Aux’s New Year’s New Scenery: A New Spectrum of Improving Quality and Increasing Efficiency in Future Factories

Aux’s New Year’s New Scenery: A New Spectrum of Improving Quality and Increasing Efficiency in Future Factories

A year’s plan lies in spring, and the spirit of the start is seen.

After the Spring Festival in the Year of the Rabbit, Oaks has made great efforts to innovate, improve quality and empower industries, strengthen market expansion, and greatly increase orders to achieve a good start. From the roar of machines, from the busy work of assembly lines, and from the enthusiasm of employees, Oaks has shown great vitality.

On the one hand, Oaks actively supplements talents in all aspects through spring recruitment activities; on the other hand, it injects new kinetic energy into the high-quality development of the whole year with the attitude of improving quality and increasing efficiency in future factories and waiting for no time.

As a leader in the manufacturing industry, the high efficiency, high standard and high precision of Oaks products have always been recognized by the industry. The digital, intelligent and standardized "future factory" is the mystery of Oaks to improve quality and efficiency. With the accelerated integration of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new generation of information technologies such as 5G communication, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are constantly changing the production mode of Oaks and accelerating its high-quality development.

In the future factory of Oaks, from the core motor to sheet metal, assembly and logistics, Oaks Air Conditioning Factory adopts intelligent manufacturing almost all the way. It only takes 38 seconds to get from a plastic pellet to an air conditioning panel, and the production efficiency of the factory is improved by 30%, and the proportion of intelligent products is 80%. This set of data is enough to illustrate the hard core speed of Oaks’ "intelligent manufacturing".

The intelligent future factory can not only improve the production efficiency, but also make the production process more refined and reasonable. Through the intelligent management of production, the production process and equipment are fully interconnected to realize real-time monitoring of production process and equipment operation, and can be pushed in real time through mobile APP to realize mobile management and mobile office, which can greatly improve efficiency.

In addition to the intelligence of the production process, the future factory of Oaks has also realized the intelligence of planned production scheduling, rate monitoring and comprehensive efficiency of equipment, and through the collection and utilization of big data, the efficiency of quality inspection is also very obvious, for example, through 5G+AI vision technology, it has changed the dilemma of low efficiency and difficult traceability of surface quality detection by manual naked eyes. Once the product surface has scratches, differences in color brightness and other defects, even if it is thinner than hair, the camera will not let go. The detection system will digitally calculate the defective image, compare it with the standard, and feed back the defects at the first time with the help of 5G communication technology, so as to take immediate improvement measures. This is equivalent to installing intelligent quality inspection eyes in the production process, which is a great contributor to product quality improvement.

The improvement of efficiency also means the reduction of cost. Oaks relies on the intelligent production of future factories. Traditionally, the assembly line needs more than 100 people. Now it is all completed by machines and conveyor belts, and only three workers are needed, which undoubtedly saves the cost greatly.

On the whole, with the help of digitalization and intelligent empowerment, Oaks has achieved remarkable results in optimizing production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing production costs, so that it has enough strength to cope with a more complex competitive environment and write a new chapter in development.

Knowing that there is a long way to go for development, john young is just breaking the waves. Oaks keeps pace with the times, making a good start, laying a good foundation and opening a good game for the whole year with an efficient future factory. In the future, Oaks will further accelerate the pace of upgrading intelligent manufacturing, keep up with the development speed of the times, and strive to run out of acceleration on the intelligent track.


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