Zhang Linyan’s overseas famous scene! Hold up a trophy in both hands, Cao Meng Club: Awesome.

Zhang Linyan’s overseas famous scene! Hold up a trophy in both hands, Cao Meng Club: Awesome.

Recently, the China Women’s Football Team sent good news that talented teenager Zhang Linyan was selected as the Golden Glove Award in the Swiss Women’s Football Super League. Next is Zhang Linyan’s famous scene abroad. In a photo released recently, Zhang Linyan can be seen holding trophies in his left and right hands, and Grasshopper Football Club praised this in the essay.

When it comes to studying women’s football, fans may think of China’s top soccer player Shoupeng Wang, who played in French Ligue 1 for one season. After all, Shoupeng Wang contributed to the team’s growth in the 2018-2019 season, which is a bright spot. Yu Wai Shoupeng Wang also won the honor of Miss Asian Football by scoring 8 goals and 10 assists for the Parisian women’s football team. This is really great.

However, times have changed. Since Wang Shuai broke off her contract with Paris after the French Women’s World Cup and returned to China, it was not until the Indian Women’s Asian Cup was held that there was no obstacle for China women’s football team to study abroad. Paddy fields At the beginning of last year, the overseas development of China women’s football team, which returned to the top of Asia after 16 years, set off another wave of upsurge.

From Zhang Linyan, Li Mengwen, Yang Leina, Li Jiayue, and even Shoupeng Wang, who started her overseas trip again, the number of China women’s football team studying abroad surged to more than 10 in one year. I can’t figure it out!

Among these more than 10 foreign players, some have gained a firm foothold abroad. For example, Shen Mengyu and Shen Menglu, China teenagers who currently play for the Su Chao Celtic women’s football team, have made great contributions. In particular, Shen Menglou, who joined the Celtic women’s football team this season, has a great ability to break through from the sideline to the last line of the frontcourt, and often beats her opponents without hesitation.

Another talent that can’t be ignored is Zhang Linyan, a talented teenager from China who is now shining brilliantly on the Swiss stage. He scored 10 goals, sent 9 assists and scored 2 goals. In addition, Zhang Linyan’s two high-quality long-range goals so far have also been rated as the best goals in the second round of the league. Rookie Zhang Linyan is a special presence on the Swiss stage!

Recently, with the good news that Zhang Linyan was selected as the Golden Glove Award in the Swiss Women’s Super League, FIFA also affirmed and praised Zhang Linyan, saying that "the future is limitless!"

Zhang Linyi’s overseas famous scene was exposed, and Grasshopper Football Club recently took a photo of Zhang Linyi’s celebration. It is suspected that Zhang Linyi looks more relaxed than Zhang Linyi. In this regard, grasshopper football club also wrote: the best left-handed player in the league and the best right-handed 11 in the league! Zhang Linyi is amazing!

In addition, in the second round of the quarter-finals of the Swiss Women’s Super Play-offs, Zhang Linyi scored two goals in a row, forcibly avoiding the goalkeeper’s push and no goal, and finally helping her team win. Cao Meng girls advanced to the semi-finals with a score of 4-0.

It can be seen that at present, Zhang Linyan is hot, and in the next group match of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Zhang Linyan may once again become the secret weapon of China women’s football coach Shui Qingxia! What do your fans say about this?


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