La Liga: las palmas vs Atletico Madrid! Blood pressure? Why does Atletico Madrid like the home team type?

La Liga: las palmas vs Atletico Madrid! Blood pressure? Why does Atletico Madrid like the home team type?

Let’s have our first chat today.La Liga: las palmas vs Atletico Madrid!

At the beginning of the season, we talked about Atletico Madrid’s away game against Vallecano. At that time, we analyzed why Atletico Madrid likes teams like Vallecano.

Coincidentally, today’s las palmas is also quite similar to Vallecano.Can Atletico continue to satisfy the fans?

This las palmas is just like.Basaer teamSame.

After playing in Barcelona for more than ten years, coach Pimienta has been a youth training echelon coach in Barcelona for twenty years.

After he came to las palmas, he brought in many players from Barcelona’s youth training to play football in Barcelona.

So,The style of this team is very similar to that of Barcelona, and many data are also very close to that of Barcelona.For example, the possession rate, the average number of passes per game, the high-pressure forced data and so on.

They have many advantages of Barcelona, such as high-intensity and effective high-level grabbing.Not only can it disrupt the opponent’s offensive organization, but it can often launch a counterattack on the spot to get a chance to break the door after stealing.

Therefore, it is very powerful for them to play the passing and controlling teams such as Huang Qian and Royal Society, and it will be very difficult for opponents to organize attacks normally.

But Atletico don’t buy it.

We introduced it before when Atletico Madrid played Vallecano.Atletico’s attack is very simple and fast, and it pays attention to the quick delivery of the ball, which will not give the opponent too much time to rush forward.

Moreover, because Atletico Madrid’s lineup is very stable, their ability to kick the ball may even be close to the level of Real Madrid.

Then, if Real Sociedad, Vallecano and other high-ranking teams that are equally fierce are hard to win the ball from Atletico Madrid, it may be difficult for las palmas.

Besides,Las palmas also has many shortcomings of Barcelona, for example, because a large number of people pressed into the frontcourt and forced to grab, which led to being easily beaten by opponents.

In almost every game this season, their opponents can get excellent scoring opportunities by playing behind them. For example, the last goal of almeria was a long pass behind them.

As far as Barcelona can play like this, it is backed by a strong defender. araujo, Comte and Christensen are all first-class in La Liga.

But las palmas doesn’t have a first-class defender. Even when playing Huang Qian, Huang Qian’s 1.95-meter high center Soloff is actually faster than their defender …

The combination of Atletico’s Gleizman and Morata is one of the best combinations in the five major leagues, and Morata is in the best season of his career, so it is hard for las palmas’s defenders to guard against it.

In addition, on the 1st, las palmas went to Manakol Island in the Mediterranean to play in the Cup, with a journey of 4,000 kilometers, which was still a bit of a toss-up.

Although the rotation has been made, many main players have also played, which may be somewhat worn out and may be at a disadvantage in physical fitness.

In the case that there is a big gap between the lineup configuration and competition experience of the two teams, if the weak side has no advantage in technical and tactical style and physical fitness, it will be difficult to play this game.

If Atletico Madrid wins tonight,You can temporarily climb to the top of La Liga.The fighting spirit may be relatively strong.

All things considered, can Atletico satisfy the fans? What do you think? The cocktail party expects them to score three points away from home!

Well, in other competitions today, Xiaojiu will still send you text analysis in the evening. If you have anything unclear, you can ask me, "Look at the ball and see clearly", and we will be there or not!

If you like it, move your fingers and pay attention to it!


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