ATFX continues to help the charity cause of the Aijue Cup and pass on the brand power.

ATFX continues to help the charity cause of the Aijue Cup and pass on the brand power.

Source: Financial Information

  ATFX dynamics: On September 27th, 2022, local time, the Duke of Edinburgh Golf Cup (British Finals), led by the British royal family, officially started. Its main goal is to raise funds through national amateur golf tournament plans around the world to benefit young people and children in need around the world. This tournament is open to golf lovers all over the world, and it is divided into two stages: the preliminaries and the finals. This ATFX will appear in the 2022 British Finals, as well as the 2023 British and Mexican preliminaries, and practice a company’s social responsibility with practical actions. As a caring broker of contracts for differences, ATFX has once again become a sponsor of the event and has met the event for five consecutive years.

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  Different from the usual events, this year’s events not only attracted the attention of many professional golfers, but also attracted many amateurs. As a sponsor of this tournament, ATFX also sent excellent players to participate in the competition, competing on the same stage with golf lovers and accomplished professional players all over the world. It is worth mentioning that in every game, different "dark horses" staged wonderful skill competitions, which also increased the interest of the event and the participation of players.

  Not only that, ATFX also prepared a variety of stadium supplies for the contestants. Taking the basic supplies of the competition as an example, it customized and prepared exclusive golf balls, golf club bags, handbags, hats and towels for the contestants. ATFX brand can be seen from the entrance of the stadium to the whole stadium, which not only reflects the organizers’ attention to ATFX, but also is another friendly witness after we met with the Aijue Cup for five years.

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  As a heavy sponsor of the event, Weems Chan, global marketing and brand director of ATFX, Matt Porter, operation director of professional customer service department of ATFX UK institutions, Marc Taylor, senior account manager of professional customer service department of ATFX UK institutions, and other members all appeared on the field to cheer for the next event. Among them, Marc Taylor and Matt Porter also participated in the Aijue Cup as players in this competition, and discussed their skills with golf enthusiasts on the field.

  ATFX has been holding hands with Aijue Cup for five years.

  Since 2018, ATFX has joined hands with Duke of Edinburgh Cup for five consecutive years to support this particularly "loving" activity with practical actions, which embodies the brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) concept of "value growth and giving back to society". As a highly active financial technology broker in the UK, ATFX has not only made great efforts in financial technology, but also actively participated in sports and charity. From 2018 to 2022, ATFX has helped young people all over the world with care and support. It is reported that it has sponsored more than 4,500,000 pounds in cash and helped 10,000 young people live a better life.

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  In the second quarter of 2022, according to the report published by Finance Magnates, the authoritative media in the industry, ATFX ranked sixth in the world with the leading MT4 transaction volume, and the brand development momentum continued in the new quarter, and its own drift team was established in September. All these actions indicate that the brand will enter a period of rapid development. In sports events, the brand still maintains a high degree of enthusiasm. As can be seen from the continuous cooperation with the Aijue Cup, ATFX is highly recognized by its concept of advocating positive and caring for vulnerable groups, and the cooperation between top events and top brands will also form a strong alliance, which will not only promote the process of the final of the British Aijue Cup, but also provide a good platform for ATFX to display.

  As an active promoter and practitioner of public welfare undertakings, ATFX has been involved in public welfare undertakings, from caring for the physical and mental health of children, teenagers to the elderly, to caring for students, helping environmental protection and ecological poverty alleviation to public health and safety. The brand’s charitable footprint has spread all over China, Britain, South Korea, Mexico and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In the face of social charity, ATFX often conveys the warmth of the enterprise with simple love, and supports charities everywhere with practical actions. An important reason why the Aijue Cup can continue to join hands with us is that we love and love to participate in charity. Similarly, ATFX also loves to cooperate with world-class charities and contribute to charity around the world.

  Everyone gathers firewood, and ATFX has been well aware of this point since the brand was founded, so that it has always paid attention to public welfare and practiced it in the process of enterprise development. In the future, ATFX will continue to pay attention to charity, cooperate with charitable foundations in many ways, continuously increase investment in charity, take more social enterprise responsibilities with practical actions, and light up the love lights in more people’s hearts with actions, so that the power of love will become stronger and stronger.



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