What are the differences between baseball and softball?

What are the differences between baseball and softball?

Many people in China learned about baseball to a great extent through a Japanese cartoon. With the popularity of the cartoon in China, people are more and more happy about baseball. Especially with the entry of baseball into the Olympic Games, China team has achieved good results, and baseball has gained more and more recognition in China. However, we can easily find that there are still many people who don’t understand baseball, and the performance is that baseball and softball can’t be distinguished. Do you know the differences between baseball and softball?

1. Softball uses a bigger ball than baseball.

2. Different bases spacing: softball bases are 18.3 meters (60 feet) apart, while baseball bases are 27.45 meters (90 feet) apart.

3. Different pitching distances: In softball, the pitching distance is 12.2 meters (40 feet), while in baseball, the pitching distance is 18.4 meters (60 feet, 6 inches).

4. The way of pitching is different: the pitcher of softball uses the lower arm movement to pitch, while the pitcher of baseball uses the method of raising his hand over his shoulder to pitch.

There are seven innings in softball and nine innings in baseball.

6. Baseball field is bigger than softball field, and girls are naturally restricted, so almost all play softball.

7. Baseball bats are generally conical in the middle and front, while softball bats are generally cylindrical and thinner.

8. The rules of baseball and softball are similar, but baseball can steal bases, but softball can’t.

What are the differences between baseball and softball? Looking at the differences listed above, I believe everyone has a better understanding of how to distinguish baseball from softball. Although softball and baseball are both round and similar in style, softball is bigger than baseball, and there are also great differences in their rules, so you can better distinguish them through these.

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