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Is PS going to be laid off? The accuracy rate is 99%, supporting multiple faces to intelligently identify face-lifting and skin-grinding beauty …

This is a brand new AI intelligent portrait processing software.

One-button AI face-lifting

Simple and practical

The software analyzes each face through machine learning.

And add appropriate amount of decoration to skin, eyes and mouth.

You can easily get professional results.

For example:Smooth skin,Reduce luster,Remove defects,

Carve a faceandWhitening teethWait a minute.

The previous push was the 2022 version.

Yueyue brings the latest version of 2023 today.

ON1 Portrait AI 2023 (17.0)

(New interface)

Pay attention to and privately believe that the headline number of Yueyue replies "Want"

Follow the prompts to get it for free.

Better portrait editor

With ON1 Portrait AI, it can be perfectly decorated with just one click. It uses machine learning to find every face in a photo and automatically make them look great. It analyzes every face, and adds some modifications to the skin, eyes and mouth, providing you with professional effects immediately.

You can also manually adjust the facial details through the detailed parameter slider.

For example:Smooth skin, reduce luster, remove blemishes, carve face and whiten teeth, etc.

It can run independently as software and can also be used as PS filter.

supportPS2017-2023 latest edition Chinese sinicization

Support win and mac (win system version 17.0, mac system version 17.1)

(Compatible with win10 or above and MAC10.15 or above)

2023 new features

  • Mask artificial intelligence

Mask AI uses the most advanced machine learning to segment photos and identify objects and regions such as people and animals.

Say goodbye to the tedious brushing. Mask AI uses the most advanced machine learning to segment photos and identify objects such as people and animals, as well as areas such as sky, mountains, trees, water and ground. When masking layers, effects or local adjustments, you only need to select a theme or area from the list. Mask AI will immediately create beautiful masks. You can even select an area to which you want to apply a filter or adjustment when adding an area, so that you can easily get the required adjustment.

  • Content-aware clipping

Crop and flatten photos and expand the photo canvas and fill new edges with realistic details.

If you have ever had to crop or flatten a photo and lost important details near the edge, the new content-aware cropping will be a lifesaver. It can expand the photo canvas and fill new edges with realistic details.

  • Improved Content Perception Perfect Eraser

Perfect Eraser is a perfect tool to eliminate large interference, which has been improved by more accurate algorithm and runs faster on modern computers.

  • Full screen preset preview

If you are tired of viewing thumbnails to find the right preset, there is a new way to view them in full screen on your photos.

Get flawless, natural skin

In addition, this software is simple to operate and easy to use. It can be used alone or as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, Capture One and other tools. Moreover, you don’t need the user’s superb P-drawing skills, you just need to automatically find each face in the photo according to your preferences, analyze it, and add a proper amount of decoration, which is very suitable for proofing the photo before delivery.

Software introduction

(moving picture display)

(moving picture display)

Decorate tools and control what you need

The retouching options are simply amazing, including smoothing skin, reducing luster, removing blemishes, carving face and whitening teeth.

(moving picture display)

Let AI work hard for you

Automatically find each face in the photo according to your preference, analyze it, and add an appropriate number of embellishments.

Adjust everyone separately

Each face in the photo has its own controls and adjustments.

For example, you can use different settings for the bride and groom in wedding photos.

Your editing is nondestructive.

All adjustments and edits you make are non-destructive.

You can re-edit them later, and the original photos will not be changed.

You control how to edit.

Everything is automatic, but you also have complete manual control. You can manually adjust the position of eyes and mouth, paint to improve the skin mask and use a brush to remove stubborn spots.

Improve facial shape and lighting

Brighten or reshape the face by adding fill light to make the chin thinner or balance the eye size.

To correct common mistakes in lens selection and lighting.

(moving picture display)

Use the power of frequency division

Skin modification uses frequency separation to maintain natural skin texture,

At the same time, it reduces the color and tone change of the whole skin.

It produces flawless but natural-looking skin.

(moving picture display)

Easily remove flaws

Small defects can be automatically reduced,

Using the built-in content-aware eraser and clone stamp can remove big flaws.

Presets that suit your style

Easily create your own preset to define.

Your grooming style.

Whitening teeth

Teeth and lips will also be automatically detected. You can easily brighten your smile and adjust the color and saturation of your lips.

