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Huawei’s top ten black technologies are officially released.

China Economic Times reporter Zhang Limin

On December 26th, 2023, the flagship of luxury technology was officially released at the press conference of the world of inquiry M9 and Huawei in winter. The reporter learned from the press conference that the M9 is equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car technology solution, which not only fully boarded Huawei’s top ten smart car black technologies, but also brought brand-new family design, ever-changing space, smart cockpit, intelligent driving control, intelligent driving, intelligent safety and many other leading generation product highlights. With the deep empowerment of Huawei, Wenjie M9 will reshape the smart travel specifications and provide users with a continuous leading travel experience.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M9 is a landmark product in the intelligent era. We have brought all the best black technologies of Huawei smart cars to the car, which has brought the outstanding experience of the leading generation and redefined the smart car standard. It is a well-deserved flagship SUV of luxury technology!"

In the M9 car, the double-embracing cockpit design perfectly combines future technology with Chiang Kai-shek luxury style. Based on users’ needs and feelings, the M9 never misses every detail, and the integrated universal triple screen brings great vision and enjoyment. At the same time, the whole car is made of high-grade NAPPA leather, crystal star-ring scatterer and wisdom knob, and the central armrest and door panel are made of natural cork, which is made of luxurious materials, making users luxurious wherever they go.

Thanks to the brand-new luxury D-class platform and the advantages of integrated die-casting body, the M9 makes the SUV achieve a flat floor for the first time, and the third row goes in and out of the farewell steps, making the ride more comfortable and calm. The front row, the second row and the third row of the M9 are 1045mm, 1060mm and 950mm, respectively, which has the largest space performance in its class.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading generation of Turing intelligent chassis, adopts the front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension, and comes standard with intelligent closed air spring and CDC variable damping shock absorber. The height of the car body is intelligently adjusted in 5 steps, giving consideration to comfort and handling. Based on the digital platform of HUAWEI iDVP smart car, through the multi-modal fusion sensing system, HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, the mechanical quality is brought to the extreme with AI and software capabilities, bringing a better driving, safe and comfortable experience.

The industry-leading Huawei intelligent vehicle lighting technology, such as HUAWEI ARHUD head-up display system and HUAWEI XPIXEL intelligent projection headlights, was launched by M9, and the leading self-developed technology exploration brought richer scene innovation.

Wenjie M9 fully upgraded HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, equipped with newly designed 192-line laser radar, which has more powerful accurate detection and quick response capabilities. Through the GOD(General Obstacle Detection) network 2.0 and the RCR(Road Cognition&Reasoning Network) network 2.0, the boundary M9 has strong all-weather perception ability, and can accurately identify vehicles, pedestrians, traffic facilities and signs, piles, etc. Without relying on high-precision maps, the high-level intelligent driving experience that can be opened all over the country and opened better and better will be opened immediately.

In terms of passive safety, the ultra-strong Xuanwu car body adopts extremely strict design standards, and the aluminum alloy volume of the car body accounts for 80%. A total of 12 parts of the car are made of 2000MPa nuclear submarine-grade thermoformed steel, which cooperates with high-grade batteries, cockpits and privacy protection to escort users every time they travel.

Based on the powerful capability of HUAWEI ADS 2.0, the forward AEB capability of M9 is further improved, and the forward stationary vehicle AEB can actively stop at a maximum speed of 120km/h, covering both human driving and intelligent driving scenarios. Lateral support for 40-120km/h active obstacle avoidance, backward support for 1-12km/h active braking, greatly reducing the accident probability. In addition, the M9 is also equipped with ESA emergency steering assist system for the first time, which can automatically control the steering assist driver to avoid collision when there is a collision risk between the vehicle and the target in front, thus bringing safer intelligent risk avoidance capability to users.

The top price is360,000? Suspected Xiaomi SU7 price exposure

January 31 news As the listing date approaches, the price information about Xiaomi SU7 has become a concern of more and more people. Previously, some netizens exposed a price of some models suspected of Xiaomi SU7 in the insurance policy in Weibo, or it was 361,400 yuan. However, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, released Weibo that the price was only used as a test.

Regarding the price of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun can be said to have hung everyone’s appetite. "Don’t say 99,000 yuan, don’t think about 149,900 yuan." He constantly stressed, "Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a bit expensive, but please believe that what we are doing is expensive for a reason, and the experience will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations." And repeatedly said, "Within 500,000, Xiaomi SU7 has no opponent."

In fact, when interviewed by Lei Jun, it was repeatedly stressed that the price of SU7 would not be too low, and everyone could see that Xiaomi had really invested heavily in SU7. As the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, SU7 wanted to set the brand tone with a luxury price, and it has been giving everyone a vaccination to avoid poor market response after listing.

What range do you think is reasonable for the price of Xiaomi SU7?

Practical exploration of Xiaomi automobile factory

A few days ago, it was reported that Xiaomi would hold a press conference again in the near future, but it was only a few days before Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi Redmi K70 series mobile phone was released.

It is speculated that the protagonist of this conference is most likely Xiaomi Automobile. The reporter visited the Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone and the offline store of Xiaomi Home in Beijing.

At present, the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory has been completed. When the reporter visited, the construction expansion was going on inside the park. Nearby merchants said that the village had begun to mobilize, and their Fangxindian village area would be vacated to build the second phase of Xiaomi Factory.

The clerk of Xiaomi House told reporters that at present, they have not received any notice about the new products of the conference. Even if the new products are released, they will not be mobile phones.

Some insiders said that the floor space of most Xiaomi homes is not enough to carry the business of automobile display and sales, so it is a reasonable choice to expand the decoration of existing stores or open new ones.

This is also consistent with the previous speech by Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group. He once said that for the sake of building a car, Xiaomi’s new store covers an area of 600 square meters, and Xiaomi’s car will be sold in Xiaomi’s home in the future.

Factory construction, external enrollment expansion

When the reporter came to the vicinity of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, he found that the interior of the factory was in the expansion stage.

The planned address of Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located on the west side of Fangxindian Village, Majuqiao Town. The original "MI" logo hanging outside the factory has been covered with a layer of cloth, and many entrances and exits have been blocked by bricks and iron sheets.

