32 historical photos, reviewing history

32 historical photos, reviewing history

In 1979, 518 meters above the street in new york, a worker was responsible for installing the antenna of the World Trade Center, which attracted attention to his security measures. The train carriages in the 1890 s showed the comfortable travel environment at that time. In 1987, a building in alba iulia was relocated. In the 1890s, the picture of an Inuit warm wife showed deep love. In 1901, Anne Edersen Taylor survived by going down Niagara Falls in a wooden bucket. Children’s skulls without deciduous teeth and human hearts without blood reveal the strangeness of life.

In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II tested a combat rifle. In 2006, Qatar auctioned the world’s most expensive telephone number 666-6666 for 1.5 million pounds for charity. The duel between WWE legend Andre and boxing legend Mehmetali was impressive. The oldest copper fishhook found in the archaeological site of Ashkelon reveals ancient fishing techniques.

The colonial life during the British Empire and the abnormal brain of Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky glimpse the cruelty and strangeness of history. Franz Reichelt died trying to test his parachute, and the photos were chilling. The similarity between chimpanzees and human fingers is thought-provoking. Nelson mandela became the South African President after 27 years in prison, showing people tenacity and victory. Warren Buffett’s life in his youth glimpses the trajectory of future billionaires.

Newton’s original handwriting and a group of people celebrating the arrival of bananas in Norway outline the subtle interweaving of individuals and history. Marilyn Monroe’s wedding photos reveal the reality under the dreamy appearance. Kung Fu superstar Bruce Lee, dressed in the uniform of the Reserve Officers Training Corps, presents a multifaceted life. Tokyo’s urban buildings are as dense as chips, emitting modern prosperity.

The scenes of ancient Greek and Roman athletes cleaning their bodies with oil and grinding fine sand make people understand the way of life of ancient culture. The vertical staircase scenery in Hawaii is amazing. Beauty in modern dress style shows the evolution of fashion. During the Iranian revolution in 1979, the scene of burning the American flag showed political turmoil.

The night view of Italy reflects the light of the city, just like a shining river flowing to the sea. The wooden houses on the Polish Tartrat Mountain exist like fairy tales. Blue gem ring, which has a history of nearly 2,000 years, once belonged to the Roman emperor Ka Rygula, and it is stained with the blood of history.

Cindy Chin’s pencil-carved works of train art show the combination of creativity and skill. The London boy in historical photos shows complex emotions in the face of family death. These 32 historical pictures guide us to review history, feel the long river of time and enjoy the colorful life. Which of these photos do you think impressed you the most?

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