(moving picture display)

Enhance the eyes

The eyes will be automatically detected and enhanced. White can brighten and iris can brighten.

(moving picture display)

Batch work

Work, you can make AI work for you by batch processing the entire photo folder. For each photo, Portrait AI will find each face and automatically add the right amount of modification. Very suitable for proofing photos before delivery.

Compatible with a variety of software

Plug-ins into your workflow

The brand-new AI image processing software can be dragged at will, and the image is not damaged, which is convenient for users to process images. At the same time, it can automatically optimize the details of faces, add independent effect adjustment for each face, and then automatically process it, which is very intelligent.

It allows you to edit the image, add various special effects, support processing operations such as fill light, reduce light, monochrome, soften, blur, sharpen, increase noise and reduce noise, and has many functions such as black and white image coloring, lossless image amplification, sharpness enhancement, stretched image restoration, image defogging and so on.

It provides users with all kinds of processing tools to process images, and strives to meet all the needs of users, creating a first-class service experience for users, smooth operation and simplified workflow, making users more convenient and efficient to use.

Lip color dynamic

Follow the prompts to get it for free.

C Ronaldo’s secret history conjecture: open partner! Ukrainian surrogacy! The mansion is booming!

Recently, foreign media disclosed matters related to the confidentiality agreement of C Ronaldo’s followers, and the private life of this well-known commercial superstar once again aroused fans’ curiosity.

C Ronaldo’s entourage is numerous, including family, friends and staff, including nutritionists, trainers, chefs, cleaners and personal security. Foreign media disclosed: "C Ronaldo’s private life shall not be revealed within 70 years after the death of the player or his last relative."

Considering that Cristiano Ronaldo’s children are less than 10 years old, it is estimated that fans will never have a chance to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life without media coverage. Therefore, this paper boldly makes some guesses about what secrets must be brought to the grave by his followers.

Conjecture 1: open partner

"You can touch my eggs, but not my money." The wife of xiaosheng, a popular national football player, once said this sentence to xiaosan, which shocked the fans, and also unveiled the tip of the iceberg of "open partners" of the rich.

The so-called open partner is to allow your partner to have more partners besides yourself, and you don’t need to be loyal to each other. C Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for many years, and they also have children, but they are not married. Georgina’s external identity is "C Ronaldo’s girlfriend (one of them? ) ",the real identity at home may be the housekeeper (kindergarten director), and this relationship may be an agreement reached between them.

A single girl once told me that she didn’t want to get married because all men were not suitable: 1. If she was a good enough man, there must be other women outside, and few people could withstand the temptation, so it was hard to accept sharing a man with others; 2. If you are not a good man, you will feel frustrated when you look at it, and you don’t want to stay together for a minute.

Some fans have also left a message behind Tang Jiaqi’s article about C Ronaldo: If you have his money and status, you may spend more money than him. At present, the conjecture about Cristiano Ronaldo’s open-ended partner is not only a conjecture, but also some clues. For example, female online celebrity announced that Cristiano Ronaldo cheated during pregnancy.

Online celebrity, a Georgia-Maria, said that she and Cristiano Ronaldo had an intimate relationship in March last year, when Georgina’s twins were pregnant. This happened during the training of the Portuguese national team. For this matter, Cristiano Ronaldo did not deny it. Previously, there seemed to be something else about Cristiano Ronaldo’s affair with his girlfriend Georgina during pregnancy.

There are also fans who question how this female online celebrity’s face value is too low to be liked by the president. In fact, as the saying goes, "Women chase men, and they are separated from each other", the difficulty is actually not that great. As long as the female is active enough, if the fans are lucky enough to have seen all kinds of one-night stands of Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United, in fact, this female online celebrity is not the ugliest.

Conjecture 2: Surrogacy in Ukraine

Among C Ronaldo’s children, at least three were born by surrogacy, not including the eldest son, Mini Ronaldo, who is also a surrogate baby. Since many transactions have been made with surrogacy agencies, and C Ronaldo’s daughters (eyes) seem to see the shadow of Ukrainian beauty, C Ronaldo in Europe will make people associate with Ukraine, the "European uterus".

Ukrainian beauties with beautiful skin and long legs are a beautiful scenic line in the world. Because the country is poor, they become surrogate tools.