At the same time, there is a large-scale construction in the park, during which many engineering trucks and sand trucks come in and out, and internal excavators are also under construction. The construction workers told reporters that there is only a northern entrance in the park at present.

Nearby merchants told reporters: "The opposite side is the Xiaomi factory. There was a sign before, but I don’t know when they covered the logo of Xiaomi with cloth. If you ask for job information, you have to go to the north entrance."

Xiaomi Automobile Factory has commissioned a third-party human resources company to recruit a large number of workers since September.The reporter learned from the outsourcing recruitment company that in addition to general workers, positions including testing, quality inspection and equipment maintenance are being expanded.

According to the reporter’s observation, on the west side of Fangxindian Village, Majuqiao Town, where Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located, most of the merchants have moved away, leaving only some auto repair shops and grocery stores.

Fangxindian area to be demolished

The merchant told reporters: "(Xiaomi Factory Phase I)There has been a lot of movement recently, and it may be expanding. Nearby merchants are transferring stores, because the village has started to mobilize recently. Including our area, as well as the farmland in the east, it should be demolished to make room for the expansion of Xiaomi factory, but I don’t know the exact time. "

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile Project will build Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters Base, Sales Headquarters and R&D Headquarters, and will build a complete vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles in two phases, the first phase of which covers an area of nearly 720,000 square meters. It started in April 2022 and was completed in June 2023.

The vacated area in the business account will be used to carry the second phase project of Xiaomi Vehicle Factory.It is planned to start construction in 2024 and complete construction in 2025, each with a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. It is expected that the first car will be off the assembly line and mass production will be realized in 2024.

Earlier, an insider close to the supply chain of Xiaomi Automobile told reporters: "In the long run, the R&D and production of Xiaomi Automobile will be carried by Xiaomi’s own factory, but it will also reuse the parts suppliers under BAIC."

Xiaomi home may become a new car exhibition hall

The reporter visited a number of millet houses in Beijing and found that some millet houses are indeed being renovated and are expansionary.

Previously, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, has revealed that Xiaomi’s new store covers an area of 600 square meters, which is due to the consideration of making cars. In the future, Xiaomi’s cars will be sold in Xiaomi House.

A clerk of Xiaomi House told reporters: "Recently, Redmi Redmi K70 has just held a press conference, and K70 Ultra will not be listed in a short time, so it should not release new mobile phone products. As for what products are released, we have not received the notice."

Previously, several design drawings of Xiaomi Home Retail Store were published on social platforms. As can be seen from the pictures, the new design of Xiaomi Home has specially set aside two areas to display Xiaomi cars.

According to the information previously released by Lei Jun on social platforms, by the end of October 2021, there were more than 10,000 offline stores of Xiaomi Home nationwide, and the 10,000-th Xiaomi Home Store covered an area of 600 square meters, which was one of the first stores to adopt the image of Xiaomi Home 4.0, and it was also a service and sales integrated store.

Like Huawei’s offline stores, Xiaomi Auto will also become an in-store exhibit, which is also the best way for Xiaomi Auto to quickly spread its sales network, but in terms of channel construction, the two are slightly different.

According to the division of labor between Huawei and Cyrus, Huawei is responsible for sales, while Cyrus is responsible for delivery and after-sales. Specific to the terminal: Huawei is responsible for the sales exhibition hall of the experience center and the user center, and Cyrus is responsible for the after-sales and logistics, warehousing and delivery links of the user center.

Some insiders said that,Xiaomi’s auto retail business will also adopt the channel form of retail center+delivery center+service center, but unlike Huawei, Xiaomi will build its own direct sales and service system. Referring to the sales model of Xiaomi mobile phone, some core cities adopt direct sales model, while other cities adopt managed direct sales or authorization model. Omni-channel planning will bring more unified and efficient services.

The reporter found from the recruitment application that Xiaomi recently opened the recruitment of the store manager position of Xiaomi Automobile Store, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an and other places. The recruiter told reporters: "Need(candidate)Both sales and management experience, and it is best to have the experience of building a team from scratch. We prefer candidates with first-line sales experience in the new energy automobile industry. "

Previously, Xiaomi Automobile has started the screening of delivery centers since July this year. The first batch of cities include Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi ‘an, etc., and the candidate venues are required to have at least 120 parking spaces and the buildings should not be less than 3,000 square meters.

Some insiders of Xiaomi revealed to reporters: "The existing Xiaomi channel will only be one of the sales channels of Xiaomi Automobile."

The two Xiaomi cars "SU7 Max" and "SU7 Pro" previously filed on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are all pure electric, but Xiaomi has not given up the extended program technical route.The industry believes that this move is a pragmatic strategy made by Xiaomi to increase sales.

On the recruitment platform, Xiaomi is also open to recruitment for R&D positions related to extended range, including extended range system design and development engineers. In addition, hybrid-related positions include fuel system engineers and exhaust system engineers.

According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, the total sales volume of new energy vehicles in the first 10 months of this year was 7.28 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 37.8%, of which the sales volume of pure electric vehicles from January to October was 5.16 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 25.2%, which was lower than that of generalized plug-in hybrid vehicles including extended range, with a year-on-year growth rate of 82.6%.

At the recent Q3 performance meeting of Xiaomi in 2023, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, said in an interview with the reporter of New Consumer Daily: "Mr. Lei himself did not say that the initial sales of Xiaomi cars could reach 100,000, but the goal of Xiaomi’s car building is to spend 15-20 years. Enter the top five in the world."

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:New Consumer Daily (ID: CLS-xxfribao-01), Author: Tang Zhixiao, Editor: Liang Youyun

Food insurance, Xiong Haizi insurance, mobile phone broken screen insurance … Are these novel insurances reliable?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Wang Aona, Cao Yiming) Afraid of eating your stomach, Xiong Haizi damaging the goods in the shopping mall, and accidentally breaking the screen of your mobile phone? Maybe the insurance company has already thought of it for you.

  Nowadays, novel Internet insurance products such as "food insurance", "Xiong Haizi insurance" and "mobile phone broken screen insurance" attract more and more consumers’ attention. Are these new types of insurance reliable? How do insurance companies design these products? What should I pay attention to when buying Internet insurance?

  Internet plus Insurance meets the individual needs of users.

