The Shandong International Auto Show will be opened on December 8, and exquisite gifts such as LCD TV and washing machine can also be drawn on the spot.

The Shandong International Auto Show will be opened on December 8, and exquisite gifts such as LCD TV and washing machine can also be drawn on the spot.

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Peninsula all-media reporter He Xinyi

Always believe that good things are about to happen! For example, driving a luxury car for half a year for free! In order to give back to the support of fans, the organizer of Shandong International Auto Show has set up a heavy lottery for this exhibition. The ultimate prize is the half-year use right of Janice GV80, as well as exquisite prizes such as LCD TV and washing machine. The series of prizes will be drawn on the spot under the witness of the notary office. The key is that there is no threshold for this lottery. As long as fans go to the scene to scan the QR code of the lottery and fill in the information, they will enter the lottery pool, and all kinds of prizes will have the opportunity to come to them, which makes them feel beautiful. I saw the car, photographed the car model, bought the car I wanted, and there are rich prizes waiting to be won. Isn’t this the best thing in December?

Reduce the price to "unbelievable"

How fierce is the competition in the auto market? Consumers who have seen cars know that dealers who sell cars know that all kinds of new cars equipped with the latest technology are constantly entering the market and impacting market share. The key is that the prices are particularly attractive. A friend told reporters a few days ago: "What do you think of Ai Ruiya from Dongfeng Nissan? Before entering the market, it was more than 260,000, and then the official price was reduced. But now the old terminal has a battery life of more than 180,000 kilometers. I have been paying attention to it before, but I just think it is too expensive. Now it falls into an acceptable range and is ready to win it at the auto show. " In this regard, he feels very excited, and the big price reduction of Italian cars is probably the best thing to buy a car at the end of the year. The discount is far more than that. For example, the Buick new energy SUV E5, which was listed some time ago, showed the determination of traditional car companies to defend the new energy track at a price of over 200,000 yuan. However, this car recently launched a pioneer version with a price of only 169,900 yuan. Although the configuration has been adjusted, the configuration related to driving comfort and safety is all there. A new energy joint venture SUV with a length of nearly 4.9 meters is less than 170,000 yuan. Can you think of this? There are too many surprises at the auto show. Traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles are "rolled up", while new energy vehicles are not allowed to each other in configuration. The models equipped with laser radar are less than 200,000, and medium and large SUVs like Feifan R7 are equipped with Bach cockpit, which is only 189,900 yuan, which is great value!

It is reported that the participating models of Shandong International Auto Show are very complete, and various hot-selling brand coefficients are present. According to the latest statistics, the participating brands include Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, AMG, Lexus, Cadillac, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Janice, SMART, Lincoln, BMW MINI, imported Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle, Ford Zongheng, Volvo New Energy, Maserati, Hongqi, Equation Leopard, Ideal, Tengshi, Haobo, Lan. AITO Automobile, Tank, Zhijie Automobile, Feifan Automobile, Aouita, Polar Fox, Polar Star, Zhiji Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, Changan Deep Blue, Geometric Automobile, FAW-Volkswagen, Jetta, dongfeng fengshen, Dongfeng Scenery, Dongfeng Popular, Guangqi Honda, Beijing Hyundai, Guangqi Honda New Energy, WEY (Wei Brand), Euler, Ruilan, Changan Mazda. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, Skoda, SAIC Datong Passenger Car, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Lectra, Buick, Changan Ford, BYD, Beijing Automobile, Great Wall Haval, Geely Automobile, BAIC Manufacturing, Virtue RV, Datong RV, etc.

Go, go, go Watch the car lottery

Regarding the lucky draw, I believe that many fans have always faced it with a "dubious" attitude, as many friends have said, "If you give something, what good things can there be"! Before that, in order to make this Shandong International Auto Show the "most dazzling star" of the exhibition at the end of the year, the organizer can be said to have taken pains to carefully set up the lucky draw activities, and all kinds of prizes were piled up. For example, the ultimate prize was the half-year right to use the GV80 2.5T As for this model, you can go to the GV80 booth at the Shandong International Auto Show site and have a look. It is full of luxury and various configurations, with a price of 672,800 yuan. Moreover, a few months ago, the reporter commented on GV80, which is equipped with a 2.5T four-wheel drive power system. It has no sense of driving control, and there are five, six and seven seats to choose from to meet the needs of the whole family. What’s important is that the luxury atmosphere inside the car is really strong. After all, it is the brand of Mercedes-Benz BMW. No matter the stitching, color matching and even the smell inside of the car, people will feel that this car is not cheap.

There is only one grand prize, and everyone will definitely not be satisfied. For this reason, the organizers have also specially invested in LCD TVs, washing machines and other prizes, all of which are affordable products for everyone. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the lottery, fans need to go to the designated location of Shandong International Auto Show, scan the special QR code and fill in their personal real information, and enter the lottery pool. The prizes will be drawn under the witness of the staff of Qingdao Notary Office, and the lottery procedures and links will be guaranteed to be true and effective.

A variety of heavy new cars will be unveiled.

It is reported that this year’s Shandong International Auto Show will open the No.1, No.2 and No.4 pavilions, and the heavyweight new cars of major brands will shine on the booth. For example, Tesla Huan’s new Model3, Aouita 12, Haobo HT, BYD Song L, Kia EV5, Zhijie S7, BRONCO Fierce Horse, Ranger …

"The Ranger has just been exhibited at the Guangzhou Auto Show. At this Shandong International Auto Show, it will also be unveiled together with BRONCO Fierce Horse and F150 Raptor. At present, this pickup truck is in the pre-sale stage, and it has been delivered one after another at the end of December, with a price of 158,800 yuan. This new car was made at Shandong Auto Show, just in time to catch up with a wave of benefits, such as the first owner’s lifetime engine, gearbox original factory warranty, 5 years of free traffic, 3,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, 3 years of free road rescue, up to 3 years of financial interest-free or 1 year of interest-free half-payment and half-loan. If you book before December 12th, you can add an extra 2,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, and the value of 3,000 yuan of Danxia orange is limited to free car color. "Guo Shenggan, marketing director of Ford’s vertical and horizontal Qingdao Fuyue longitudinal enjoyment space, said that for this Shandong International Auto Show, they have made full preparations to offer a cross-country feast for island city consumers.

It is worth mentioning that from December 8 to 11, 2023, the 15th Shandong International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, located at No.9 Miao Ling Road, Laoshan District. Its high popularity can not be separated from the support of this venue’s complete facilities and excellent geographical location. Apart from convenient parking and strong hardware of the exhibition hall, there are shopping centers such as Lida and Golden Lion around the auto show, so consumers can take a leisure parent-child tour while choosing cars. And if you plan to go to the exhibition by public transportation, you can take the subway to the convention and exhibition center, get on at any station of Metro Line 11, and get off at the convention and exhibition center station. If you take Metro Line 2, you can get on at any stop and get off at Miao Ling Road Station.


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