Men’s sauna locker room was naked.

Men’s sauna locker room was naked.


 The sauna center men’s locker room is equipped with a camera, claiming to protect the safety of customers’ property.

    What do you think when you change clothes in the locker room of sauna center and suddenly find a camera on it? On August 31, Mr. Wang reported to the Times that the Longx Sauna Leisure Center in Xiqiao Road, Baiyun District actually installed camera monitoring in the locker room, but did not inform in advance, and violated the right to privacy. However, the person in charge of the sauna center replied that they were considering from the perspective of guests to prevent people from stealing property.

    Information: the locker room is equipped with a camera.

    Mr. Wang works as a department manager in a company in Guangzhou. On August 31st, he led several clients to the Dragon X Sauna Center near Ezhutan, Xicha Road, Baiyun District for sauna and business talks. Mr. Wang washed quickly, so he went to the dressing room to wait for the customer, and was ready to get dressed and go to the lounge. When he looked up, he found that there was a camera in the middle of the main wall of the dressing room, and he felt that his privacy was violated. He went to the manager on duty in the sauna center to ask for a statement.

    "I wanted to take a shower and feel comfortable, but I didn’t expect to encounter embarrassing things. How can the sauna center install cameras in the locker room, and everyone will see them? Too embarrassed! " Seeing the reporter, Mr. Wang was upset and thought that the sauna center was a bit outrageous. At that time, Mr. Wang also went to the camera and looked at it. "The monitor is still on!"

    Scene: the guest locker room was photographed naked.

    Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the sauna leisure center next to the goose’s paw temple number on Xicha Road on the grounds of sauna. Guided by the consultant in the lobby, the reporter and his party entered the dressing room of sauna center. The dressing room is small, about 13 square meters, with a camera on each wall and a cabinet for guests to store their belongings and clothes below.

    At that time, the reporter raised an objection, claiming that guests would be photographed naked when they changed clothes. The waiter replied that the camera is mainly to monitor the locker room, and it will definitely shoot the naked body, but as long as the guest wraps his lower body with a bath towel, he will not shoot the private part.

    Merchant: The camera is only installed for theft prevention.

    Why is monitoring equipment installed in the locker room? The manager on duty in the lobby of the sauna center told the reporter that they were for safety reasons. In order to prevent theft, "monitoring equipment is installed to prevent criminals from stealing guests’ property. The filming content does not involve the process of massage and dressing."

    However, when the reporter questioned that the dressing room screen could see the naked scene of the guests, the manager was speechless, and then prevaricated on the grounds that "the boss is not here, and these questions are not easy to answer".

    Lawyer: You can call the police if you find that you have been photographed.

    Mr. Wang said that no matter which angle the sauna center considers, it will definitely violate the privacy of the guests. "If these nude photos are posted online, wouldn’t it be a shame?" Like Mr. Wang, there are six or seven citizens, such as Mr. Duan and Mr. Zhang, who all oppose the installation of cameras in the dressing room of the sauna center and should strengthen their own safety and security.

    Regarding the practice of installing cameras in the dressing room in the sauna center on the grounds of safety and anti-theft, Xiao Xionghui, a lawyer of Guangdong Shunhua Law Firm, said that installing cameras in the dressing room and taking pictures of other people’s naked bodies exceeded the allowable limit for monitoring public safety, which was suspected of infringing on others’ privacy. There is nothing wrong with installing monitoring equipment in sauna center for safety reasons without involving customers’ privacy, but installing and using it in dressing room is an infringement. Specifically, it is an infringement of customers’ privacy.

    Police: Installation of security equipment requires approval.

    Guangzhou police said that the installation of monitoring equipment in the dressing room of sauna center needs the permission and approval of relevant departments. Once the surveillance image leaks and causes reputational damage to others, the victim has the right to claim compensation. It is understood that according to the relevant laws and regulations: "Anyone who has one of the acts of voyeurism, sneak shot, eavesdropping or spreading the privacy of others shall be detained for less than 5 days or fined for less than 500 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, they shall be detained for more than 5 days and less than 10 days, and may be fined up to 500 yuan. "

    In recent years, China’s legislation on voyeurism and sneak shots (including mobile phone sneak shots) has been strengthened. If a party is photographed in a public place, the sneak shot can be ordered to delete photos and videos, and if it is rejected, it can call 110.

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