"Fast Gunner day trader" was released today with five highlights.

"Fast Gunner day trader" was released today with five highlights.

  The action comedy day trader, a fast shooter, was released nationwide on July 15th, directed by Pan Anzi and starring Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Good summer movies are released in turn, and day trader, the Fast Shooter, is the most important action comedy blockbuster in this summer. The action scenes are wonderful and exciting, and the process of winning the treasure is full of jokes. The 11th version is released in full format, which will take people on an exciting and unforgettable journey of winning the treasure. On the day of the release, the film exposed the production special and selected five highlights of the film for the audience to see at a glance.

  Aspect 1: The first western action comedy action scene was once full of addiction.

  The movie day trader, the Fast Shooter, tells a series of stories about how Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing formed an alliance of treasure-snatchers, and fought wits and wits with the big Boss played by Vivian Dawson in order to recapture the national treasure. The film was filmed in Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places. It is the first western action comedy blockbuster in China.

  There are plenty of action scenes in the film, which make the audience dazzled. The sea, land and air are at war at any time, chasing cars and climbing over the walls, and the big Boss takes turns to appear. The wonderful fighting makes the audience’s heart beat faster. Kenny Lin challenges Parkour, Zhang Jingchu has two guns in his hand, Tengger singer picks up a train, and the basement is bloody and big Boss, which stimulates a good-looking addiction.

  Aspect 2: A strong lineup collides with fireworks and painstakingly builds them.

  The movie day trader, a fast shooter, brings together powerful star lineups such as Kenny Lin, Zhang Jingchu, Tengger singer, Liu Xiaoqing and Vivian Dawson. Kenny Lin and Zhang Jingchu formed the "dirty and spicy CP" this time. The man was responsible for being funny and cheap, and the woman was responsible for dancing guns and making swords. The two laughed and beat each other all the way, loving each other and killing each other; Tengger singer and Liu Xiaoqing play an old married couple, and Tengger singer turns into a hen-pecked wife, cooking, washing feet, kneeling on the washboard, and serving Liu Xiaoqing well; Vivian Dawson incarnates as a big Boss, showing the dark side of his belly. Several actors collided with each other and staged a ridiculous story together.

  The production special of this exposure also shows the process of carefully creating the film. Kenny Lin put on makeup for nine hours to vividly show the image of the elderly, and Zhang Jingchu was stabbed with several pieces of glass. The main creator had to deal with the sudden sandstorm and other bad weather when shooting, and several leading actors overcame difficulties and worked together to show the best effect to the audience.

  Aspect 3: the theme of winning the treasure is fascinating, and the road to hilarity is endless.

  Day trader, the Quick Gunner, takes the treasure as its main theme. In recent years, adventure movies have been loved by people, and whether it can be made skillfully and brilliantly is also a big challenge for the director. The script of the film has been polished repeatedly, and finally the story of the film is complete, logical and smooth, which makes people laugh to tears.

  In the film, a big bad guy, a group of bastards and a group of smelly foreigners burst into laughter, and the baggage that they shake out at any time makes people laugh until they cramp. Both the plot setting and the language are full of humor, and the intensive laughter makes the audience laugh enough at once.

  Aspect 4: Version 11 released the first full-format Chinese film.

  As the most noteworthy action comedy blockbuster in this summer’s movie, Fast Shooter day trader will be released in full format in 11 versions, namely: 2D Normal Edition, IMAX2D, China Giant Screen 2D, Dolby Atmos, China Multidimensional Sound, ScreenX, 4DX, MX4D, DTS-X, China Giant Screen DTS-X and Dolby Vision. Eleven versions of the film will land in the cinema at the same time, so that day trader, the Fast Gunner, will cover all the 2D versions, becoming the first full-format film in Chinese, setting a precedent in the history of Chinese films.

  It is worth mentioning that day trader, the Fast Shooter, will be shown in Dolby Cinema, and it is also the first Chinese film made with Dolby Panoramic Sound from Dolby Vision. Dolby Cinema combines Dolby Vision and Dolby Panoramic Sound to bring high-quality cinema viewing experience to movie audiences. So many versions fully show the temperament of the film blockbuster.

  Aspect 5: Carry out the hilarious laughter to the end. Eggs can laugh.

  "Fast Shooter day trader" will be hilarious to the end. Not only is the feature film brilliant, but even the eggs have been carefully edited. Eggs can laugh, making people laugh from beginning to end! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t leave in a hurry after watching the feature film. Eggs are also a big surprise!

  The film day trader, a Fast Shooter, was carefully created by all the masters, with exciting action scenes and hilarious plot. The release of multiple versions makes people enjoy a visual feast, and it is an action comedy blockbuster that cannot be missed this summer.

  The film "Fast Shooter day trader" is produced by Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Huace Film (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Beijing Paradise Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing yi yang Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hengdian Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Beijing Gordon World Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Film Channel. Shanghai Asia Television Art Center, Yili Dasheng Legend Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongjiang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Maodahui Cultural Investment Management Center, Lidexing Film and Television Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zhongchuan Film Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Panorama Unlimited Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, and released by Wuzhou Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and Wanda Film (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., which was released nationwide on July 15th.


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