Cancel Christmas? Can this "year" in Britain pass? !

Cancel Christmas? Can this "year" in Britain pass? !

  Chinese New Year, going home?

  Surely, you will

  Without thinking, firmly, blurt out.


  But, you know what?

  Do British people go home for Christmas?

  Can the family have a happy Christmas Eve dinner together?

  But caught in the tangle of emotion and reason.

  toss it up


  Because on Christmas eve

  The COVID-19 epidemic in Britain suddenly worsened.

  The virus has mutated

  A new and more infectious strain has emerged.

  It is said that infectivity

  It is 70% higher than the strain previously found in the UK.

  As soon as the news came out

  Many countries cut off flights with Britain.

  Even the British capital London has entered the highest level of epidemic prevention and control.

  Non-essential stores closed

  Almost "closing the city"

  The people are rushing to "escape" and "escape"

  A hoarder who is rushing to hoard goods

  Empty all the shelves

  This is the last bag of turkey on the shelf photographed in a store in London, England on December 21st. (Xinhua News Agency/Reuters)

  Why did Britain fail to take effective measures to curb the spread of the epidemic?

  Instead, it made the situation worse?

  Can the British have a good year?

  We have connected Liang Xizhi, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency in London.

  And Cui Hongjian, a well-known expert on European issues.

  Analyze problems and answer questions for you.

  "Near Christmas.

  The situation of prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Britain is not optimistic.

  In some parts of England, the spread speed of Covid-19 began to accelerate.

  The number of infected cases has also shown a sharp upward trend.

  At present,

  This may be related to a new Covid-19 mutation.

  According to British media reports,

  On the afternoon of the 19th.

  Many railway stations in London are overcrowded.

  Tickets sold out

  A large number of people want to leave London before the ban takes effect. "


  "When the UK responded to the first wave of epidemics,

  Epidemic prevention measures sum up three characteristics.

  Wide, loose and soft "


  "Next, the British side

  If we don’t take more severe measures

  And the government and the people

  If we can’t cooperate better

  The second wave or even the third wave of epidemic.

  It may continue to spread in the UK. "


  Epidemic prevention situation in Britain and even Europe

  What’s going on? What should I do?


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