  "Remember those years because of greed and sin? Then why not take out a food insurance to make yourself more secure? " The reporter saw in a shop of Taobao Insurance that the purchase of this food insurance premium only needs 9 yuan, and in the following year, if you are hospitalized or out-patient for acute gastroenteritis, you can pay 1000 yuan the highest.

  There are not a few unexpected Internet innovation insurances like "food insurance". These special insurances with low premium, short guarantee period and strong interest have attracted more and more insurance online consumption. Among them, 0.9 yuan can take out the "occasional minor injury insurance", the protection period is one to three months, and the maximum compensation for accidental injuries during this period is 2,000 yuan. "January5" who bought this insurance said: "Spend a little money to buy peace of mind." There is also the "Xiong Haizi Insurance" which costs 8 yuan a whole year. Children under the age of 17 can get compensation for breaking shopping mall vases or school glass.

  It is not difficult to see that Internet insurance has expanded more application scenarios in traditional property insurance and personal insurance, such as "Wang Xingbao" to protect the medical expenses caused by pet injuries, "Mobile phone broken screen insurance" for "hand-sliding party" and "beautiful as a flower insurance" for plastic surgery accidents. Compared with traditional insurance, these Internet insurances developed based on specific scenarios meet the short-term personalized segmentation insurance needs of users.

  Chen Jin, CEO of Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd., said that the Internet has changed the traditional business pattern. The core of the Internet economy is customer demand-oriented, and so is the insurance market. It is these massive, small and fragmented insurance policies that greatly lower the threshold of insurance and cultivate the new consumption habits of the younger generation to buy insurance.

  Scenario innovation insurance is both a slogan and a risk.

  Relying on the rapid substitution of Internet insurance for some standardized traditional insurance and the incremental market brought by innovative products, the innovative business of Internet insurance has maintained rapid growth.

  According to statistics, in 2017, the number of Internet insurance signs was 12.491 billion, an increase of 102.60%, of which accident insurance was 1.592 billion, an increase of 539.26%; 1.032 billion liability insurance, an increase of 438.25%. It is precisely because of the prospect of rapid development of Internet insurance that more and more Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu and JD.COM are competing to lay out in this field.

  Chen Jin believes that with the advancement of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the power of science and technology has begun to reshape the product design, pricing, sales and claims of the insurance value chain. Taking product design as an example, Internet insurance companies cut in to acquire customers from e-commerce transactions, online payment, online travel and other scenarios, and collect, process and analyze user data in various ecosystems, making many risks become insurable from non-insurable. For example, relying on the user’s purchase history, return frequency and other data, provide online shopping return insurance; Provide flight delay insurance by analyzing flight dynamics, travel frequency, weather conditions and other data.

  "In the product pricing process, the combination of the Internet of Vehicles, drones, wearable devices and big data technology will help insurance companies better grasp the needs and risks of users and realize ‘ Thousands of people have thousands of faces ’ Dynamic pricing of. For example, in the field of auto insurance, we can rely on Internet big data to achieve accurate &lsquo according to the multi-dimensional factors such as driving mileage, behavior habits and vehicle safety factor of the owner; One car for one price ’ 。” Chen Jin said, "The future of Internet insurance should be personalized, customized and intelligent."

  It is worth noting that while Internet insurance brings convenience to consumers, there are also potential risks.

  The Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued a risk warning that "eye-catching" products may be misleading. Some insurance institutions have launched so-called "eye-catching" products for one-sided pursuit of attention and sales volume, and there are some problems such as nonstandard publicity content, inconsistent or incomplete display of format terms contained in web pages, and unclear exemption clauses, which are suspected of misleading consumers. In addition, some online platforms hide "tying", selling some insurance products by default checking on their ticketing and hotel reservation pages, failing to clearly list the underwriting subject or agent sales subject, and failing to fully disclose relevant important information such as insurance product terms, which infringes on consumers’ rights and interests such as the right to know and the right to choose independently.

  Is it innovation or flicker? It is also necessary to strengthen supervision

  Wang Yonghua, a visiting researcher at the Insurance Center of the Development Research Institute of Fudan University, said that if it is an insurance product, the first thing is insurance. In the name of mutual aid, some institutions are ostensibly insurance, but what they actually do is to raise funds for people. Some "exotic risks" may be controversial in claims because of their special scenes, and insurance companies may also try their best to expand sales, but ignore claims.

  "From the consumer’s point of view, you should not be impulsive before buying, and you should fully understand the product. It should be understood that buying insurance is a way to protect extreme risks, not to make a fortune. Even wealth management products can only provide very limited value-added. " Wang Yonghua said.

  Xia Xuemin, a visiting researcher in institute for public policy, Zhejiang University, believes that Internet insurance has many advantages, such as flexibility, low issuance and sales costs, and many institutions, even those without insurance business qualifications, have started to "scratch the edge" and launched many strange so-called Internet insurance products, and some even directly violated the national regulatory rules on insurance.

  At the beginning of 2017, the relevant departments issued the Guidelines for the Development of Insurance Products of Property Insurance Companies, which for the first time refined the principles and prohibitive provisions for the development of insurance products of property insurance companies, and directed the supervision at property insurance products with hype concepts and gimmicky tendencies in the market, such as "sticker insurance", "love insurance" and "helping the elderly to be wrongly insured".

  Cao Xingquan, a professor at the School of Civil and Commercial Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, said that the insurance law stipulates the approval and filing mechanism for product development, and the so-called "innovation" that does not conform to the insurance principle should be controlled by the government through strict implementation.

  Xia Xuemin suggested that blacklists and integrity files of Internet insurance should be established, reporting channels should be opened, and users should be encouraged to actively reflect suspicious institutions and products, and online exposure should be made for unqualified sales of Internet insurance and illegal cross-border agency of Internet insurance products.

Xingyue L in Tongling area is on sale with a discount of 15,000 yuan! Act quickly.

In the preferential promotion channel in Tongling, car home, preferential promotion activities are being carried out, with the highest preferential amount reaching 15,000 yuan. Now the minimum starting price for purchasing Xingyue L is 122,200 yuan. If you want to get a higher discount, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to learn more about the discount.


