What is the popular trend in 2021? Great changes have taken place in the fashion industry, and the beauty of the East will explode the fashion circle.

What is the popular trend in 2021? Great changes have taken place in the fashion industry, and the beauty of the East will explode the fashion circle.

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What is the popular trend in 2021??What is fashion? What are the changes in the fashion circle next year?

with regard tofashionThis spiritual need, which is extended after meeting people’s basic needs for survival, is based onthe nation is wealthy/prosperous and the people are powerfulAbove.Whoever is powerful has the right to speak.It is an indisputable fact that no matter in which industry or country.

Looking back on the past hundred yearsFashion trend developmentThe history of evolution is a history of western development. All the fashion trends, the clothing items we wear are in accordance withthe westvisual angleDerived from the standard. Styles from brands, designers to single items are all based on "Western aesthetics"On the basis of this, they dominate the fashion trends every year, and they hold the so-called fashion trends.

An unexpected epidemic in 2020 has been seen by the whole world.China’s strength and strength. The national spirit of unity and unity of the whole people has achievedgreater chinaThe rise of. In the wave of 3 billion people returning home and fighting the epidemic, China has shown unprecedented.Great country responsibility, with our strong cohesive force, wrote a hymn of rise.

Thinking about it makes my whole body boil, and this kind of national pride arises spontaneously! “Born as a Chinese, we are called Yan Huang, and we have no regrets in wearing armor in this life, and we are still in China in the afterlife. We are willing to guard the prosperous China with our youth.",this sentence wrote the voice of all of us in China, amazing, my country!

Under the influence of great changes in this environment, the popular trend in 2021 will naturally be"Oriental perspective" is the theme, combining traditional Chinese elements with modern popular elements.Will become the most mainstream fashion trend in the fashion circle.

belong toBeauty of the EastThe fashion trend will usher in its new development. It is no longer the "little brother" who is only Nuo Nuo, butThe identity of a powerful masterLeading the development and changes of fashion circles all over the world.The beauty of the eastIt will become the object to be imitated by people all over the world and make a new sitting target of fashion aesthetics.

So, what are the popular elements in the fashion circle in 2021? Let’s have a look.

In the fashion design in 2021, putChinese traditional elements and modern popular elementsBlend into one, showing a new fashion trend. They are embodied in clothing as follows:

  1. Chinese clothing elements are cleverly added, paying more attention to clothing.Real wear and comfort;
  2. Unde that influence of the concept of global sustainability,less/fewer but betterBecome the core, and the lasting durability of clothing becomes the primary consideration;
  3. Foreign cutting styleGradually rising, exquisite formal clothes are favored by consumers.

The red system will still be the main color in the spring and summer of 2021, but it has more abundant changes in the purity of lightness and darkness. Classic and futuristic colors such as brown and green will continue to be popular.

★ Improved cheongsam

Cheongsam, a classic item representing the quintessence of the Chinese nation, will be displayed in a richer and more changeable face next year and beyond. It may be combined with the current popular elements and become the top pillar of clothing category.

As a classic item of traditional Chinese style, cheongsam will be combined with the fashion trend of runway in the spring and summer of 2021 to inject new ideas into this item. Among them, it will combine the current popularBubble sleeve, leg sleeve of lambThe sleeve type is mainly equal in quantity, and the traditional Chinese elements are skillfully used on the basis of retaining the right-handed placket.

The traditional buckle of cheongsam will be replaced by buttons, or combined with special silk fabrics, adding popular flower patterns, integrating retro and trendy, creating a different cheongsam style. In terms of style design, it is more varied.

★ Diversified formal suit modeling

With the rise of exquisite foreign cutting style, those representExquisite and elegant formal dressWill become a popular style. However, under the influence of leisure style, this kind of formal dress has a diversified style trend of combining rigidity with softness, which can be gentle, handsome, tough and changeable and become popular.

With the popularity of big woman style, those neutral wind elements will be widely used in suits. For example, the shoulder pads and tapered trousers emphasize the freedom and confidence of women in the new era.

Gender-free fashion will also usher in its development, and the equality between men and women will be more and more high, which is also reflected in clothing.

But to emphasizenew womanThe gentle nature, those representing delicate and gentle.Female elementIt will also be used a lot. For example, flounces, wrinkles, waists, or fabrics with good drape are used to express the feminine side of women.

★ Gentle and changeable decorative shirt

In order to match the suit, the shirt is no longer neutral and neat. It will combine lace neckline, national embroidery, and other design details to become diversified, more feminine and gentle.

A large number of bows, pleated designs, and ethnic embroidery are added to improve the details, emphasizing the gentle nature of women.

★ Long slim cardigan

In order to adapt to more diversified occasions, a cardigan like a one-piece sweater will be liked by more people. This single product with literary and intellectual antiquity will usher in its spring.

On the basis of retaining the outline of cardigan, many design details will be added, and the fitted version can be matched with more coats.

This kind of mature, intellectual and atmospheric style will be widely used, expressing women’s attitude of pursuing the ultimate beauty.

Well, these are some fashion trends in 2021. Does it refresh you?

This is the best time, and we will stand tall and become the masters of leading the trend. And a lot of China elements will be applied to more clothes. Give full play to your creativity and imagination, and make the beauty of the East a classic legend forever!

I’m Lowe. I take image management as my homework all my life, and greet the blooming of every day in my life with a beautiful image and a beautiful mood.

If you are confused, you can write privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss. We will grow together and be strong together on the road to beauty!


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