Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day 2024: All-solid-state battery/no-picture pure visual intelligent driving, etc.

Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day 2024: All-solid-state battery/no-picture pure visual intelligent driving, etc.

  [Pacific Auto] On this year’s Science and Technology Day, three key messages were announced, namely GARCIA’s unmanned pure vision autopilot, GAC’s all-solid-state battery, the new intelligent light architecture iGLCA, and the E9 electric welfare version went offline. The first two items will be installed on the model in 2026.

  No-map intelligent driving is the place that all car companies want to break through, while the pure vision scheme is to abandon sensors such as laser radar and only identify obstacles around the vehicle through the camera, which provides reference for vehicle control decision-making for intelligent driving system. On Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day in 2024, Guangzhou Automobile officially released NDA, a map-free city that does not rely on high-precision maps. According to the official, Guangzhou Automobile’s map-free NDA can be opened regardless of the urban main roads, expressways, narrow streets, barren hills and wild roads and country roads, as long as there is no map NDA in the area covered by navigation.

  This system has basically realized the function of high-speed and urban NDA in Guangzhou’s core urban area through the ability to accurately understand complex traffic roads, the ability to identify traffic lights and the ability to deal with complex and changeable scenes. It is reported that after the official release of the city map-free NDA today, it will be launched by the new Haobo HT in the near future, and strive to achieve national coverage in the second half of the year.

  Two automatic parking modes were demonstrated on the spot, one of which was a vertical parking space facing the broken road and close to the broken road. The driver can complete the whole reversing action with his hands without taking over as long as he chooses the target parking space in the car. In this process, the overall performance is like an old driver. He will first find a spacious place to transfer the body, and then park the car with about 2-3 hands, and the wheels on both sides will not press the edge of the mechanical parking space.

  There is also a kind of remote parking that people leave the car near the mechanical parking space, only to see that Haoplatinum GT still stops in the parking space very smoothly, and the overall performance is the same as that of the old driver.

  On-site experience of a Haobo GT model test car equipped with this map-free intelligent driving function, to sum up, it is to face complex road conditions, such as full cars on both sides, electric cars in the same direction or retrograde, cars in the same direction occupying roads and borrowing opposite lanes, and other systems can be handled perfectly without manual takeover. The daily operations such as stopping, starting and turning automatically are close to the performance of old drivers.


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