The Xingyue L car system adopts a streamlined design language, and the front face shape is very modern. Its air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome plating, which echoes the body lines, showing a sense of luxury and dynamism. The overall style of the car body is fashionable and the lines are smooth, which highlights its sense of movement and fashion. The side of the car body adopts double waistline design, which makes the car body lines smoother and the visual effect more dynamic. The rear of the car adopts the exhaust layout of four sides, creating a strong sporty atmosphere. The overall design style is simple and atmospheric, which meets the aesthetic needs of young people and highlights their fashion and sports positioning.


As a medium-sized SUV, the length, width and height of Xingyue L are 4770*1895*1689mm, the wheelbase is 2845mm, and the front and rear wheel tracks are 1610mm respectively. The lines on the side of the car are smooth and concise without losing the sense of strength, which highlights the stability and atmosphere of the whole car. Tyre size is 235/50 R19, which is the same as tyre size before and after, which makes the whole vehicle feel more harmonious. The rim adopts a multi-spoke design, which complements the style of the whole vehicle and shows the luxurious temperament of Xingyue L.


The interior style of Xingyue L is simple and exquisite, and the steering wheel is wrapped in leather, which makes it feel comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth. The center console is equipped with a 12.3-inch large screen, which supports voice recognition control such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner and skylight. The seat is made of imitation leather. The front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support are supported by the main and co-pilot seats. The driver’s seat also has heating and ventilation functions. The front seats are also equipped with electric memory function. The rear seats can be scaled down to provide passengers with a more comfortable ride experience. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for users to connect devices such as mobile phones.


Xingyue L is equipped with a 2.0T 218 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 325 N m.. This engine uses a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which can provide a smooth shifting experience. Its power performance is excellent, it is very comfortable to drive, and it also has high fuel economy. Both urban driving and high-speed driving can meet the user’s demand for power performance.

On the exterior design of Xingyue L, the owner of car home said that he liked it very much. Its atmosphere, smooth lines and urban fashion design style make people recognize Geely’s family-style car head design at a glance, which is particularly recognizable. In addition, the dynamic lines of the car body are also very exciting. It can be said that the exterior design of Xingyue L is very successful in the eyes of car home owner @ar4njp8t9.

The Shandong International Auto Show will be opened on December 8, and exquisite gifts such as LCD TV and washing machine can also be drawn on the spot.

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Peninsula all-media reporter He Xinyi

Always believe that good things are about to happen! For example, driving a luxury car for half a year for free! In order to give back to the support of fans, the organizer of Shandong International Auto Show has set up a heavy lottery for this exhibition. The ultimate prize is the half-year use right of Janice GV80, as well as exquisite prizes such as LCD TV and washing machine. The series of prizes will be drawn on the spot under the witness of the notary office. The key is that there is no threshold for this lottery. As long as fans go to the scene to scan the QR code of the lottery and fill in the information, they will enter the lottery pool, and all kinds of prizes will have the opportunity to come to them, which makes them feel beautiful. I saw the car, photographed the car model, bought the car I wanted, and there are rich prizes waiting to be won. Isn’t this the best thing in December?

Reduce the price to "unbelievable"

How fierce is the competition in the auto market? Consumers who have seen cars know that dealers who sell cars know that all kinds of new cars equipped with the latest technology are constantly entering the market and impacting market share. The key is that the prices are particularly attractive. A friend told reporters a few days ago: "What do you think of Ai Ruiya from Dongfeng Nissan? Before entering the market, it was more than 260,000, and then the official price was reduced. But now the old terminal has a battery life of more than 180,000 kilometers. I have been paying attention to it before, but I just think it is too expensive. Now it falls into an acceptable range and is ready to win it at the auto show. " In this regard, he feels very excited, and the big price reduction of Italian cars is probably the best thing to buy a car at the end of the year. The discount is far more than that. For example, the Buick new energy SUV E5, which was listed some time ago, showed the determination of traditional car companies to defend the new energy track at a price of over 200,000 yuan. However, this car recently launched a pioneer version with a price of only 169,900 yuan. Although the configuration has been adjusted, the configuration related to driving comfort and safety is all there. A new energy joint venture SUV with a length of nearly 4.9 meters is less than 170,000 yuan. Can you think of this? There are too many surprises at the auto show. Traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles are "rolled up", while new energy vehicles are not allowed to each other in configuration. The models equipped with laser radar are less than 200,000, and medium and large SUVs like Feifan R7 are equipped with Bach cockpit, which is only 189,900 yuan, which is great value!

It is reported that the participating models of Shandong International Auto Show are very complete, and various hot-selling brand coefficients are present. According to the latest statistics, the participating brands include Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, AMG, Lexus, Cadillac, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Janice, SMART, Lincoln, BMW MINI, imported Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle, Ford Zongheng, Volvo New Energy, Maserati, Hongqi, Equation Leopard, Ideal, Tengshi, Haobo, Lan. AITO Automobile, Tank, Zhijie Automobile, Feifan Automobile, Aouita, Polar Fox, Polar Star, Zhiji Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, Changan Deep Blue, Geometric Automobile, FAW-Volkswagen, Jetta, dongfeng fengshen, Dongfeng Scenery, Dongfeng Popular, Guangqi Honda, Beijing Hyundai, Guangqi Honda New Energy, WEY (Wei Brand), Euler, Ruilan, Changan Mazda. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, Skoda, SAIC Datong Passenger Car, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Lectra, Buick, Changan Ford, BYD, Beijing Automobile, Great Wall Haval, Geely Automobile, BAIC Manufacturing, Virtue RV, Datong RV, etc.

Go, go, go Watch the car lottery

Regarding the lucky draw, I believe that many fans have always faced it with a "dubious" attitude, as many friends have said, "If you give something, what good things can there be"! Before that, in order to make this Shandong International Auto Show the "most dazzling star" of the exhibition at the end of the year, the organizer can be said to have taken pains to carefully set up the lucky draw activities, and all kinds of prizes were piled up. For example, the ultimate prize was the half-year right to use the GV80 2.5T As for this model, you can go to the GV80 booth at the Shandong International Auto Show site and have a look. It is full of luxury and various configurations, with a price of 672,800 yuan. Moreover, a few months ago, the reporter commented on GV80, which is equipped with a 2.5T four-wheel drive power system. It has no sense of driving control, and there are five, six and seven seats to choose from to meet the needs of the whole family. What’s important is that the luxury atmosphere inside the car is really strong. After all, it is the brand of Mercedes-Benz BMW. No matter the stitching, color matching and even the smell inside of the car, people will feel that this car is not cheap.