The price of a Ukrainian woman’s surrogacy is only $30,000, which is one-fifth of that of Europe and the United States. Ukraine ranks among the "European Uterus" with its surrogacy industry of hundreds of millions of dollars every year, which means that thousands of surrogate babies are produced every year. Do C Ronaldo’s surrogate children have Ukrainian babies?

In view of the current Russian-Ukrainian war, Cristiano Ronaldo is openly on Ukraine’s side, announcing that "the world is with you, and I am with you". Is it possible that Cristiano Ronaldo feels the same because he is the father of the Ukrainian baby?

Conjecture 3: Mansion bashing

It’s no secret that the rich in Europe and America are partying in luxury houses. Berlusconi of Italy once held a celestial feast in luxury houses, playing large-scale dramas such as "multi-person sports" and "minors", which is in contrast to the fact that the rich in China only held a "sea-sky feast" on yachts on the high seas.

While rich and prestigious stars have luxury houses all over the world, "using local materials" should not be news. Even if the world "flies", it is not surprising that Neymar has repeatedly staged the drama of "Wan Li calling the way" to invite women from Brazil to Paris, Europe.

There are also many things about the call to C Ronaldo’s mansion. The roles involved are female students, professional workers, online celebrity, nurses, white-collar workers, wives, singers, models, etc. Here, you can search by yourself. These things, I believe that his family’s staff are informed, so it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement.

What secrets do you think may be involved in the private life of C Ronaldo staff’s confidentiality agreement?

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Modern Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) refers to a technology that computer system simulates human intelligent thinking and behavior through learning, reasoning, perception, understanding, judgment and decision-making. The core of AI technology is machine learning, that is, processing and analyzing a large number of data through training algorithms, and learning and extracting useful information and rules from them, so as to continuously optimize and improve their intelligence.

AI technology covers many different fields and applications, including natural language processing, image recognition, machine vision, speech recognition, robotics, intelligent recommendation, virtual reality and so on. These applications can play a role in many fields, such as health care, finance, energy, manufacturing, transportation, education, entertainment and so on.

In a word, artificial intelligence is a technology that can simulate human intelligent thinking and behavior. It enables computer systems to complete a series of complex tasks and decisions independently through machine learning and pattern recognition.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can bring us many benefits. The following are some of the main benefits:

  1. Automation: AI technology can automate many repetitive tasks, saving time and labor costs.

  2. Intelligent decision-making: AI system can provide more intelligent decision-making for human beings by analyzing a large amount of data and information.

  3. Customer service: AI can improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, such as providing instant service and support to customers through intelligent robots or chat bots.

  4. Health care: AI technology can help doctors and health care professionals make diagnosis and treatment decisions, while improving the efficiency and accuracy of health care services.

  5. Resource management: AI can help enterprises and government agencies to better manage resources, for example, by forecasting and planning energy demand and supply, and optimizing the supply chain.

  6. Education and training: AI can provide a better education and training experience, such as optimizing the learning process through personalized learning paths and real-time feedback.

  7. Safety and security: AI can help protect public safety and personal safety, for example, through automatic monitoring and detection systems to identify security threats and abnormal behaviors.

In a word, AI technology can improve efficiency, accuracy and intelligence, provide better service and support for human beings, and bring more commercial and social value.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in various fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): transforming human language into computer-readable forms, such as machine translation, speech recognition, text classification and sentiment analysis.

  2. Image recognition and Computer Vision (CV): Computer vision technology enables computer systems to recognize and understand images and videos, such as face recognition, object detection, automatic driving and security monitoring.

  3. Machine Learning (ML): By training algorithms, computer systems can automatically learn and adapt to new data, thus improving the accuracy of prediction and decision-making, such as recommendation system, credit evaluation, risk control and medical diagnosis.

  4. Robotics: Using artificial intelligence technology, robots can accomplish tasks that humans can’t, such as autonomous navigation, cooperative operation, intelligent control and service robots.

  5. Automation and intelligent manufacturing: using artificial intelligence technology to realize the automation and intelligence of production process and supply chain, such as intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, intelligent quality control and intelligent equipment.

  6. Virtual reality and augmented reality: through artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality and the real world are combined to realize a more immersive user experience, such as virtual training, virtual fitting, virtual tourism and augmented reality applications.

