What is the contest from The Birth of an Actor to Fashion Week?

What is the contest from The Birth of an Actor to Fashion Week?

China stars who fought in 2018 Fashion Week in The Birth of Actors.

Special feature of 1905 film network Last week, with the gorgeous end of Paris Fashion Week, 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Week officially came to an end.

There are many fresh faces of China stars in this fashion week, and they are busy watching shows and catwalks. However, in this list of nearly 60 people, it is surprising to find that some stars have a long history. They are all acting café s or topic figures who came out of the stage of The Birth of an Actor, but this time they moved to the fashion field and continued to "compete for beauty".

"My Father and Mother" Daddy loves leather pants — — Allen

Allen in Glory of the Tang Dynasty

In 2017, Ren Jialun quickly became popular with her wonderful performance in "Glory of Datang" and became a hot and popular niche. In The Birth of the Actor, he challenged himself as the first group of contestants in the first issue. In the autumn and winter fashion week of 2018, I also completed my fashion debut.

letLun Jia performed My Father and Mother.

Allen performed the classic "My Father and Mother" by his mentor Zhang Ziyi in "The Birth of an Actor", and his performance was calm and affectionate, which was moving. The subsequent improvisation also showed super responsiveness. Although he lost in the end, his professional attitude was impressive.

Upgrade to be a dad.

Just before the New York Fashion Week, on February 2nd, Ren Jialun announced through Weibo that she had been upgraded to be a daddy. Perhaps it is the change of identity that makes Allen more confident and calm. Although she is attending Fashion Week for the first time, she is full of aura.

Depart for New York Fashion Week

Depart for Coach 2018Autumn and winter seriesbeautiful

On February 13th, Ren Jialun, a close friend of Coach brand, wore a purple baseball uniform jacket with a small white T and cool black leather pants, and set off for new york to help the Coach 2018 autumn and winter series show.

Daddy loves leather pants.

Allen is wearing a camouflage jacket.

February 13th, the same, is new york with a difference of 12 time zones. Allen wore a camouflage jacket with a purple sweater under it, and leather pants remained the same, making her debut at the Coach show.

On the big show, although Ren Jialun and beautiful young ladies and sisters from all over the world have intimate photos, no one dares to think anything about your dad with this "abstinence straight man" face.

War and beauty in Fashion Week — — Shu Chang VS Xin Zhilei

Shu Chang Xin Zhilei

Shu Chang and Xin Zhilei, two acting artists, gained a lot of recognition and applause in The Birth of an Actor. War and beauty, which was performed by two people in the second stage, and Painted Skin, which was co-produced in the follow-up, are works with strong plot reversal and tension-free. In the performance, the two people also hurt each other and made great performances, showing their love and hate to the extreme. Without special effects in the later stage, we can see the effect of small knives flying all over the screen from their performances.

The grovelling, happy and jealous Xin Zhilei in war and beauty.

Shu Chang appeared as a servile maid "An Qian" in war and beauty, and was tortured by Xin Zhilei’s jealous "Xin Guiren".

In The Birth of an Actor, Xin Zhilei, the "Opponent"&Shu Chang.

When "Anqian" turned her face faster than turning pages, it showed the pride of being favored and sealed and the smoothness after revenge; "Xin Guiren" also experienced the process from disappointment to despair emotionally and spiritually.

Xin Zhilei’s "Painted Skin" is decorated with Pei Rong’s version of Xiaowei.

This conflict of role relationship and the change of characters’ emotions are also reflected in the Painted Skin.

Shu Chang Edition of The Painted Skin in The Birth of an Actor

The familiar story moved from the screen to the stage, and there was no film special effect or scene change. It was only through deductive expression of the change of role exchange. It can be seen that the superb acting skills of the two men and the wonderful confrontation were full of flames, and these two firepower also burned from the stage of The Birth of the Actor to Fashion Week.

Shu Chang appeared at the Tadashi Shoji autumn and winter 2018 conference.

Comfortable and elegant

On February 8, Shu Chang took the lead in setting off for New York Fashion Week and appeared at the Tadashi Shoji Fall/Winter 2018 conference. A white turtleneck sweater in a white lace suit with a black background, refreshing short hair and exquisite makeup make the petite and comfortable figure less vicious and more sweet and lovely.

Xin Zhilei appeared at the airport to go to Paris Fashion Week.

Xin Zhilei was also invited to attend the Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2018 show.

The red chain bag is eye-catching

Wearing a black baseball jacket with striped sleeves in SPRING 2018, a leather chain bag with red stitching on the back, and black slim trousers with leather booties of the same color, it is simple and does not lose its aura, leaving for a fashion appointment.