There is only one grand prize, and everyone will definitely not be satisfied. For this reason, the organizers have also specially invested in LCD TVs, washing machines and other prizes, all of which are affordable products for everyone. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the lottery, fans need to go to the designated location of Shandong International Auto Show, scan the special QR code and fill in their personal real information, and enter the lottery pool. The prizes will be drawn under the witness of the staff of Qingdao Notary Office, and the lottery procedures and links will be guaranteed to be true and effective.

A variety of heavy new cars will be unveiled.

It is reported that this year’s Shandong International Auto Show will open the No.1, No.2 and No.4 pavilions, and the heavyweight new cars of major brands will shine on the booth. For example, Tesla Huan’s new Model3, Aouita 12, Haobo HT, BYD Song L, Kia EV5, Zhijie S7, BRONCO Fierce Horse, Ranger …

"The Ranger has just been exhibited at the Guangzhou Auto Show. At this Shandong International Auto Show, it will also be unveiled together with BRONCO Fierce Horse and F150 Raptor. At present, this pickup truck is in the pre-sale stage, and it has been delivered one after another at the end of December, with a price of 158,800 yuan. This new car was made at Shandong Auto Show, just in time to catch up with a wave of benefits, such as the first owner’s lifetime engine, gearbox original factory warranty, 5 years of free traffic, 3,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, 3 years of free road rescue, up to 3 years of financial interest-free or 1 year of interest-free half-payment and half-loan. If you book before December 12th, you can add an extra 2,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, and the value of 3,000 yuan of Danxia orange is limited to free car color. "Guo Shenggan, marketing director of Ford’s vertical and horizontal Qingdao Fuyue longitudinal enjoyment space, said that for this Shandong International Auto Show, they have made full preparations to offer a cross-country feast for island city consumers.

It is worth mentioning that from December 8 to 11, 2023, the 15th Shandong International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, located at No.9 Miao Ling Road, Laoshan District. Its high popularity can not be separated from the support of this venue’s complete facilities and excellent geographical location. Apart from convenient parking and strong hardware of the exhibition hall, there are shopping centers such as Lida and Golden Lion around the auto show, so consumers can take a leisure parent-child tour while choosing cars. And if you plan to go to the exhibition by public transportation, you can take the subway to the convention and exhibition center, get on at any station of Metro Line 11, and get off at the convention and exhibition center station. If you take Metro Line 2, you can get on at any stop and get off at Miao Ling Road Station.

The "money-making" group buying software can’t be opened: some people say that they have been set up for hundreds of thousands, and the police have filed a case.

  With the "Captain Group Purchase" App, it is easy to do sideline business, and the monthly income of 0 cost can reach 10,000 yuan? Recently, Mr. Hu from Hubei reported to The Paper that at the end of August, he saw this attractive App advertisement on the online platform, then downloaded it and used it, but he was caught in a "trap".

  Mr. Hu said that at first, he launched a group fight by purchasing goods in the "Captain Group Purchase" App, and earned "some cigarette money" when he was the head of the team, and then began to increase investment.

  He said that although it is called purchase, it will not receive the goods in the end. After the group is successful, the App will refund the principal and a certain commission.

On September 9, the platform launched a new product, claiming that it would have the opportunity to "double back". Photo courtesy of respondents

  On September 9, the platform launched a new product, claiming that it would have the opportunity to "double back". Photo courtesy of respondents

  However, from the evening of September 9, this App could no longer be opened, and the money invested by Mr. Hu could not be cashed. He immediately reported the case to the local police. According to the transfer voucher provided by Mr. Hu to The Paper, he invested 580,000 yuan, which he said he didn’t have time to withdraw.

  The notice of filing a case issued by the Public Security Bureau of Tianmen City, Hubei Province on September 14 shows that the illegal business case of "captain group purchase" has been established as a criminal case.

  The group buying App that claims to make money suddenly closes.

  Mr. Hu told The Paper that he learned about this application software called "Captain Group Purchase" from the Internet in August. According to related propaganda articles, it is easy to make money by using this software.

  Mr. Hu said that the mode of making money with this software is "being a team leader and earning a commission". Click on the "Head Join" module in the software, and you can see the goods for the group. The types of products include turkey noodles, small household appliances, tables, chairs and so on, and the prices range from several hundred to thousand yuan. The more expensive the products, the more commissions they can get, ranging from several to dozens. After recharging and purchasing goods, it will become the "head of the team". After launching the group fight, the platform will automatically arrange the group. The grouping cycle of different commodities is also different, and the grouping cycle of high-value commodities will be slightly longer. After the grouping is successful, the system will return the principal and commission, and users can withdraw cash.

  Mr. Hu’s first "business" in the captain’s group purchase took place on August 21st, and the transfer records he provided to The Paper showed that he recharged 278 yuan that morning. He recalled that after recharging himself, the software gave 28 yuan the first reward, and then he spent more than 200 yuan to buy turkey noodles, became the head of the team, and launched a group fight. In just one day, he received the principal and a commission reward of several dollars. After tasting the sweetness, he increased the frequency and amount of recharge, bought more and more goods and launched a group fight.

  Although it was a group purchase, Mr. Hu said that he had never received any goods, and he did not know whether the participants arranged by the platform had received any goods.

  "Since September, the rewards of the platform have been even greater." Mr. Hu introduced to The Paper that "Golden September and Silver 10 activities have been publicized a lot", and the platform increased the commission rebate. During the day of September 9, three more products were put on the platform, with prices of 3,199 yuan, 10,199 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively. The publicity information of the platform shows that the head of delegation can receive high commission and double principal. This made Mr. Hu tempted, and he recharged more than 80,000 yuan that day. On the evening of the 9 th, he suddenly discovered that this App could no longer be opened. According to the transfer records provided by Mr. Hu, he has recharged more than 580,000 yuan to the platform. He said that the money had not been withdrawn in time.