In short, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in various fields and industries, which has changed our way of life and work, but also brought great opportunities and challenges for future technological development and innovation.

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment in modern society is twofold: on the one hand, AI technology can create new employment opportunities, on the other hand, it will also affect the employment of some traditional industries.

  1. New employment opportunities: With the development of AI technology, more and more companies and organizations need professional AI engineers, data scientists, machine learning experts and AI strategists. In addition, AI technology has also created some new professional fields, such as intelligent robot engineers, voice interaction designers and virtual reality developers.

  2. Impact of employment in traditional industries: AI technology will also have a certain impact on employment in traditional industries. For example, AI technology can automate many repetitive tasks and jobs, thus reducing the work that needs to be done by human beings. This may lead to the reduction of jobs in some traditional industries, such as manufacturing, administration and support services.

However, it should be pointed out that AI technology will not completely replace human work. On the contrary, it usually cooperates with human beings to improve efficiency and quality. Therefore, for the job market in modern society, it is important to improve skills and transformation ability to adapt to the rapidly changing technology and job market.

Aux’s New Year’s New Scenery: A New Spectrum of Improving Quality and Increasing Efficiency in Future Factories

A year’s plan lies in spring, and the spirit of the start is seen.

After the Spring Festival in the Year of the Rabbit, Oaks has made great efforts to innovate, improve quality and empower industries, strengthen market expansion, and greatly increase orders to achieve a good start. From the roar of machines, from the busy work of assembly lines, and from the enthusiasm of employees, Oaks has shown great vitality.

On the one hand, Oaks actively supplements talents in all aspects through spring recruitment activities; on the other hand, it injects new kinetic energy into the high-quality development of the whole year with the attitude of improving quality and increasing efficiency in future factories and waiting for no time.

As a leader in the manufacturing industry, the high efficiency, high standard and high precision of Oaks products have always been recognized by the industry. The digital, intelligent and standardized "future factory" is the mystery of Oaks to improve quality and efficiency. With the accelerated integration of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new generation of information technologies such as 5G communication, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are constantly changing the production mode of Oaks and accelerating its high-quality development.

In the future factory of Oaks, from the core motor to sheet metal, assembly and logistics, Oaks Air Conditioning Factory adopts intelligent manufacturing almost all the way. It only takes 38 seconds to get from a plastic pellet to an air conditioning panel, and the production efficiency of the factory is improved by 30%, and the proportion of intelligent products is 80%. This set of data is enough to illustrate the hard core speed of Oaks’ "intelligent manufacturing".

The intelligent future factory can not only improve the production efficiency, but also make the production process more refined and reasonable. Through the intelligent management of production, the production process and equipment are fully interconnected to realize real-time monitoring of production process and equipment operation, and can be pushed in real time through mobile APP to realize mobile management and mobile office, which can greatly improve efficiency.

In addition to the intelligence of the production process, the future factory of Oaks has also realized the intelligence of planned production scheduling, rate monitoring and comprehensive efficiency of equipment, and through the collection and utilization of big data, the efficiency of quality inspection is also very obvious, for example, through 5G+AI vision technology, it has changed the dilemma of low efficiency and difficult traceability of surface quality detection by manual naked eyes. Once the product surface has scratches, differences in color brightness and other defects, even if it is thinner than hair, the camera will not let go. The detection system will digitally calculate the defective image, compare it with the standard, and feed back the defects at the first time with the help of 5G communication technology, so as to take immediate improvement measures. This is equivalent to installing intelligent quality inspection eyes in the production process, which is a great contributor to product quality improvement.

The improvement of efficiency also means the reduction of cost. Oaks relies on the intelligent production of future factories. Traditionally, the assembly line needs more than 100 people. Now it is all completed by machines and conveyor belts, and only three workers are needed, which undoubtedly saves the cost greatly.

On the whole, with the help of digitalization and intelligent empowerment, Oaks has achieved remarkable results in optimizing production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing production costs, so that it has enough strength to cope with a more complex competitive environment and write a new chapter in development.

Knowing that there is a long way to go for development, john young is just breaking the waves. Oaks keeps pace with the times, making a good start, laying a good foundation and opening a good game for the whole year with an efficient future factory. In the future, Oaks will further accelerate the pace of upgrading intelligent manufacturing, keep up with the development speed of the times, and strive to run out of acceleration on the intelligent track.

