New Year’s Eve of four generations of train drivers: This is how they eat their New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year’s Eve of four generations of train drivers: This is how they eat their New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year's Eve of four generations of train drivers: This is how they eat their New Year's Eve dinner.

  BEIJING, Shenyang, Feb. 16 (Shen Diancheng Gaobing) The train witnessed the wealth and civilization of the industrial age and the social development process of China. Train drivers in different times have different stories about Spring Festival travel rush.

  Zhang Shunpu, a steam locomotive driver: Holding a steamed bun for New Year’s Eve dinner.

  In Shenyang Railway Exhibition Hall, there is a Jiefang 6 steam locomotive: a dark car body, wheels more than one person high and a round chimney on the roof … … This is the steam locomotive that Zhang Shunpu, the train driver of Shenyang Locomotive Depot, has been driving for 14 years, and the locomotive with long smoke in the eyes of the people.

  In 1984, Zhang Shunpu first boarded a liberated steam locomotive. At that time, the train was driven by three people, with a driver, a co-driver and a stoker. The driver and the co-driver operated the locomotive and the stoker was responsible for feeding coal. When the fireman is baking at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, he should throw the coal into the furnace shovel by shovel, and shake the burnt coal ash down the ash pit again and again with a shaker.

  Zhang Shunpu said that because there is a long boiler in front of the locomotive room, we must stick our heads out of the window at any time during the driving so as to have a look. Throughout the crew process, the faces and bodies of the three of us are always getting gray. Some people teased the driver at that time that "he looks like a refugee from a distance, but he looks like a beggar from a near distance. If you look closely, it belongs to the locomotive depot".

  What the locomotive depot said was the train driver. At that time, we chose steamed bread instead of rice. Steamed bread was convenient to eat. With a pinch of thumb and forefinger, we ate pickles. Finally, we threw away the remaining steamed bread with a black handprint. The New Year’s Eve dinner in those years was also eaten like this.

  Diesel locomotive driver Yang Dongxu: Beautiful fireworks over New Year’s Eve.

  In 1977, the first diesel locomotive was put into service in Shenyang Railway Bureau, and its power was much greater than that of steam locomotive, with a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. At present, although electric locomotives are popular, a certain number of diesel locomotives are still reserved because there is no power grid in some areas, especially in the extremely cold areas of Northeast China. Once it encounters rain, snow and freezing weather, diesel locomotives will "show their talents".

  Yang Dongxu is the crew member of the Beijing-Dandong section of the Beijing-Pyongyang international passenger train, in which the DF11G diesel locomotive is used for traction between Shenyang and Dandong. Compared with steam locomotives, the working environment of diesel locomotives is much cleaner and more spacious, and the line situation in front of the operation can be directly observed in the cab. Due to the special nature of work, some train drivers can’t go home for reunion on New Year’s Eve, so they can only drive trains on the land of the motherland and shuttle between cities. Seeing distant lights and fireworks at night will also bring some comfort to their hearts.

  For Yang Dongxu, this has also become a luxury, because he is responsible for more line tunnels between Shenyang and Dandong, with a total of 38 tunnels, the longest of which is 5,005 meters. When the diesel locomotive passes through the tunnel, it is dark all around, and the smoke from the locomotive is trapped in the tunnel and can’t be dispersed, and it seeps into the locomotive, which is very choking. In spite of this, Yang Dongxu also concentrated on driving, looked ahead, and did not dare to slack off, because the safety of nearly 1,000 passengers was behind him. When the train leaves the tunnel and gallops smoothly on the line, his mood will gradually calm down, and occasionally he will feel extremely happy and proud when he sees fireworks in the night sky.

  Su Ying, the Third Generation Electric Locomotive Driver: One’s New Year’s Eve

  In 2001, Shenyang Locomotive Depot began to assign the first electric locomotive — Shaoshan 9, which is a milestone for train drivers to enter the electric power era.

  The output power of electric locomotives is two to three times that of diesel locomotives, and about five times that of steam locomotives. The capacity is greater, as the saying goes, "strength" is greater, and it is also high-tech — If the microcomputer fails, it can be handled through the touch-type microcomputer screen at hand, and it is basically unnecessary to go to the mechanical room for "baking inspection". Another example is the 6A fault monitoring system, in which seven cameras monitor important corners in the locomotive in real time, and can monitor the running status of the locomotive at any time.

  In 2010, Su Ying started driving an electric locomotive, and she was so happy to see a clean environment and brand-new equipment. However, a slight deficiency is that it is too lonely. In 2008, the railway was reformed, which changed from a package ride system to a round ride system, and a single driver was implemented. From the previous "brothers traveling around the world together" to "riding alone for thousands of miles", the road became "lonely".

  At other times, it’s easy to say, especially on the night of New Year’s Eve, people gather together in a warm home and greet the new year with joy. A train driver like Su Ying is far away from his family and is alone in the cab, full of emotions, joys and sorrows.

  Qu Tao, the driver of high-speed train: 4 times a day to transport 5000 passengers.

  The wheel of history has entered the era of high-speed rail. Qu Tao is a high-speed train driver in Shenyang Locomotive Depot. Before that, he drove diesel and electric locomotives, and then he was selected at different levels to become a high-speed train driver.

  In his words, driving a EMU is "enjoyable". Electric locomotives walk 30 meters per second, and we walk 80 meters per second, just like flying a plane to the ground.

  After becoming a high-speed train driver, not only the locomotive performance has changed, but also the business level has been required to be high, and other aspects have also changed greatly. For example, the maintenance period has been extended, and a multi-functional decompression chamber has been equipped to decompress the high-speed train driver through music, incense and other means, and a full-functional driving simulation room has been established. These "high-level" measures are aimed at ensuring the high-speed train driver to drive better.

  For example, other locomotives require a lookout interval of no more than 3 seconds, while high-speed rail drivers require a lookout all the time, which puts higher demands on drivers’ energy and physical fitness.

  Nowadays, traveling by bullet train and high-speed rail has gradually become people’s first choice, especially during their stay in Spring Festival travel rush, people want to return to their hometown more quickly. In order to meet this demand, the railway departments often add temporary passengers during their stay in Spring Festival travel rush, and the workload of high-speed rail drivers is much more than usual.

  When he was in Spring Festival travel rush, Qu Tao took a ride four times a day at most, transporting about 5,000 passengers, which was nearly 30% more than usual. He either rested in the baoxiu room or drove online. When the train arrived safely and punctually, and the passenger came home for the New Year with a happy and joyful smile, he thought to himself: It is worthwhile to be tired and tired again! (End)


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