The big directors have returned to the film circle, and the dispute between cinema and streaming media is hard to stop.

The big directors have returned to the film circle, and the dispute between cinema and streaming media is hard to stop.

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What kind of movies can Zhao Liying and Yang Mi, two popular "85 Flowers", make a hot search for a role?

# Yang Mi, the girl in the sauce garden ## Yang Mi Zhao Liying Jiangyuan Lane ## Yang Mi docking rumor sauce garden lane #…… Recently, the topic about the attribution of the role of Su Qing, the second female in the movie "Sauce Garden Lane", has been frequently searched, which makes onlookers wonder, what is the fragrant "cake" that can make the popular female star grab it like this?

"Sauce Garden Lane" is indeed one of the most concerned projects in the recent film market.Well-known director Chen Kexin grinds a sword for seven years, and Zhang Ziyi, the winner, takes the lead. This is simply going to win the prize. No wonder the stars want to squeeze in and brush their faces.

To tell the truth, the Chinese film market seems to have been so busy for a long time. Even Chen Kexin lamented that it was his busiest time in the past decade, and he was not the only one who was busy in the film industry recently.

Xiaogang Feng crowded into the 2023 Lunar New Year file with Feng’s New Year film "If You Are the One 3", and held a press conference with Ge You, Shu Qi, Fan Wei and other actors.

Xu Ke, the "old monster", returned to Jin Yong’s martial arts after 30 years, and took the top entertainment in Sean Xiao to shoot "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Man", and stayed in Inner Mongolia for several months;

Yuan Heping also chose to return to the martial arts, and the new film "The Dart Man: The Wind and the Desert" has been successfully established, and actresses are being recruited all over the world.


I still remember that before 2023, the rapid development of streaming media, coupled with the epidemic situation, led to a fierce impact on cinema films, and the box office was not optimistic. A large number of well-known directors such as Wong Kar-wai, Xu Anhua and Jia Zhangke played cross-border games, either to shoot advertisements or to shoot online dramas, and the film market was once silent.

When streaming media and cinema started a "protracted war", the industry began to worry about the future of the film industry, butJudging from the current state of the film market, streaming media is probably a cinema that can’t be killed..

With the rise of streaming media, it is an inevitable trend that cinema films will be impacted, and the real war between them began in Lost in Russia.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, under the circumstance that almost all cinema films were forced to be withdrawn, Xú Zhēng’s comedy film Lost in Russia directly crossed the cinema and was broadcast on streaming media.The change of media form led to the earthquake in the film industry..

Lost in Russia was the first to go online with streaming media, which undoubtedly caused great damage to the interests of cinemas. At that time, tens of thousands of employees claimed that the national cinemas suffered as a result, and even declared that they would boycott the films of Xú Zhēng and the producer Huanxi Media in the future. It can be seen that the relevant personnel in the film industry hated streaming media.

From the film side’s point of view, Joy Media sold Lost in Russia for 630 million yuan, which was undoubtedly a steady profit. At that time, the industry situation was not good. Even if it was successfully released in the cinema, it might not be able to get a higher box office, not to mention the film release under the influence of the epidemic was far away.

For the streaming media, Byte spent 630 million yuan to buy Lost in Russia, but the watermelon video really needs a movie to refresh itself. What’s more, watching Lost in Russia for free has made Byte well received by the general audience, and gained word of mouth and reputation. This business is not a loss.

The only loss among the three parties is the cinema, which invested a lot of publicity and film arranging expenses in the early stage, but in the end it was nothing.

more importantly,Lost in Russia has opened a new outlet for movies. Once movies enter the era of streaming media, cinemas are bound to suffer heavy blows.At a time when this trend was looming in the film industry.

In fact, the dispute between streaming media and cinema is not limited to China.This problem also exists in Europe and America, where the film industry is more developed..

