This little red book selection methodology will be finished after reading it!

This little red book selection methodology will be finished after reading it!

It is very important to choose products when operating in Xiaohongshu, and we need to adjust dynamically according to the changing market and users. In this article, the author summarizes the relevant methodology of selecting small red books, which may help you better cut into the operation of small red books.

Good choice of goods, no trouble in selling goods!

Seven points depend on the selection, and three points depend on the notes!

Choosing products is a long-term process, not a specific medicine that can be eaten at once!

The average person eats through the selection for 1-2 months, and within 7 days for talented players, even if you are Xiaobai, it doesn’t matter. It’s not out of reach to earn 10w+ a month!

Today, Brother Daren will take you through the following aspects to analyze the picture and text of Little Red Book. If you choose the products with the standard selection methodology, even if you are Xiaobai, you can finish reading it.

According to the data, among the 200 million people living in Xiaohongshu, 72% are post-90 s, and they are concentrated in the first and second lines.

Moreover, according to the user data provided by iResearch, the analysis shows that the main group of Xiaohongshu is women, accounting for more than 80%, which also fully conforms to the community sharing and e-commerce model and the shopping habits and user group characteristics of female users (as follows).

There are several scenarios in the behavior of users of Xiaohongshu: active search, viewing product reviews, understanding trends, seeking inspiration, and actively sharing.

Moreover, 60% of users search in Xiaohongshu at high frequency every day, with an average daily search query volume of nearly 300 million times.

Finding products with good recent data and high sales volume is also the fastest way to produce results.

Whether it’s graphic notes or video notes, first attract users’ attention through the content of the notes, then click on our product link, and finally make a decision to buy and place an order.

Most users rarely look at the content of the product details page and whether there is sales or not, and how the score is. Basically, if you think your notes are well shared, just buy and place an order directly.

The core logic of benchmarking products lies in:

I’ll sell what my peers sell well, and I’ll sell what my peers sell. I’ll sell any product that explodes, and I’ll use any form it uses. If it sends pictures and texts, I’ll send pictures and texts.

Because there is nothing new under the sun, the explosive products will still explode with great probability.

Mistakes in marking and following products:

  1. Don’t look for enterprisesFor example, if someone is an enterprise store and a flagship store, don’t follow.
  2. No sponsorshipThere is a sponsored account in the lower right corner of this note. Don’t follow it.
  3. Not large.The fan base of this account is over 10,000, so don’t follow.
  4. No real peopleDon’t follow the accounts and notes of some real people.

As the name implies, crowd analysis is to find the corresponding products according to the actual crowd attributes.

Although more than 80% of the users of Little Red Books are women, it is not enough for us to understand this, because before girls and girls, their needs were completely different.

For example, girls of every age have different demand for products, and different places, hobbies and needs are also different.

  1. 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds have different needs for skin care products.
  2. North and south, life requirements and entertainment needs are different.
  3. People who like art are different from those who don’t.

People with different identity tags like different things.

Such as:Wear during pregnancy, early education, baby products, baby care, maternity experience, baby fashion, baby care products, baby food and so on.

Moreover, the needs of babies at different ages are different, and the focus of products will change with it, just like focusing on milk powder at the age of 0-1 and early education at the age of 1-3. Of course, you can also classify it in more detail, just one example.

For example, "novice bloggers pay more attention to some basic equipment, such as fill lights, brackets, and learning bloggers’ courses (virtual products), while bloggers with certain experience may have higher requirements for equipment, so our products can choose cameras, micro-orders, radio microphones and so on."

For example, "people in the grass-roots workplace pay more attention to cost-effective skin care products and office supplies, while those in the middle pay more attention to luxury and brand skin care products, while those in the top pay more attention to famous brands."

The same people, different seasons and different months have different needs.

For example, July and August are summer holidays, which is bound to be the peak season for tourism. Products can choose suitcases, storage bags, travel suits and so on.

The following are some recommendations for the products selected in recent months:

If you look at it with the naked eye, you can’t find products with high sales quickly. At this time, we need to use some data analysis tools.

Brother Daren had previously shared an article on the application of small red book tools: girls make small red books to make money! You must know these tools and skills ~

Recommend several mainstream platforms:New red data, thousand melon data, gray dolphin data.

note:You need to open a member!(Generally, newly registered accounts can be experienced for 1-3 days for free.)Of course, you can buy it directly from a treasure, which will be more cost-effective.

Skills of selecting data tools for xiaohongshu;

  • Macro analysis:First sort the big categories, then subdivide the small categories, and choose the best price.
  • Microscopic analysis:First note analysis, then account analysis, and final income analysis-execution.

The methodology of selecting products for Xiaohongshu is shared here today. What needs to be added is that the market is dynamic and people are dynamic. Don’t change it. We should constantly adapt to market changes and adjust our strategies in time.

Just like the Red Sea is already crowded, then we can try to cut into the blue ocean, with great demand, small competition, small investment and low requirements, which will enable you to get results quickly in Xiaohongshu.


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