Exploring the daily life of female soldiers in the honor guards of the three armed forces

Exploring the daily life of female soldiers in the honor guards of the three armed forces

  BEIJING, Beijing, July 18 (Reporter Zhang Ni): Tall, dignified, and kicking forward, I believe many people have such an impression on the female soldiers of the honor guards of the three armed forces. However, behind the elegant demeanor, these young girls are also experiencing unimaginable hardships.

  On the eve of the "August 1st" Army Day, the reporter from Zhongxin. com walked into the honor guard of the PLA Army, Navy and Air Force and listened to Mao Wen, a female soldier born after 1995, sharing her experience of honor guard.

  Training requires more than 7 kilograms of concierge guns.

  Mao Wen, a Sichuan girl born in 1996, is a soldier in Class 1 of the Female Squadron of the Armed Forces of the Three Armies. The height of 1.79 meters makes her stand out among the 14 girls in Class One.

  Since joining the army in 2015, Mao Wen has spent two years in the female squadron.

  "I dreamed of becoming a soldier since I was a child, so after I got the university admission notice after the college entrance examination in 2015, I didn’t study directly, but chose to join the army." Mao Wen told reporters that she didn’t know the specific destination after joining the army at first, and she learned that she had been elected to the honor guard before leaving. This news made her very excited.

  After coming to Beijing with excitement, Mao Wen began his military career. However, the high-intensity training after joining the army made this "post-95" only daughter once unbearable.

  Mao Wen recalled that when she first came to Beijing, she didn’t adapt to the dry climate here, and she also had nosebleeds. The girls in the class have also had large and small physical conditions. Because of the high training intensity, the physiological period of female soldiers has even become irregular. But for them, the biggest challenge is the lack of strength.

  "We use the same gun as the men’s guards of honor, weighing seven pounds. It is very difficult for girls who have just joined the army to carry it. Every day, because they practice carrying guns, their arms can’t be lifted."

  Mao Wen said that in order to strengthen her physical fitness, she and her comrades in the class worked hard. In addition to the usual normal training, she also specially strengthened the training of upper limb strength.

  In addition, even when the girls are kicking the front step, sandbags should be tied to their legs. At the end of the day, sweat can soak the training suit.

  The bun size is exactly the same.

  Unlike male soldiers, in addition to high-intensity training, female soldiers of the honor guard should also take into account the beauty of women’s manners.

  Mao Wen told reporters that she and the girls in the class usually wear light makeup, in order to maintain the dignified image of women, and there are also related courses in the army for them to study.

  "I didn’t know how to make up before. When I first came, it took me half an hour to make up a makeup, but after long-term training, the movements have become quite skilled, and now it only takes ten minutes to make up."

  Mao Wen said that girls usually practice their expressions by biting chopsticks, in order to better show the temperament of China female ceremonial soldiers.

  In addition to having a dignified image, female soldiers should maintain a high degree of uniformity in their daily lives — — Fold the bed into the same neat "

  "The requirements for the length, width and height of the bun are 13 cm, 6 cm and 6 cm, respectively. Because everyone’s hair is different, female soldiers with slightly less hair have to adjust the size of the bun by beating their hair." Mao Wen said.

  "Mom and Dad regard me as their pride."

  "If the road is not difficult enough, you will doubt that it is not right." On Mao Wen’s bedside is written such a motto that belongs to her own.

  During her two years in Beijing, as a conscript, she couldn’t go home to reunite with her relatives. Her parents visited her in Beijing, but they only spent a few days with her in the army.

  Missing relatives and hometown sometimes makes this girl in her early 20 s a little sad, but she always feels that her choice is correct.

  "Mom and Dad regard me as their pride, and they are very pleased to see my growth." Mao Wen said.

  After a year of hard training, Mao Wen’s movements became more and more mature. Last summer, she was formally incorporated into the army of the honor guard and became a full member.

  By this summer, Mao Wen’s two-year compulsory career will be over, and she can choose to go back to school to continue her studies. However, she told reporters that she did not intend to retire in September this year, but wanted to stay in the army.

  "I hope to stay and be promoted to a non-commissioned officer, and do my own work here." Mao Wen said. (End)


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