Put away your competitive heart when running.

Put away your competitive heart when running.

Unless you are interested in becoming a professional runner, for most amateur runners, running is not a competition in the arena. You have to figure out what you are running for.

I think some runners blindly follow the trend when they see other people’s achievements, so they can’t resist a competitive heart. All I can think about is the amount of running and pace. In the end, even if I ran out of good grades, I also ran out of injuries. What’s the point?

For amateur runners, the word "stability" is the most important, and jogging is the truth. Be a little timid, it doesn’t matter! Run slowly, run less, and leave if you can’t run. It’s really nothing. It is even more important to achieve the "three noes": no running when you are sick, no running after drinking, and no running after staying up late.What do you think? Let’s talk in the comments section.


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