  Mr. Lin, who works in Shenzhen, said that he had the same experience as Mr. Hu. He started to use the Captain’s App at the end of July. Similarly, he earned his first commission by launching turkey noodle dumplings. Subsequently, in August, he recharged three more pens, totaling more than 2,000 yuan, to buy goods and launch a group fight, and also successfully received the principal and commission respectively, and successfully withdrew the cash. This made him trust the platform very much. In September, after seeing the welfare activities initiated by the platform, he increased his investment. From September 2 to September 9, he recharged more than 10,000 yuan, and then the platform closed, and the invested funds sank.

  On September 15th and 16th, The Paper repeatedly called the captain’s customer service phone, all of which indicated that the artificial landline was busy and no one answered.

Notice of filing a case issued by Tianmen police. Photo courtesy of respondents

  Notice of filing a case issued by Tianmen police. Photo courtesy of respondents

  After discovering that he was suspected of being cheated, Mr. Hu immediately reported the case to the local police. The notice of filing a case issued by the Public Security Bureau of Tianmen City, Hubei Province on September 14 shows that the illegal business case of "captain group purchase" has been investigated as a criminal case by the police. Mr. Lin told The Paper that he had also reported the case to the local police station.

  Suspected of "signing a contract" with the victim in the name of other companies.

  The Paper noted that the platform transfer records provided by Mr. Hu and Mr. Lin showed that the recipients were personal accounts instead of Gong Hu, and the recipients often changed. Mr. Hu said that this incident involved a number of users. In the group they built, some users had asked the online customer service about the collection account. The screenshot shows that the online customer service explained that it was "to ensure the safety of users’ funds and avoid the precipitation of the fund pool. The platform collection account is a personal supervision account designated by the three-party supervision bank, and the platform may not use the company account to recharge users". As for the source of the commission, the customer service explained that the commission is only a small part of the total profit of the goods sold by initiating the group order.

  In addition, it is worth noting that every time a transaction is completed, the platform will generate an electronic contract. The product name, the amount of goods purchased, the names of participants and the ID number are written on it. The commission rate and maturity date are agreed, and the repayment method is daily compound interest rebate and return to the principal at maturity.

  Party A is the buyer and Party B is Zhejiang Wenjian E-commerce Co., Ltd.. It is guaranteed by Party C’s China National Investment Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.. However, when The Paper inquired about official website of China Investment and Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., he found that the company had issued a statement as early as August, saying that it had never cooperated or signed any contracts and agreements with any commission-ordering platform such as "Zhejiang Wenjian E-Commerce Co., Ltd." and "Captain Group Purchase", and the above-mentioned electronic contracts used their company names and forged their company seals.

  The national enterprise information publicity system shows that Zhejiang Wenjian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in March 2018 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB and its legal representative is Le Kaihua. The Paper found that Zhejiang Putuo News Network published a report in August, 2021 that the Pioneering Park for Retired Soldiers in Putuo District helped the retired soldiers to start their own businesses, which specifically mentioned this company, and wrote: "Le Kaihua, 33, was the first retired soldier to enter the garrison to create a park. In March 2018, he set up an e-commerce company and applied to enter the park. After half a year, due to sales channels, markets and other issues, the company encountered development bottlenecks. Just when he was at his wit’s end, the entrepreneurial tutor in the Military Innovation Park analyzed his entrepreneurial prospect and market according to the actual situation, which pointed out a new direction for enterprise transformation. Today, Lekaihua’s company is running smoothly, and a brand-new smart home experience hall of 300 square meters will also open. " According to the report, Le Kaihua’s suspicion here has nothing to do with the captain’s group purchase. The Paper tweeted to contact the person in charge of the Zhou surname of Junchuang Park in Putuo District, and revealed that Zhejiang Wenjian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was also impersonated and the company had called the police.

  Zhao Zhao, a policeman from Changsha Anti-Fraud Center, talked to The Paper about his views. He introduced that the scam was similar to the illegal pyramid selling and fund-raising platform of "buying mobile phones to watch advertisements" in earlier years. The victim listened to the platform propaganda and thought that he would buy a mobile phone. He could get a high share of advertising revenue by lying at home and watching news every day. After tasting some sweets from the platform in the early days, he enlisted friends and relatives to join the platform and invested heavily. Finally, the platform one was established.

  Zhao Zhao said that with the rapid development of the mobile Internet in the past two years, such platforms have put on various concepts such as "earning at home", "part-time billing", "member e-commerce" and "digital currency mobile phone mining", taking high profit returns as bait, and integrating various criminal methods such as illegal fund-raising, illegal pyramid schemes and billing fraud, and madly harvesting the funds of investors and franchisees. "

  "Investment needs to be cautious. Investors should not believe in the high return on investment promises of various new concepts on the Internet and trade and invest in informal platforms." Zhao Zhao reminded.

This little red book selection methodology will be finished after reading it!

It is very important to choose products when operating in Xiaohongshu, and we need to adjust dynamically according to the changing market and users. In this article, the author summarizes the relevant methodology of selecting small red books, which may help you better cut into the operation of small red books.

Good choice of goods, no trouble in selling goods!

Seven points depend on the selection, and three points depend on the notes!

Choosing products is a long-term process, not a specific medicine that can be eaten at once!

The average person eats through the selection for 1-2 months, and within 7 days for talented players, even if you are Xiaobai, it doesn’t matter. It’s not out of reach to earn 10w+ a month!

Today, Brother Daren will take you through the following aspects to analyze the picture and text of Little Red Book. If you choose the products with the standard selection methodology, even if you are Xiaobai, you can finish reading it.

According to the data, among the 200 million people living in Xiaohongshu, 72% are post-90 s, and they are concentrated in the first and second lines.

Moreover, according to the user data provided by iResearch, the analysis shows that the main group of Xiaohongshu is women, accounting for more than 80%, which also fully conforms to the community sharing and e-commerce model and the shopping habits and user group characteristics of female users (as follows).

There are several scenarios in the behavior of users of Xiaohongshu: active search, viewing product reviews, understanding trends, seeking inspiration, and actively sharing.

Moreover, 60% of users search in Xiaohongshu at high frequency every day, with an average daily search query volume of nearly 300 million times.

Finding products with good recent data and high sales volume is also the fastest way to produce results.

Whether it’s graphic notes or video notes, first attract users’ attention through the content of the notes, then click on our product link, and finally make a decision to buy and place an order.