In July, 2021, Scarlett Johansson, a widowed sister, went to court with Disney, because Disney had promised that her new Marvel Comics film "Black Widow" would be exclusively shown in the cinema, but the other party turned around and synchronized the film on the D+ streaming media platform, which would inevitably affect the cinema box office, and a large part of the remuneration of "widowed sister" came from the share of the cinema box office.

The rise of streaming media is an irreversible trend. If Disney wants to develop an online streaming media platform, it will definitely harm the interests of cinemas and even actors, which has caused a series of debates.

The dispute between streaming media and cinemas is a problem in the whole industry. With the rapid development of the Internet, audiences are gradually gathering online, and streaming media tends to overwhelm cinemas. Just like Warner Bros. put all the films produced in 2021 on the streaming media platform, the share prices of many cinemas in the United States plummeted.

The same is true in China. In 2019, the total box office of China movies was as high as 64.2 billion yuan, but in 2020, only 20 billion yuan was left, and in 2022, the number of rooms was as high as 30 billion.

The decline of cinemas has led to a sharp drop in box office and revenue, which has hindered the development of the film industry to some extent.Directors have made more profitable TV dramas. Xiaogang Feng made the online drama "North Road South", Chen Kaige produced the Legend of the Wonder Man in the Early Republic of China, and Wong Kar-wai made the Flowers. ……

It is difficult for streaming media and cinemas to have a truce. Well-known directors have joined the drama market one after another, and the film industry has actually suffered the most.

Although the industry once shouted the slogan that China movies entered the streaming media era, in fact,The film industry is still dominated by cinemas, and it is difficult for small screens to replace big screens..

The rapid development of streaming media benefited from the changes in the general environment to a certain extent, but with the decline of the epidemic in 2023, the recovery of offline cinemas led to the recovery of the box office.Cinema has become the main battlefield of the film industry again, and the market share of streaming media in the film industry is gradually decreasing..

On the one hand, it is difficult to replace the social attributes and experience attributes of offline traditional cinemas. More and more ordinary audiences enter cinemas and enjoy the immersive viewing experience, and cinemas are also one of the main places for socializing, which meets the social needs of ordinary people. This is what Guangming Daily once said.The cultural field created by cinema viewing is irreplaceable by Internet viewing.”。

At the same time, the film industry can’t leave the offline distribution channel. Due to the long production cycle and large investment, it is difficult to make a profit by only streaming media distribution. The cinema is always the core of the film economy, which will also drive the consumption of urban entities to a certain extent. It is a kind of urban cultural need, and the big screen is still the first choice for the film market.

On the other hand, streaming media is still in the development stage, and its main task is "innovation".However, the effect of staying in movies is not as good as that of dramas and variety shows, and the investment of relative streaming media in movies will be reduced..

Generally speaking, the purchase cost of movies is high, and the viewing time is mostly 2-3 hours, so it is difficult to keep users for a long time. However, the update cycle of dramas and variety shows is relatively long and the volume is relatively large, which can keep users to the greatest extent. Therefore, the investment of streaming media platforms in the field of long video is much greater than that of movies.

At the same time, users of domestic streaming media platforms have relatively low willingness to pay, and viewers are unwilling to spend money on content, which also leads to rampant online video piracy.Once the movie turns to streaming media, it is difficult to make a profit.Therefore, in the movie market, it is difficult for streaming media to replace the status of cinemas.

However, although it can’t completely replace the cinema, streaming media has its own advantages and its influence in the film market can’t be ignored.

With the vigorous development of the Internet, the influence of streaming media is gradually expanding, which provides a better platform for the promotion, marketing and dissemination of movies, and movies can reach a wider audience through streaming media.

Not only that, streaming media viewing is not limited by the environment, which actually makes up for the shortage of cinemas and provides a more convenient way for some viewers in need.To some extent, streaming media and cinema are actually complementary..

For China movies, streaming media did once occupy the living space of cinemas. However, with the recovery of the industry and the revival of cinemas, streaming media can’t replace cinemas, and the same cinemas can’t eliminate streaming media. They will continue to coexist in the movie market, providing more diversified content platforms for audiences and markets.



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