploring and cultivating diversified daily maintenance methods, and encourage all districts to try first according to the principle of "the owner is the main body and the market operates", and explore various ways such as owner self-management, property custody, third-party custody and elevator insurance.
This year, Daguan Street in Gongshu District tried first and made bold innovations. With micro-governance of the community as the platform and "democracy promoting people’s livelihood" as the goal, through the forms of "building a platform+participating in insurance", "convention management+participating in insurance" and "owner autonomy+participating in insurance", the streets, communities and residents made concerted efforts to promote the installation of elevator projects to actively participate in insurance. It also took the lead in realizing the first comprehensive insurance model of "15+2" elevator "for the aged" in the 1-unit elevator project of Building 8 in Xisiyuan, which provided a new model and a new path for the follow-up maintenance of elevator projects in the whole city, the whole province and even the whole country.
(At the signing ceremony of comprehensive insurance for the "15+2" elevator in Gongshu District) In this year’s 2019 reform and innovation best practice case selection activity in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou’s unique ladder-adding model of "owner-oriented, community-led, government-guided, and support from all parties" won the "excellent practice case". This also encourages the urban two-level housing, insurance and housing management departments to step up the ladder, and will continue to vigorously promote and improve the top-level design, create quality projects, improve the long-term mechanism, and constantly realize the people’s yearning for a better life.