Xin Zhilei YSL show rebellious queen Fan Er

On February 27th, Paris time, a cool black LOOK appeared in the big show. Without the ingenuity and despair of "Xin Guiren", the charm of "Pei Rong" and "Xiao Wei" could not be found, and some were a little rebellious and domineering queen.

Different queen gas fields

Shu Chang and Xin Zhilei are like two blooming roses, which are fragrant all the way from the stage to Fashion Week.

The upstart fashion on the stage of Nortel’s freshman show — — Karry



In 2017, Karry was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy with a score of 99 points exceeding the admission score of Chongqing art candidates.After school started in September, my little brother, who was addicted to learning, seldom showed up. However, a news that he was going to participate in The Birth of an Actor attracted widespread attention. As a top traffic idol, it is an accident to dare to board the stage of "The Birth of an Actor".

Karry, the co-star of The Birth of an Actor.

On the stage of The Birth of an Actor, Karry was still a humble and courteous student, but he changed his attitude when he walked on the show floor, and turned himself into a little oriental prince who swam in the fashion kingdom.

Dolce&Gabbana;The first Asia-Pacific brand ambassador

As the first brand ambassador of Dolce&Gabbana in Asia-Pacific, Karry attended Milan Fashion Week for the second time. Although this is just a show, Karry’s fashion trends have attracted a lot of attention since she made her debut at the Dolce&Gabbana show in June last year and participated in the closing show with the highest specifications of domestic male artists.

Karry leaves for Milan Fashion Week.

      In the early morning of February 24th, Beijing time, Karry, who appeared in the airport wearing a full set of LOOK of Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2018 collection, started his second fashion trip. He wore it simply and casually, and his increasingly angular three-dimensional facial features can still find the appearance of a teenager.

Karry meets Milan in early spring.

On the same day, Milan time, at the Dolce & Gabbana 2018 Secrets Diamonds autumn and winter high-end women’s dress series show, Karry made a stunning appearance in the spring and summer 2018 men’s sequined embroidered suit and evening dress with Sicily series and Pietre series high-end jewelry accessories. It is suspected that few people can not wear this collar-designed evening dress as a waiter’s uniform, but Karry successfully "suppressed" it with his sense of youth and extravagance.

Oriental Beauty Juvenile Karry

The whole big show has its own lighting effect of bilingbiling, but it can’t hide Karry’s own brilliance. There is no need to add a crown, and the momentum of the king is also released in all directions.

Karry appeared.Dolce&Gabbana 2018/19 Fall/Winter Women’s Wear Show

On February 25th, however, Karry became a little prince who strayed into the "girl country" at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2018/19 Women’s Wear Show.

Karry Junyi gentleman

Wearing a burgundy embroidered suit for men’s wear in the spring and summer of 2018 with Pietre series of high-grade jewelry accessories and Ispica series of butterfly embroidered velvet loafers, Karry, who was in the first row to watch the show as a handsome gentleman, was surrounded by a group of beautiful ladies and sisters and could only return with an embarrassed and polite smile.

Karry is in the "daughter country"

Karry, the little prince in a suit and tie on the show, also had the supporting experience of playing the Crown Prince in The Birth of an Actor. He played against his mentor Zhang Ziyi in "Abandoned Princess in the Harem". Although his performance is still a little green, he has made great progress compared with the shaping of small and medium-sized emperors. What remains unchanged is Karry’s own king temperament.

"Abandoned Princess in the Harem" plays the Crown Prince.

Although he was only a guest performer, Karry won the love of his tutor Zhang Ziyi and the recognition of the audience with his excellent performance and a humble self-introduction of "I am Karry, a freshman of Nortel University". He himself said that he took the mid-term exam in advance with a learning attitude. The impromptu sketches of Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye on the spot also show Karry’s smart and funny side, and let more people see the infinite possibilities in him.

From the dance of flying daggers to the Paris show — — Gina Jin

Gina Edition "House of Flying Daggers" Modeling

On the stage of The Birth of an Actor, Gina also reproduced the classic work "House of Flying Daggers" by his mentor Zhang Ziyi, and also showed off the classic "Water Sleeve Dance" in the movie. Even Zhang Ziyi himself praised it after watching it: It’s not easy to shoot the pictures presented in the film for many times at a time on the stage.

Jin Chen competed in The Birth of an Actor.

The wonderful performance of "Little Sister" not only enabled Gina to be promoted successfully, but also performed the quaint "Princess De Ling" and the elegant manners displayed on the stage, which also made her gain more attention from the fashion circle. Gina attended three big shows at the Paris Fall/Winter Fashion Week in 2018.

Carven big show scene Gina

On March 1st, Paris time, Gina took the lead in appearing in the Carven show with an indigo and dark green short-sleeved shirt and a milky white high-waisted skirt. It is worth noting that Gina’s upper body with floral neckline and ruffled neckline not only failed to hide the beauty, but also highlighted Gina’s elegant and slender neck lines.

