18 ways girls can be.

18 ways girls can be.

There are many rules in this world, some of which can support us, but others will hinder our growth, such as "girls should look like girls", "women should get married and have children early" and "girls should not engage in sports that belong to boys" …

Many women have heard similar words when growing up. These voices seem to be everywhere, and the subtle influence and great pressure brought by gender stereotypes limit girls’ lives in all aspects.

But there are some girls who choose to stand up and say "no" bravely-they care more about pursuing their love and exploring the life they want, the life that live high longs for.

"I want to be myself."

Today, we selected 18 female stories that bravely challenged stereotypes and explored the possibility of life.

Let’s feel their power together.


Girls can be strong.-I once climbed a mountain with an altitude of 2338 meters without assistance and only one protective rope.


Girls can have a sense of direction.I have a strong sense of direction and spatial imagination. I like all kinds of maps. I can read paper maps in primary school. I don’t get lost in a strange city, and I don’t turn by car, so I won’t lose my sense of security wherever I go.


Girls can be heroes who save lives.-I lived in a closed village near the Yangtze River. At the age of thirteen, I rescued my drowning classmates in the shallow waters of the Yangtze River. I took off all my clothes before going into the water and finally went home in clean clothes. At that time, I thought it would be good to take off my clothes and put them on, and go home as usual, but I may have misjudged the malice of my peers. I took off my clothes and suffered many attacks.

Today, a long time later, I can finally tell such a thing. I think if I can go back to thirteen years old, I must say to myself: You are so brave, you are so great ~


Girls don’t have to be pleased with themselves.


Girls can talk about sex openly.-Engaged in sex education. I hope to correct some public misconceptions about sex; I hope that China will popularize scientific sex education, so that everyone has the right to enjoy sex freely.


Girls can be the "pillars" of the family.—— In April 2014, less than one year after graduation, the deposit was less than 10,000. The old house (rural house, wooden structure) at home for more than 20 years caught fire because of aging circuits, and everything turned to ashes. There are parents, grandma and I (the only child) at home. It is difficult for parents to save money all year round by farming in the countryside. Grandma is old and sick, and she stays in bed all the year round. I borrowed 100 thousand to build a house for my family. I paid off all my debts this year.


Girls can protect themselves and others without waiting for others to protect them.-When I was in graduate school, the dormitory next door caught fire, and the fire extinguisher was ineffective. After the alarm, I quickly judged the fire and evacuated all the people on this floor and the upper and lower floors. At the same time of evacuation, the students were told to cover their nose and mouth with wet towels, take the stairs downstairs, and finally close (unlock) the fire door to leave, waiting for the fire brigade to go out, and silently watched the time when the fire brigade went out.


Girls can fight against power.-My 25-year-old daughter, I, beat my 51-year-old father who abused his mother.


Girls can give themselves to the world.-Female doctors participated in Doctors Without Borders, and participated in more than a dozen rescue projects in battlefields: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Somaliland.


Girls can compete with big men for CPR.

-The female doctors in our emergency department have no pressure _(:3/ ah … So the girls in clinical medical colleges are stronger than those in other hospitals as a whole.


Girls can engage in nuclear weapons.-studying nuclear engineering, yes, nuclear reactor engineering. In four years, PK lost nearly 100 men and won the first place in the whole department; I chose the nuclear reactor experiment for my graduation project. In winter, I wore two down jackets, screwed valves, did electric welding and played with high temperature and high pressure in a laboratory without heating, and finally got the only excellent one at the school level. Now I’m studying PhD in the United States, or I’m still engaged in nuclear studies. The only girl in the group, the tutor doesn’t like my sister to do experiments, so I’ll toss and change my tutor. I hope the toss will not end badly, and I pray for blessings.


Girls can be very courageous.-After leaving the scene of the explosion, fix the position of each corpse at the scene.