There are so many ai robot outbound calling systems, how to choose the one that suits you?

As the artificial intelligence industry becomes more and more mature, the times are developing and the industry is progressing, and more industries will embrace artificial intelligence; Ai robot outbound system can make enterprises create more profits with less cost and shorten the cycle of finding customers. So, there are so many ai robot outbound call systems, how to choose the one that suits you?


To judge whether an ai robot outbound system is suitable for you, we should first pay attention to several aspects: 1. Connection rate 2. Time required for dialing 3. Speech skills 4. Whether the line is high or not. 5. Where the number belongs …

Constantly compare the function of this robot outbound system with that of the robot outbound, and choose who can meet the actual needs of your company;

It’s just that this choice takes a long time and costs a lot of time, so is there a simpler method?

1. It can be applied to mainstream industries and application scenarios.

Jiadan Technology Intelligent Sales Robot is suitable for covering mainstream industries and application scenarios.

Jiadan Technology intelligent telemarketing robot is equipped with a good platform, and uploads the exclusive speech recorded by a professional sound recorder. Technicians upload it to the system platform, and then they can make their own calls by importing the phone, so as to quickly and effectively screen customers who are interested in the products and push them to WeChat bound to the system platform to arrange professional contact and communication.

Faster and more effective, support interruption, support manual intervention, and improve work efficiency.

2. Automatically determine the intended customers. According to the intended customer label set by the system platform, what kind of customers are divided into: Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D all have clear standards; For example, how much money the customer asks, where the company is, and other keywords, the system will automatically judge it as a class A customer, and the call records can be viewed in real time without missing any intended customers.

3. After professional and intimate after-sales service cooperation, many-to-one guidance will be given to the docking group, and many customer service technicians will solve all kinds of problems encountered in the use process in real time.

If you are interested, please contact the above phone and WeChat to provide you with professional advice.

Haitong Securities: Private cloud will become the mainstream layout of AI big model computing power. It is recommended to pay attention to Pingao shares (688227.SH) and so on.

Zhitong Finance APP was informed that Haitong Securities released a research report saying that AI big model training has less demand for temporary rapid expansion of computing power, and private clouds can also shoulder computing power requirements. At the same time, for continuous and large-scale AI training, private cloud has higher efficiency and lower cost. From a completely visible point of view, with the help of private cloud, enterprises can completely control and visualize their network security status, and can customize it to meet their specific needs. The bank believes that the high security of private cloud makes it a more suitable solution. Suggested attention: Pingao (688227.SH) and Qingyun Technology (688316.SH).

The main points of Haitong Securities are as follows:

AI big model training has less demand for temporary rapid expansion of computing power, and private cloud can also shoulder the computing power requirements.

In the past, China’s public cloud market has always occupied the mainstream position of cloud computing. According to China ICT Institute, in 2021, the scale of China’s public cloud market reached 218.1 billion yuan, while the private cloud market was only 104.8 billion yuan in the same period. In the past, the development of the public cloud market was mainly due to the rapid growth of the demand of Internet enterprises in China in recent years, and the process of traditional enterprises going to the cloud was accelerated, while the public cloud had the advantage of flexibility and easy expansion. The bank believes that in this context, enterprises’ demand for cloud is increasing, while public cloud is easier to expand and more suitable for high-speed growth enterprises. The bank believes that in the context of the current rapid development of AI, the demand for rapid expansion of cloud servers is not so strong; Moreover, from another point of view, before the large-scale model training, there is often a preliminary understanding of the training computing power required by the model, and the required computing power will be prepared and laid out in advance, so it is unlikely that a large amount of computing power will be temporarily expanded during the model training, which makes the advantage that there is a cloud that can rapidly expand no longer exist in the field of AI large models, and the private cloud can also support the computing power demand of model training.

For continuous and large-scale AI training, private cloud has higher efficiency and lower cost.

