Mango TV Transformation, "Under the Sun" catch me if you can, both the editor and the director are excellent!

Mango TV Transformation, "Under the Sun" catch me if you can, both the editor and the director are excellent!

According to the past habits, most of the dramas broadcast by Mango TV can’t escape the youth idols and sweet pets, but the opening year of 2021 is really a big surprise. The New Year’s drama chosen by Mango TV is actually Under the Sunshine produced by Bona, a big play in catch me if you can, knowing that the villain is there, but for various reasons, he can’t be brought to justice immediately. You must also make a pretence with him and deal with dozens of criminal investigation dramas!

From the first two episodes, "Under the Sun" shows a sense of suspense and tension that is not lost to this year’s hot and foggy theater. After being hijacked by gangsters halfway, the female university teacher escaped calmly and tactfully, and found that the murderer at that time changed her identity and reappeared in her life seven months later. The old policeman, who has been suspicious of the case and carefully pursued it, was victimized by the gangster’s design step by step, but he secretly left a chess piece and ambushed the murderer. The killers with high IQ and high face value play with their prey in their hands like cats, as if they don’t mind that their minions also have deadly abilities!

Not only is the story tightly woven and full of unexpected suspense, but it is also excellent in actor performance. First of all, I have to talk about Mr. Wang Jinsong. Although he has been off the production line in the third episode, he has set a benchmark for all the actors in these two episodes. Moreover, Chen Jinyan, the old policeman he played this time, is completely different from the role he interpreted before. Besides the justice of the police, he also has a special human touch, especially for Xiaowu, played by Liu Kai, who used his own dead church as a street punk to mix responsibility and justice, which also made the story have a longer-term development.

Another surprise is Peng Guanying. I have always paid close attention to this actor, not only because of his outstanding appearance and good acting skills, but also because he can often give people a reasonable role and some unexpected feelings. For example, in The Longest Day In Chang’an, the hypocritical son, a few scenes can be impressive. This time, he played the roles of Feng Xiaosheng and Shen Shijie respectively. When he first appeared, several side shots were full of ferocity. After that, the chic and arrogance of staying at the group headquarters was still a true performance. When I arrived, I played with Ke Yingshi’s abnormal eyes, which can be regarded as the most creepy scenes at the end of 2020. However, in the face of martial arts, people have to believe that people are complex and fickle animals. Such polarized emotions and performances make Peng Guanying play incisively and vividly in a short series. I believe that after the broadcast of Under the Sun, he will soon become one of the most frightening characters on the screen after An Jiahe!

On the other hand, "Under the Sun" has not forgotten the theme of guiding people to be good in film and television works while making great suspense and puzzles of human nature. From the beginning to the end, there were old policeman Chen Jinyan, victim Ke Ying and bystander Xiaowu who spared no effort to work for justice and vowed to wipe out criminal gangs and murderers. Even in the face of life and death threats and various threats from family members and relatives, they never gave up their persistence, but became more determined and more skillful in fighting criminals and crimes.

2021 is coming soon. At this time, watch "Under the Sun" on Mango TV, feel catch me if you can, who is frightening and inspiring, and understand what "justice may be late, but it will never be late!"


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