Most users rarely look at the content of the product details page and whether there is sales or not, and how the score is. Basically, if you think your notes are well shared, just buy and place an order directly.

The core logic of benchmarking products lies in:

I’ll sell what my peers sell well, and I’ll sell what my peers sell. I’ll sell any product that explodes, and I’ll use any form it uses. If it sends pictures and texts, I’ll send pictures and texts.

Because there is nothing new under the sun, the explosive products will still explode with great probability.

Mistakes in marking and following products:

  1. Don’t look for enterprisesFor example, if someone is an enterprise store and a flagship store, don’t follow.
  2. No sponsorshipThere is a sponsored account in the lower right corner of this note. Don’t follow it.
  3. Not large.The fan base of this account is over 10,000, so don’t follow.
  4. No real peopleDon’t follow the accounts and notes of some real people.

As the name implies, crowd analysis is to find the corresponding products according to the actual crowd attributes.

Although more than 80% of the users of Little Red Books are women, it is not enough for us to understand this, because before girls and girls, their needs were completely different.

For example, girls of every age have different demand for products, and different places, hobbies and needs are also different.

  1. 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds have different needs for skin care products.
  2. North and south, life requirements and entertainment needs are different.
  3. People who like art are different from those who don’t.

People with different identity tags like different things.

Such as:Wear during pregnancy, early education, baby products, baby care, maternity experience, baby fashion, baby care products, baby food and so on.

Moreover, the needs of babies at different ages are different, and the focus of products will change with it, just like focusing on milk powder at the age of 0-1 and early education at the age of 1-3. Of course, you can also classify it in more detail, just one example.

For example, "novice bloggers pay more attention to some basic equipment, such as fill lights, brackets, and learning bloggers’ courses (virtual products), while bloggers with certain experience may have higher requirements for equipment, so our products can choose cameras, micro-orders, radio microphones and so on."

For example, "people in the grass-roots workplace pay more attention to cost-effective skin care products and office supplies, while those in the middle pay more attention to luxury and brand skin care products, while those in the top pay more attention to famous brands."

The same people, different seasons and different months have different needs.

For example, July and August are summer holidays, which is bound to be the peak season for tourism. Products can choose suitcases, storage bags, travel suits and so on.

The following are some recommendations for the products selected in recent months:

If you look at it with the naked eye, you can’t find products with high sales quickly. At this time, we need to use some data analysis tools.

Brother Daren had previously shared an article on the application of small red book tools: girls make small red books to make money! You must know these tools and skills ~

Recommend several mainstream platforms:New red data, thousand melon data, gray dolphin data.

note:You need to open a member!(Generally, newly registered accounts can be experienced for 1-3 days for free.)Of course, you can buy it directly from a treasure, which will be more cost-effective.

Skills of selecting data tools for xiaohongshu;

  • Macro analysis:First sort the big categories, then subdivide the small categories, and choose the best price.
  • Microscopic analysis:First note analysis, then account analysis, and final income analysis-execution.

The methodology of selecting products for Xiaohongshu is shared here today. What needs to be added is that the market is dynamic and people are dynamic. Don’t change it. We should constantly adapt to market changes and adjust our strategies in time.

Just like the Red Sea is already crowded, then we can try to cut into the blue ocean, with great demand, small competition, small investment and low requirements, which will enable you to get results quickly in Xiaohongshu.

5G signal, 5G package, 5G mobile phone, you need to consider carefully when changing your mobile phone.

With the launch of the operator’s 5G package on November 1, it is estimated that many friends have plans to change their 5G mobile phones. After all, the 5G era has indeed arrived. For 5G, I think many friends know that its network speed is 5-10 times that of 4G, online drama is not worrying, and multiplayer competition is smooth, which is probably such a carefree experience. So you will think: instead of changing the new machine next year, it is better to change the 5G mobile phone directly now, and you can experience the 5G high-speed network at once, making your life and work more efficient and more "fragrant".

Having said that, before you formally choose a 5G mobile phone, you need to consider three issues:

The first question: 5G signal coverage in the place.

To be honest, in the field of 5G, China’s 5G technology and 5G mobile phones are dominant in the global market, so we should be proud of this. In this regard, we can first try 5 G. However, in the actual process, you and I have to consider whether our home is covered with 5G signals. Although major cities will basically cover 5G signals next year, if there is a 5G signal in the place where your home is located, it must be superior.

Relatively speaking, in first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, almost all the central cities in these areas are covered with 5G signals, so "people in the city can really play" still have the first experience advantage. After all, the urban population is large. You can go to the operator official website or the mobile APP to check the 5G signal diagram, which is usually found in the "5G Zone".

The second question: Which 5G package should I choose?

At present, the three major operators have launched 5G packages. Different operators and different 5G packages have different charges and standards. You should look carefully when choosing to upgrade to avoid wasting fees or traffic. China Mobile, the 5G package starts at 128 yuan, and the back cover is 598 yuan; China Telecom and China Unicom started at 129 yuan, and the back cover of 599 yuan … ···5G network speed is between 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

By the way, a digression: Do you think 30GB package traffic is enough? As far as I’m concerned, I usually use about 10GB of traffic every month, which is only when I’m crazy about brushing Tik Tok and playing the king’s "eat chicken" mobile game! Therefore, when you choose the 5G package category, don’t be blind, depending on the actual use needs of individuals.

The third question: Which of a bunch of 5G mobile phones do you like best?

As we all know, many places are accelerating the construction of 5G base stations, and the coverage rate of 5G signals around us will be higher and higher. At that time, it is not a problem to seamlessly connect to 5G networks. Therefore, after knowing the 5G signal coverage area and 5G package, you can boldly choose 5G mobile phones. At this stage, high-priced 5G mobile phones can be "suspended". After all, the cost is too high and unnecessary. The most important thing is to try Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G and iQOO Pro 5G versions, with three thousand files, which is a good choice. Which one to choose, and see the comparison results.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

5G network speed reception. At this point, we directly look at the test results of Speedtest software: the download rate of iQOO Pro 5G version reaches 895Mbps;; Although Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G is equipped with the same 5G baseband, the download rate is 757Mbps··· … Obviously, there is a gap in the speed of 5G network.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

The level of game experience. As two Snapdragon 855 Plus models, iQOO Pro 5G and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G have smooth performance, but one thing is the unique product advantage of iQOO Pro 5G, that is, the two pressure-sensitive buttons on the middle frame. This design is comparable to the e-sports mobile phone, which can bring fast operation of four-finger linkage, making the skill control of game characters more comfortable and faster. In other words, the king "eats chicken" with iQOO Pro 5G version, and the king wins the championship in minutes.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

Fast charging performance of mobile phone. IQOO Pro 5G version is equipped with 4500mAh battery +44W ultra-fast charging, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G is equipped with 4000mAh battery +40W fast charging … The power is from 0% to 100%, iQOO Pro 5G version takes 53 minutes, and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G takes 70 minutes. It seems that iQOO Pro 5G version not only has a larger battery, but also has a faster battery return, which really helps our mobile phone life.