When building a private cloud, the limited budget can be used efficiently by carefully planning hardware, capacity, storage and network configuration. On the other hand, although the public cloud has some advantages in ease of use, these services have great "binding" characteristics. For example, if users use Microsoft’s pre-trained DNN for image processing, they can’t easily run the generated applications on their own servers, and users can’t use Google’s TPU and AuoML tools in non-Google public clouds. However, in the current training of large models, it is necessary to constantly use new data and functions to keep its "freshness". Because the private cloud is only used by a single organization, the enterprise can completely control its software and hardware selection. This high degree of control means that the owner of the private cloud can reconfigure or customize the cloud resources for the task, further improving efficiency. As the big model becomes more and more complex, private clouds can provide greater generality and finer specifications (such as plugging in specific applications and ensuring continuous availability and data speed independence). The bank believes that on the one hand, the cost of public cloud layout and private cloud layout is basically the same for the demand of fixed pre-trained AI big model. Because there is no demand for rapid expansion, the scale cost advantage of public cloud will be weakened; On the other hand, the training efficiency of public cloud will be lower than that of private cloud specially built for its own AI training. For continuous and large-scale deep learning, using local private cloud can save a lot of costs and improve training efficiency.

Al training needs massive and highly sensitive data, and the high security of private cloud makes it a more suitable solution.

For the public cloud, when companies store their data and information in the cloud, it is difficult to ensure that these data and information will be adequately protected. The huge scale of the public cloud and the diversity of companies covering users also make it a favorite target for hackers to attack. In addition, there is the problem of hardware sharing in public cloud. Through public cloud, the work between different companies will be carried out on the same server, and this sharing mode is likely to lead to the disclosure of confidential data and information. Unlike public cloud, private cloud is a cloud infrastructure specially built to provide "isolated access" in a "single tenant environment", that is, it can only be accessed by a single entity, which is usually an enterprise that uses and maintains the cloud. The only purpose of establishing a private cloud is to provide services for enterprises that own the cloud. From the control point of view, because the owner completely controls the physical computing, storage and network equipment, the data security is promoted to the highest level, and the internal administrator has greater flexibility in implementing and accessing security tools; From a completely visible point of view, with the help of private cloud, enterprises can completely control and visualize their network security status, and can customize it to meet their specific needs. Because AI training needs a lot of data, for example, the data volume of GPT-3 pre-training reaches 45TB; Moreover, the application of artificial intelligence faces great security risks. On the one hand, data is associated with user privacy information, on the other hand, the destruction of the model will lead to decision-making errors, data poisoning will affect the effectiveness of intelligent services, deep forgery will be used for extortion, and data leakage will lead to user privacy exposure. Events occur frequently.Therefore, there will be higher requirements for security. Therefore, the bank believes that a private cloud with high security features is a more suitable solution.

Google launched PaLM-E, a visual language model with 562 billion parameters.

Recently, it was reported that Robotics at Google, Technical University of Berlin and Google Research team jointly launched the largest visual language model PaLM-E, with the final parameters as high as 562 billion. It is understood that this model has the ability to understand images, understand generation languages and handle complex machine instructions.

In this regard, Google said that the model also has an environmentally adaptive response and has the ability to face possible unexpected situations. It is reported that the model is robust to interference because it is integrated in a control loop.

It is reported that this model is a combination of PaLM-540B language model and Vit-22B visual Transformer model, and its core is its powerful language processing ability. The highlight is that the model can use visual data to enhance its own language processing ability after acquiring and processing visual data. For example, the corresponding traffic rules can be solved by pictures of traffic signs, the production process can be understood by pictures of ingredients, or the robot can be guided to complete relatively complicated actions by inputting instructions.

It is understood that PaLM-E has another outstanding advantage, that is, it has strong positive migration ability. In the relevant test results released by Google, the researchers believe that PaLM-E has the ability of self-learning, so it can perform planning and cross-length tasks on different entities. For example, after the model guides the robot to complete the "color block by color", it can further guide the robot to push the green color block to the ornaments that have never been seen before.

Some people think that although the guidance given by PaLM-E to robots does not seem very complicated at present, with the change of data training, it will give robots more thinking ability, and it is expected to be able to plan and execute the commands issued by humans more reasonably in the future, and make great breakthroughs in industrial application and design.

It is understood that in the artificial intelligence track, Microsoft previously published a similar case mentioned in the above research in February this year, that is, through the program written by ChatGPT to guide drones how to find drinks.

[The picture in this article comes from the network]

To what extent have robots developed in China?

The development of robots in China has made great progress, and various types of robots have been popularized from manufacturing to service. The following is some information about the present situation and development trend of robot industry in China:

China is dominated by industrial production and occupies a leading position in the global market.Logistics, warehousing, processing and other businesses all involve robots.