Girls can be fearless of challenges for love.—— English major at Grade 13 University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, female. My senior year wants to follow an old Chinese doctor in massage. The other party refused, saying, What are you doing for being so thin and short? Go and get acupuncture. In front of the patients and other brothers, I only took off my vest in the winter. On the ground, with two thumbs, I made ten hungry tigers pouncing on food in a row (like push-ups, but not straight up and down, which is more difficult), and then I became the teacher’s first female apprentice. In the end, the object of study was not this master, and the later master was also a female and a child massage expert. Well, actually, she taught me how to eat like a hungry tiger. She is the only one who can get full marks in the tuina testing instrument in our school, including men and women. Massage major, tall and male, is indeed an advantage. I am 160, and my master is 155. And the performance created by our department is 10% of that of a top three hospital.


Girls can be good at science.-Graduated from the Physics Department, one of the departments with the most unbalanced male-female ratio in Tsinghua University. When we first entered school, we girls often fell into doubt whether we could study as well and do research as boys. Later, when I graduated, a girl went to Princeton to continue her Ph.D. in astrophysics, just because she loved watching the stars in the sky when she was a child. A girl went to Yale to study for a doctorate in geometry, because doughnuts and coffee cups are a topological point. My favorite girls, who dare to love and fight, care whether it is considered the domain of boys dominate.


Girls can not give up their development for marriage and children.-My mother, who got a college diploma when she got married, got her doctorate at the age of 49.


Girls can "go around the world with swords and see the prosperity of the world".—— In the third year of work, the whole person was very consumed and didn’t like this job. Since childhood, he has always followed the so-called correct life track. On my 27th birthday, I resigned and decided to travel: list the places I want to go, make long-term and short-term plans, make strategies, buy equipment, and hit the road! In the past three years, I have visited all the provinces and more than 70 countries in China, seen a lot of scenery and all kinds of life, and the whole person has taken on a new look, with confidence and courage to face life calmly.


Girls can be the best role models for girls.-I want to talk about my mother. In the 1970s, when material conditions were scarce, my mother formed a thinking of equality between men and women from an early age. She believes that the first essence of women is independence, spiritual independence and material independence, and they should have their own independent ideological system. My mother has been living a very lively life, making many friends, mostly male friends. In the face of unhappy marriage, I made a decisive decision, and there was no room to leave home clean. The only requirement was that I must follow her. In that 1990s, how difficult was it for a girl to leave her marriage and leave home with her children? After the divorce, she stayed at her grandmother’s house. On the one hand, she worked in a public institution, on the other hand, she ran her own small business.

When I graduated from primary school, my mother had bought a suite and a car independently. When I graduated from middle school, she sent me to a private middle school by herself. When I graduated from high school, my mother bought two suites and changed three cars. By the time I graduated from college, she had prepared all the money for my study abroad.

However, these material things are not the most important. The most important thing is that she is my best friend. I claim to be an independent and rebellious new woman, but my mother and I are very close. Our communication goes deep into any field, and we are not afraid to hide, criticize or understand narrowly, but empathize with each other, just like bosom friends.

Now that I am in a foreign country, I have to call her for 20 minutes every day, and I have to hug her every time I meet her. This relationship between mother and daughter is envied by everyone around me.

My mother taught me to love and be independent. She doesn’t like housework, but she is very proficient. She cooks good Sichuan food and washes all my clothes. She loves life and everything, so she is unwilling to give up, willing and willing in the process of balancing the relationship between family and career.


Girls can be everything they want to be.

The author said:

I can often feel all kinds of negative comments about girls in society in my life. If you are beautiful, you may suffer from gossip, and if you are not beautiful, you may be bullied; "Strong women" will be said to be "unmarried", and other girls will be said to be "money worshippers"; Not losing weight is called "not self-discipline", and losing weight is criticized as "body anxiety" …

Today’s article is to convey some strength to girls. This is what girls really look like: we have the courage and ability to do what we want to do and become what we want to be, without being evaluated by others and society.

Regardless of gender and circumstances, we can fight according to our own will and strive for live high’s greatest potential. I always think that people are the proudest and dignified when they are struggling.

I hope that everyone who has expectations for what kind of person you "become" can believe that you are destined to shine your own light, and nothing can stop you-sometimes just because you have gained such courage, you are one step closer to what you want to be.


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