Final decision: try 5G in advance, and be flattered.

The 5G package has been commercialized, and the 5G era has arrived, so a 5G mobile phone naturally comes. I believe that when you look at the comparison between iQOO Pro 5G and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, you will find that although they are both Snapdragon 855 Plus models and three thousand models with the same price, iQOO Pro 5G is more powerful in 5G network speed, game experience and charging speed, so its cost performance is relatively high. It seems that the complete coverage of subsequent 5G signals and the accelerated popularization of 5G mobile phones are really just around the corner.

"Fast Gunner day trader" was released today with five highlights.

  The action comedy day trader, a fast shooter, was released nationwide on July 15th, directed by Pan Anzi and starring Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Good summer movies are released in turn, and day trader, the Fast Shooter, is the most important action comedy blockbuster in this summer. The action scenes are wonderful and exciting, and the process of winning the treasure is full of jokes. The 11th version is released in full format, which will take people on an exciting and unforgettable journey of winning the treasure. On the day of the release, the film exposed the production special and selected five highlights of the film for the audience to see at a glance.

  Aspect 1: The first western action comedy action scene was once full of addiction.

  The movie day trader, the Fast Shooter, tells a series of stories about how Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing formed an alliance of treasure-snatchers, and fought wits and wits with the big Boss played by Vivian Dawson in order to recapture the national treasure. The film was filmed in Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places. It is the first western action comedy blockbuster in China.

  There are plenty of action scenes in the film, which make the audience dazzled. The sea, land and air are at war at any time, chasing cars and climbing over the walls, and the big Boss takes turns to appear. The wonderful fighting makes the audience’s heart beat faster. Kenny Lin challenges Parkour, Zhang Jingchu has two guns in his hand, Tengger singer picks up a train, and the basement is bloody and big Boss, which stimulates a good-looking addiction.

  Aspect 2: A strong lineup collides with fireworks and painstakingly builds them.

  The movie day trader, a fast shooter, brings together powerful star lineups such as Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Kenny Lin and Zhang Jingchu formed the "dirty and spicy CP" this time. The man was responsible for being funny and cheap, and the woman was responsible for dancing guns and making swords. The two laughed and beat each other all the way, loving each other and killing each other; Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing play an old married couple, and Tengger singer turns into a hen-pecked wife, cooking, washing feet, kneeling on the washboard, and serving Liu Xiaoqing well; Vivian Dawson incarnates as a big Boss, showing the dark side of his belly. Several actors collided with each other and staged a ridiculous story together.

  The production special of this exposure also shows the process of carefully creating the film. Kenny Lin put on makeup for nine hours to vividly show the image of the elderly, and Zhang Jingchu was stabbed with several pieces of glass. The main creator had to deal with the sudden sandstorm and other bad weather when shooting, and several leading actors overcame difficulties and worked together to show the best effect to the audience.

  Aspect 3: the theme of winning the treasure is fascinating, and the road to hilarity is endless.

  Day trader, the Quick Gunner, takes the treasure as its main theme. In recent years, adventure movies have been loved by people, and whether it can be made skillfully and brilliantly is also a big challenge for the director. The script of the film has been polished repeatedly, and finally the story of the film is complete, logical and smooth, which makes people laugh to tears.

  In the film, a big bad guy, a group of bastards and a group of smelly foreigners burst into laughter, and the baggage that they shake out at any time makes people laugh until they cramp. Both the plot setting and the language are full of humor, and the intensive laughter makes the audience laugh enough at once.

  Aspect 4: Version 11 released the first full-format Chinese film.

  As the most noteworthy action comedy blockbuster in this summer’s movie, Fast Shooter day trader will be released in full format in 11 versions, namely: 2D Normal Edition, IMAX2D, China Giant Screen 2D, Dolby Atmos, China Multidimensional Sound, ScreenX, 4DX, MX4D, DTS-X, China Giant Screen DTS-X and Dolby Vision. Eleven versions of the film will land in the cinema at the same time, so that day trader, the Fast Gunner, will cover all the 2D versions, becoming the first full-format film in Chinese, setting a precedent in the history of Chinese films.

  It is worth mentioning that day trader, the Fast Shooter, will be shown in Dolby Cinema, and it is also the first Chinese film made with Dolby Panoramic Sound from Dolby Vision. Dolby Cinema combines Dolby Vision and Dolby Panoramic Sound to bring high-quality cinema viewing experience to movie audiences. So many versions fully show the temperament of the film blockbuster.

  Aspect 5: Carry out the hilarious laughter to the end. Eggs can laugh.

  "Fast Shooter day trader" will be hilarious to the end. Not only is the feature film brilliant, but even the eggs have been carefully edited. Eggs can laugh, making people laugh from beginning to end! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t leave in a hurry after watching the feature film. Eggs are also a big surprise!

  The film day trader, a Fast Shooter, was carefully created by all the masters, with exciting action scenes and hilarious plot. The release of multiple versions makes people enjoy a visual feast, and it is an action comedy blockbuster that cannot be missed this summer.

  The film "Fast Shooter day trader" is produced by Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Huace Film (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Beijing Paradise Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing yi yang Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hengdian Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Beijing Gordon World Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Film Channel. Shanghai Asia Television Art Center, Yili Dasheng Legend Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongjiang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Maodahui Cultural Investment Management Center, Lidexing Film and Television Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zhongchuan Film Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Panorama Unlimited Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, and released by Wuzhou Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and Wanda Film (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., which was released nationwide on July 15th.