Heduo Technology Releases Smart parking service Product HoloParking Announces A Round of Financing

Heduo Technology Releases Smart parking service Product HoloParking Announces A Round of Financing

  BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhua)-Today, Heduo Technology held a press conference in Beijing, and released and displayed its self-developed intelligent parking service product HoloParking. This product is the first self-driving parking service product that supports all-weather and all-scene real operation, and can realize the whole process of unmanned parking and car pickup. Heduo Technology will join hands with partners to implement the "2020 Plan" and jointly promote the landing application of HoloParking. In addition, Heduo Technology also announced that the company has recently completed a round of tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.
Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.

  Eliminating parking anxiety, HoloParking lets human drivers get rid of parking lots.

  Heduo Technology focuses on building an autonomous driving scheme based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and automobile industry technology, and is one of the few companies in the industry with full-stack autonomous driving research and development capabilities. According to Ni Kai, the founder of Heduo Technology, the original intention of the company was to realize the technology landing as soon as possible and let people enjoy the benefits of autonomous driving as soon as possible. HoloParking released this time applies L4 autopilot technology to parking scenes, aiming to completely liberate human beings from the chore of parking.

  Different from the existing parking assistance function in the market, HoloParking doesn’t need the driver to drive the vehicle to the parking space, and the driver can get off at the gate of the parking lot, and the vehicle can find the parking space and park it by itself, without being watched. When picking up the car, the owner can also remotely start the HoloParking system, so that the vehicle can park itself and drive to the boarding place. In other words, the owner can complete the whole process of parking and picking up the car without entering the parking lot. Ni Kai believes that the value of this product lies in saving time and energy for car owners in all weather and all scenes.

  The first parking service product that supports "all-weather", "full scene" and "real operation"

  In fact, the parking scene is an application scene of autonomous driving technology that is widely concerned by the industry. At present, many automobile manufacturers, Tier 1 (first-class supplier) enterprises and autonomous driving companies are competing to develop solutions for this scene.

  In Ni Kai’s view, compared with other parking service schemes, HoloParking’s advantage lies in its ability to support all-weather and all-scene real operation. No matter in the environment with serious light shortage, in the complex parking lot with mixed traffic and many emergencies, or in bad weather such as rain, snow, strong wind and dense fog, HoloParking’s system can operate normally, providing users with safe and stable parking service service.

  Ni Kai believes that in order to achieve all-weather and all-scene real operation, parking service system must have three capabilities: intelligence, robustness and landing. Heduo Technology can achieve this function mainly due to HoloParking’s unique "three-in-one" technical scheme.

  According to Ni Kai, the conventional thinking of the industry is to take the car as the only carrier to realize autonomous driving, but the pure car-end solution can not meet the three requirements of intelligence, robustness and landing at the same time. The practice of Heduo Technology is to introduce the field terminal and high-precision map terminal into HoloParking system, and form a set of "three-in-one" scheme together with the vehicle terminal. Through the coordinated operation of the three terminals, HoloParking is obviously more intelligent in perception, positioning and decision-making; Through sufficient redundancy, higher robustness can be achieved, and various complex working conditions, climates and unexpected situations can be properly dealt with. In addition, by empowering the field end, the sensor and calculation unit at the vehicle end completely meet the requirements of the vehicle regulations.

  During the conference, HoloParking was dynamically displayed on the spot.

  In the first round of display, the tester started HoloParking service with one button through the mobile APP 100 meters away from the open-air parking lot, and then the vehicle automatically drove to the parking lot. When the sudden appearance of pedestrians on the road is detected, the vehicle stops immediately, waits for the pedestrians to leave before moving on, and finally stops smoothly. When returning the car, the tester remotely started HoloParking through the App, and the vehicle was parked independently. When an obstacle car parked on the road was detected, it bypassed the obstacle car through secondary route planning and continued to drive, successfully reaching the boarding place.

  The second round shows that HoloParking is equally intelligent and stable when multiple vehicles are running at the same time. Three different types of vehicles carrying HoloParking received parking instructions at the same time, two stopped and one picked up the car, all of which successfully completed the task. On the way to the vehicle, the nearby waterwheel began to water to simulate heavy rain. Under such conditions, the vehicle still successfully completed the whole process.

  Wang zheng, vice president of Heduo Technology, pointed out that HoloParking has been able to effectively cope with all kinds of bad weather and emergencies, and support multiple vehicles to run at the same time, thus meeting the needs of actual landing operation, with high stability and safety.

  The "2020 Plan" was announced for the first time, and parking service can be expected to land

  While releasing HoloParking, Heduo Technology also disclosed the future landing plan of this product.

  Ni Kai said that the commercialization process of HoloParking will start from important outlets and gradually realize large-scale operation. In this process, Heduo will work with commerce, automobile industry and capital to build parking service Alliance.

  At the press conference, Heduo Technology announced its "2020 Plan" for the first time.

  Starting from 2019, Heduo Technology will be the main technical participant, and cooperate with Shanghai Automobile City to carry out the "Last Mile" demonstration operation project, centering on the automobile innovation port, radiating Shanghai Automobile Museum and Shanghai Automobile Expo Park, and HoloParking will polish the technology in the continuous real operation.

  By 2020, Heduo will support more than 20 cities, with at least 20 parking lots in each city. In order to achieve this goal, at the parking lot end, Heduo will cooperate with the smart parking enterprise "Parking Simple" to jointly complete the intelligent upgrade of the parking lot, so as to support the service of HoloParking in parking service.

  In terms of sensors, Hedo has reached a strategic cooperation with Velodyne, the world’s leading laser radar supplier. As a strategic partner, Velodyne will provide Hedo with priority procurement rights and support Hedo’s wider deployment in the future. In the future, the two sides will work together to reduce costs. Heduo’s goal is to realize the cost of single parking space renovation of 2020 yuan.

  Ni Kai said that all these plans can not be completed without the help of capital. Heduo Technology has recently completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing, led by sequoia capital china, followed by Oceanwide Investment, and NavInfo, IDG Capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) continue to increase their holdings. Ni Kai said that this round of financing will be mainly used to increase investment in technology research and development, and accelerate the large-scale testing of HoloPilot, an expressway automatic driving scheme independently developed by Heduo, and the landing application of HoloParking, an automatic driving scheme in parking service.


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