Consumer robots are becoming more and more popular.For example, home cleaning robots, toy robots and robots that assist the elderly and the disabled.

In 2019, China successfully developed the first conversational AI robot. Its name is Xiaodi, which has the functions of speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue generation and emotion recognition. It is widely used in customer service and hotel reception.

Considering the aging population and increasing medical costs, China is actively exploring medical robots. Such as robotic surgery, nurse robots, etc.

In education, artificial intelligence and robots are being used in schools and higher education.For example, educational robots can help children improve their math and science skills.

The market demand is huge.With the transfer of global manufacturing, China has become one of the largest robot markets in the world. According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2020, the output of robots in China reached 242,000, and the sales revenue reached 51.1 billion yuan, up 8.5% year-on-year.

Low cost advantageCompared with Europe, America and other countries, the production cost of robots in China is lower, especially in the fields of processing and system integration.

Wide range of application scenariosChina robots have a wide range of applications, not only in traditional manufacturing, but also in services, health care and other fields, such as hotel reception, family support, surgery assistance and so on.

A fast-growing industryThe government’s support for the robot industry is one of the favorable factors for the development of robots in China. Policy support and industry innovation have continuously promoted the rapid development of robot industry in China.

The development prospect of robots in China is in a stage of rapid growth and expansion, and it is very likely that this trend will remain in the future. Here are some reasons:

Huge market demandWith the advancement of industrialization and the aging of the population, the demand for robots is increasing in the fields of manufacturing, medical care and service.

High technical levelChina is rising rapidly in science, technology and manufacturing at an alarming rate. With the introduction of advanced technology, the robot industry in China has also developed rapidly.

Comprehensive policy supportThe government is committed to providing all kinds of financial support for enterprises and encouraging more enterprises to invest and participate in the development of robots.

Innovative environmentAt present, the domestic robot industry has formed an innovation ecosystem, including research institutions, manufacturers, integrators, application services and other chains.

Accumulate rich experienceIn recent years, China robot enterprises have developed their business in overseas markets, gathered many excellent technical talents and R&D personnel, and accumulated rich experience and knowledge.

Based on the above reasons, the robot industry in China will develop at a high speed in the future, and at the same time, it will promote the progress of the whole intelligent manufacturing industry, thus comprehensively promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy.

The robot industry in China is one of the most popular investment fields at present, but whether it is worth investing needs specific analysis. Here are some reference factors:

market prospectThe robot market in China is huge and has great potential for future development, which is a long-term and sustainable trend.

policy supportThe state has great support for the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and robot industry, and supports it in various policy forms, such as tax policy and financial subsidies.

Competition patternAt present, the competition in the robot industry in China is fierce, especially the competition between domestic enterprises and foreign brands in the market, which requires careful consideration of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

investment riskThe technology in this industry is changing rapidly, and the market share is uncertain. Therefore, investment needs to consider the sustainability of business model and control the risks.

Generally speaking, when investing in the robot industry in China, we should pay attention to the overall operation and financial situation of the corresponding enterprises, and at the same time pay attention to the impact of the global economic situation on the development and investment of the industry.

In a word, with the continuous promotion of new technologies and innovations in China, the coexistence of robots and humans will become closer in the future. China robot has strong competitiveness and market potential due to its large market demand, low production cost, wide application scenarios and government policy support.

Sun Jihai missed, the new head of the Football Association may be locked, 1 out of 3, the dark horse in the deputy hall or counterattack.

March is destined to be an extraordinary month for football in China. According to Li Xuan’s report, in March, Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the General Administration, who is currently taking over the Football Association, will retire at the age of 64, and he will also step down. This also means that the new head of the Football Association must be implemented in March, otherwise Gao Zhidan’s words will become empty talk.

The time is short and the task is urgent. Where can we find the new head of the Football Association? In fact, this problem is not difficult. At present, the Football Association has three most suitable candidates. In addition to talking about three suitable candidates, we must talk about Sun Jihai, which has been popular recently, because it has delivered seven Xinjiang players for U20 men’s soccer team, and because of the outstanding performance of U20 men’s soccer team captain Effeldin, Sun Jihai is considered by many fans to be the most suitable to be the head of the Football Association, but in fact, Sun Jihai and Fan Zhiyi are the same. Although they are all members of the subordinate provinces of the Football Association, it is almost impossible to enter the consideration of the head of the Football Association.