Gina attended the Issey Miyake show.

Show retro elegance

On March 2nd, Jin Chen was invited to attend the 2018 autumn and winter show of Issey Miyake in Issey Miyake. Wearing a blue and green striped dress, diamond earrings with green tassels and a black retro belt at the waist, Gina’s perfect figure is outlined. I changed the shape of the meatball head the day before, and chose to bundle my hair at will, which is elegant and mature.

Gina Vivienne Westwood watches the show.

Modeling girls is full of sense.

The last stop of Paris Fashion Week in Gina went to Vivienne Westwood’s autumn and winter 2018 show. On March 3rd, Gina wore a short-sleeved white T, a tube-top printed skirt and pink high heels, and wore a playful double braid, which made her feel youthful and girly.

Gina went to Paris to meet him.Lian attended three big shows.

Three sets of different shapes highlight Gina’s plasticity and show her diverse expressive force in performing arts and fashion.

"Carry Love to the End" — — Sophie


As high flyers in Chinese opera, Sophie, who was born as a child star, appeared on the stage of The Birth of an Actor and was also a popular seed player with her own topic. Her performance full of spirituality, vitality and appeal was highly anticipated at the beginning of the competition.

"Carry Love to the End" Sweet "Little Wen Hui"

In the program, Sophie’s "Carry Love to the End" vividly interprets a girl in love, and is recognized as "not acting, but really falling in love". Sophie, who is full of girlish feelings, also brought this youthful atmosphere to the show of 2018 new york and Milan Fashion Week.

Sophie departs for New York Fashion Week.

Sophie, who started New York Fashion Week on February 10th, performed two sets of different styles at the airport before departure. The black coat with ripped jeans, striped shirt and sweater is simple to wear, which makes Sophie look a little mature.

"Chao" flavor girl

Another wash jeans suit with a red baseball cap is youthful and cool. Both sets of LOOK are beautiful, and Miss Jie is also switching between maturity and youth at will.

Sweet and fresh style to attend Ralph Lauren 2018 spring show

On February 13th, new york time, Sophie took the lead in appearing in Ralph Lauren Spring 2018 series show with a fresh look. Matcha knitted vest with a light orange shirt and handsome suspenders was full of vitality.

The meatball head shape attended the Michael Kors show.

On February 14th, Miss Wang was also tossing and turning with two big shows. At the Michael Kors 2018 autumn and winter series conference, the mature miss appeared again, with a meatball head shape, camel double-breasted casual suit jacket and wide-leg pants of the same color, which was refreshing and capable without losing the mature atmosphere.

Marc Jacobs turned into "mermaid princess"

Sophie, who moved to the autumn/winter show of Marc Jacobs 2018, switched back to the quirky little fairy, wearing a retro yellow turtleneck with sequined green wide-leg pants, which looks like a "mermaid princess".

Three sets of LOOK in new York fashion week

After the trip to Milan, Sophie moved to the show of Milan Fashion Week to continue harvesting.

The first stop of Milan trip, Hogan big show

Sophie, who appeared in the Hogan show on February 22nd, continued her refreshing and capable dressing style. She wore a shirt with a big neckline, a warm orange sweater and jeans with a thick rope belt, which was fresh and sweet without losing her personality.

Sophie Furla show is booming.

In the second stop, I went to Furla show with a full set of red LOOK, with a classic plaid shirt in a big red coat and red suit pants. Sophie looked really prosperous.

Small waist essence Sophie big show big long legs

On February 23rd, Sophie’s vitality appeared in the SportMax2018 Fall/Winter 2018 show. The wearing of a light blue shirt with high waist and brown leather shorts fully demonstrated her perfect figure and long legs.

BVLGARI show elegant welcome online.

On February 24th, a retro and elegant black dress, which greatly changed the previous style, appeared in the BVLGARI show, and the young lady with mature temperament was also charming.

Sophie "Flower Fairy" Modeling

On February 25th, he was invited to attend the show in the first row of MARNI. Sophie, wearing a pink printed waist-shrinking top and fluffy skirt, went online sweetly, and seemed to see the flower fairy in a trance.

Milan Fashion Week big-name harvester Sophie

Although Sophie performed a number of different styles of clothes in Fashion Week, the age of a teenage girl can’t hide the youthful breath that will overflow the screen, just like "Little Wen Hui" in "Carry Love to the End".

The gorgeous transformation from actor to fashion darling

These actors, she/they have performed intriguing works on the stage of The Birth of an Actor, and also showed their unique style in the fashion field in addition to their actress status on the show of 2018 Fashion Week, whether they are competing opponents or new peanuts.


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