Ding Junhui will avenge Stephen Chow’s supporting role as the snooker UEFA Cup starts soon.

Ding Junhui will avenge Stephen Chow’s supporting role as the snooker UEFA Cup starts soon.

Still from Descendants of the Dragon, but Jimmy White ranks sixth in the world.

  Sohu Sports News The new season snooker Super League (the domestic media used to call it the "Snooker League Cup") will start on September 6, local time in the UK. Ding Junhui, a billiards player from China, will face Jimmy White, the runner-up of the 6th World Championships, in the first stage group match in the early morning of September 7th, Beijing time. The British Sky Sports Channel will broadcast live, and Sohu Sports will report the game at the first time.

  Snooker Super League is a non-professional ranking match. Its organizer is not the official organization of the Snooker League, but two senior players, Jimmy? White and Steve? Davis’s agency-—Matchroom Spor, but its high bonus and high level are obvious to all. Seven players with strong strength and influence can be invited to participate in this competition.

  This year’s seven contestants are Stephen Haendly, Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Ronnie O ‘Sullivan, John Higgins, last season’s MVP Neil Robertson and China’s Ding Junhui.

  The Super Snooker League adopts a single-round group match system in which seven players play first, that is, each player has to fight with other players once again, playing 6 games, winning a game and scoring 2 points, drawing 1 point and losing 0 point. At the end of the round robin, the top four players will play in the semi-finals, and the winner will play in the final. The Premier League has been held for 21 times so far, with Stephen Haendly and Rocket O ‘Sullivan winning the championship the most times, both six times.

  Last season, Xiaoding reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, but because of the conflict with the Asian Games, he resolutely gave up the 12,500-pound semi-final prize and the 50,000-pound championship prize that he was likely to win. Rockets O ‘Sullivan swept Jimmy White 7-0 in the final, who happened to be Xiaohui’s first-round opponent this season.

  Jimmy White is the favorite of British and Taiwanese fans, because he has always pursued perfect playing style and has the nickname of "People’s Champion". In the mid-1980s, Jimmy White was the most threatening opponent of Steve Davis, who won the runner-up in the World Championships six times and was awarded the title of "uncrowned king". An important reason why Jimmy White is known to China fans is that he played a supporting role in the comedy "Descendants of the Dragon" of China, Hongkong and Stephen Chow.

  In recent years, with the growth of age, Jimmy White’s state has obviously declined. In the first round of the 2006 World Championships, Jimmy White lost to his training partner David 5-10. Gray, the world professional ranking fell out of the top 32 for the first time in 25 years. In the 2007 World Championships, Jimmy White stopped qualifying and didn’t even make it to the Shanghai Masters, the first stop of the season. He is a veritable "out of date" star.

  Ding Junhui and Jimmy White had played four times before, and Xiaohui had 3 wins and 1 loss, which was the absolute advantage. The specific engagement records are as follows:

  Ding Junhui, 2004 British Open, 5:1 Jimmy White;

  Ding Junhui 4:2 Jimmy White in Super Snooker League in 2005;

  2005 All England Championship Ding Junhui 9:2 Jimmy White;

  Ding Junhui 1:5 Jimmy White in the Super Snooker League in 2006;

  Although Xiaohui has an absolute advantage in the battle record match, you must not be careless in the first battle. Last season, Ding Junhui won the North Aier Cup in the first stop, and played against White in a good state and record, while White had a poor state and record before. As a result, Xiaohui unexpectedly lost 1-5. This game is also a revenge game for Xiaohui.

  In addition, the snooker Super League is of great significance to White, and it is his signature event. It will definitely put all its efforts and attach great importance to it. Only six games belong to the short-term competition system, and the chance of surprise is very great. Xiaohui’s state in the Shanghai Masters just attended is not good, and it needs to be adjusted. However, considering all the circumstances, Xiaohui has a good chance of winning. Specifically, Xiaohui’s chance of winning is 60%, while White’s is 40%. In the odds offered by bwin, a famous European gambling company, Xiaohui is obviously optimistic, and the odds gap with White is as much as 20 times.

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