Why? As the head of the Football Association, the first condition is to be able to accept the Football Association quickly. Chen Wharf dared to let a layman take office because he was surrounded by Gao Hongbo and Sun Wen. However, after this failure, according to the report of Football Daily, the General Administration is more inclined to let people within the system who understand sports take this position.

Who is the most suitable candidate at the moment? In fact, the first two suitable candidates are the two current vice presidents of the Football Association. The first one is Gao Hongbo. The advantage of Gao Hongbo is that he has been a vice president for a long time, and he is very familiar with the work of the Football Association, especially the administrative work, and can almost seamlessly connect with the current work.

The second candidate is Sun Wen. Sun Wen’s advantage here is that she is a woman. Sun Wen has led the women’s football team to achieve excellent results and accumulated enough fame over the years. Of course, the most important thing is that Sun Wen has not had much contact with the Chinese Super League team, which can also avoid the recurrence of Chen Wharf and Shanghai Harbour.

Who is the third candidate? The third candidate may be the most unexpected person for the fans. He turned down Li Xiaopeng, who works for the men’s soccer team. In fact, Li Xiaopeng is now the most likely to become a dark horse. Why? According to the report of Football Daily, there are several criteria for the General Administration to select the next head. The first one is between 40 and 50 years old, because this age can lead the Football Association to have a sustainable development time. Li Xiaopeng is now 47 years old, but Sun Wen and Gao Hongbo are both over the standard.

The second is that the General Administration is biased towards people within the system, so that it can be bound. Compared with Gao Hongbo and Sun Wen, only the identity of the Football Association, Li Xiaopeng is the deputy director of the Football Management Center of Shandong Sports Bureau, and the level has come to the deputy hall. Li Xiaopeng is more in line with the identity of the former two. The third is to know sports. Li Xiaopeng has been a coach of the club and the national team. Coupled with his experience as a player, Li Xiaopeng definitely has a chance to turn into a dark horse.

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The AI startup founded by former Apple executives has received $100 million in Series C financing and has cooperated with OpenAI and Microsoft.

(Global TMT March 9, 2023) Humane Inc announced that it has raised funds.One hundred million dollarsC round of financing, and obtained a number of important strategic investors, new partners and collaborators before the release of the first batch of products this spring.

Humane was founded by former Apple team members.Imran ChaudhriandBethany BongiornoCo-founded in 2018, the company is creating similar pioneering software platforms and consumer devices specifically for artificial intelligence (AI).

This financing will enable Humane to accelerate its mission and realize the next personal mobile computing era driven by artificial intelligence.

This round of financing was led by Kindred Ventures, and existing investors Tiger Global, Valia Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Lachy Groom and Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, also participated strongly.

Other participants in this round of financing also include many new strategic investors and partners, such as HICO Capital (the US investment arm of SK Networks), Microsoft, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, LG Technology Ventures, Top Tier Capital, Hudson Bay Capital and Socium Ventures.

In addition to investment, Humane also cooperates strategically with some of the most influential technology companies in the world:

-Humane has been working withMicrosoft Cooperate to bring its service platform to market. This will enable Humane to make full use of the best cloud infrastructure in artificial intelligence.

-with OpenAI The cooperation will integrate the company’s technology into Humane devices and deliver OpenAI and Humane artificial intelligence experiences to consumers on a large scale.

-Humane’s future global expansion plans include SK Networks(covering the distribution business of ICT equipment in South Korea and having a wide global network), and creating significant consumer technology changes based on common ideas.

Although the original Humane device will focus on providing the next generation of personal technology,The company is exploring ways to introduce its solutions into new personal fields in the future:

-with LG The cooperation will enable the two companies to cooperate closely in potential research and development projects for the next stage of Humane products, focusing on the core technologies contained in future Humane devices and achieving integration into the home technology field.

-Strategic investors Volvo Cars Tech Fund Will work closely with Humane on the potential cooperation in the future, which will be the first example of Humane’s products being applied to the automobile industry. Like Humane, Volvo Cars develops technologies to simplify customers’ lives, and upholds the three common values of safety, trust and privacy to establish cooperative relationships.