Youth night school, light up young people’s nightlife

Youth night school, light up young people’s nightlife

  This year, "night school", a word with a sense of the times, suddenly became a "good heart" for young people and quickly spread all over the country. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an, Wuxi and other places, the popularity of various interest courses is comparable to that of online shopping. More and more young people go into the classroom to brush their lessons after punching out, ranging from dance vocal music and calligraphy and painting to non-legacy work, health and fitness … They are opening the "nightlife" mode in a different way.

  Why do young people rush to attend "night school"? At the moment when material life is becoming more and more abundant, people are pursuing the richness and diversity of spiritual life, and the "Youth Night School" with the price close to the people and fashionable and novel courses just conforms to the pursuit of colorful spiritual life by contemporary youth, and it is natural that its popularity will continue unabated.

  Some people compare the Youth Night School to the adult version of the "Children’s Palace" and the youth version of the "University for the Aged". For young people, it is an "energy supplement station". Some people sign up for study to fulfill their childhood dreams, while others are to improve their skills … "Night school" gives them the opportunity to choose to study and charge according to their interests and needs, and "store energy" for their future. In the process of learning without the pressure of examination, young people unload the pressure and fatigue brought by work and life, immerse themselves in learning a certain knowledge or skill, and enjoy the pleasure of "wasting time on beautiful things".

  Youth night school is also a "big social classroom". Many young people once lamented their "formatted" life: after finishing work at 5 o’clock, they would pass the time by watching dramas, often lying down and brushing their mobile phones until late at night, which not only made them feel empty mentally, but also affected their health. "Don’t’ house’, come out!" Night school gives young people the opportunity to break out of their homes, reconstruct their cultural life and go to the social classroom. "Youth Night School" also provides a brand-new social scene for young people, making friends with similar interests, broadening their circle of friends, and some even finding life partners.

  Youth night school is a "dream-chasing place". Going to night school is an independent choice of contemporary young people who actively seek knowledge and are eager to improve. Behind it is the popularization of the concept of lifelong learning, which shows their spirit of being unwilling to be mediocre, uneasy with the status quo and positive. "Youth Night School" gives young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams, so that they can tap their potential with love for life, improve themselves in advance, and reshape themselves in their studies.

  Young people have no trivial matters, and everything is always related to their feelings. Youth night school has become a new fashion, but if it is not only a temporary craze at this time, we need to seriously think about: how should youth night school serve young people more and better? In this regard, on the one hand, the quality of the course is the key. Only by providing high-quality course content and teachers, can we better meet the learning needs of young people and make evening schools have lasting appeal. On the other hand, it is necessary to "revitalize" more public cultural resources, build a broader learning platform for night schools, and build a learning city where everyone can learn, learn everywhere, and learn from time to time, so that young people can really fall in love with learning and the city where they live. In addition, young people in rural areas and remote areas can also be included in the "night school" education platform through online lectures, so that happy study nightlife can cover more people in need.

  Youth night school lights up the nightlife of young people, allowing more young people to take the initiative to improve themselves and embrace the new era. In this two-way trip, a little bit of starlight condenses the confidence and strength to move forward towards a better life. (Have fun)


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