Can swimming really cure children’s asthma?

Can swimming really cure children’s asthma?

  Can swimming really cure children’s asthma?

  Expert interpretation: This disease is difficult to cure and can only effectively avoid inducing factors.

  Recently, some media reported that Sun Yue, a singer who left the stage for eight years, revealed in a recent program that she was actually treating asthma with her children after disappearing from public view for so long, and all the methods were exhausted, but the results were not satisfactory. Finally, the doctor suggested giving it a try by swimming, from swimming with her children three times a week to swimming with her every day, and finally cured her asthma. In this regard, the reporter interviewed Yao, the father of a Chinese medicine doctor, deputy director of the Department of Pulmonary Diseases of the Second Hospital of Jiangsu Province, and learned that asthma is a stubborn disease, and the possibility of complete cure is slim. Swimming, as a kind of exercise to help exercise cardiopulmonary function, can effectively control the onset of the disease, but once the vigilance is relaxed and the long-term care of prognosis is neglected, asthma may still "make a comeback".

  "Asthma, as a chronic disease, mostly occurs in young children, and there is the possibility of continuing the whole life cycle of patients. If early detection and early intervention treatment can be carried out in childhood, the disease can be well controlled and the possibility of children’s asthma evolving into adult asthma can be reduced." Yao, the main father, said that children’s immunity and other aspects are still not well developed during their growth, but with the increase of age, their resistance is enhanced, their lung function is constantly developing, and the chances of respiratory virus infection are greatly reduced, so many children with asthma will obviously reduce their symptoms after puberty, or even stop having attacks, provided that some inducing factors, such as allergens, respiratory infections, tobacco smoke, strenuous exercise or mood swings, are effectively avoided.

  Many people think that it is best for asthma patients not to exercise or reduce exercise to avoid aggravating the possibility of asthma attacks. In fact, this idea is very one-sided. According to Sun Yue’s words on the program, swimming is one of the effective ways to treat her son’s asthma. Patients can recover the development of lung function and strengthen their physique through exercise. Studies have found that the benefits of regular exercise for asthma patients far outweigh the risks.

  In addition to swimming, moderate jogging, ball games and other aerobic exercises in which all large muscle groups participate are good choices. "Patients can carry out moderate-intensity exercise under the premise that professional doctors provide scientific and regular exercise guidance, and gradually increase the duration of exercise. Patients who are in the acute attack period are not advised to exercise. They need to follow the treatment specifications and take a full rest. At least two weeks after the asthma symptoms are controlled, they should exercise according to the actual situation. " Father Yao said.

  "For asthma patients who have well controlled their illness, it does not mean that they have entered the’ safe box’. With the change of age and the decline of immune function, exposure to some allergens or respiratory infections will induce the recurrence of asthma." My father Yao reminded that asthma patients need to maintain good living habits for a long time, such as avoiding the inhalation of harmful gases such as lampblack, cigarettes and second-hand smoke, so as to avoid long-term and chronic irritation to the airway. Patients with allergic asthma with definite allergens should pay attention to isolating animal hair and pollen. In addition, obesity is also a risk factor for the recurrence of asthma, because excessive weight will limit the expansion of the chest and lead to dyspnea. Obesity is also related to the inflammatory reaction of the body, which will affect the control effect of asthma to some extent.

  Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Xu Qianqian


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