Chery tiggo 8PLUS kunpeng edition will be on the market soon, which is more expensive but stronger.

Chery tiggo 8PLUS kunpeng edition will be on the market soon, which is more expensive but stronger.

The Tiggo 8 series is undoubtedly the most important model in Chery’s product matrix, which can basically contribute more than 10,000 vehicles to the brand every month. Under Chery’s big single product strategy, the current Tiggo 8 series has formed a high and low camp of Tiggo 8PLUS+ Tiggo 8, covering the price range of 80,000-160,000. Chery has been continuously tapping its market potential for this hot-selling product. Not long ago, it launched the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version and added 2.0T power. The Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng version will also be launched tonight.

The modeling design of the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng Edition is consistent with the original 1.5T and 1.6T series, but it is different from the Tiggo 8. The interior of the polygonal grille on the front of the car is chrome-plated in star lattice, and two groups of L-shaped light sources are used in the narrow headlights on both sides, which is more recognizable after lighting, and the whole front face is relatively more refined than the original design.

The side is not big, the shape is stable and atmospheric, and the two-color wheel hub highlights the movement. The rear part doesn’t use penetrating taillights like the Tiggo 8, but the black and white decoration inside is also quite individual, and a large number of horizontal lines also outline a strong level of big mouth. It is worth mentioning that the car uses a bilateral four-way exhaust hole design, which indicates good performance.

The interior uses the popular digital cockpit style. The central control panel and the instrument panel form a double screen design. There is also a touch control panel in front of the bar. The three screens create a strong scientific and technological atmosphere, and a small number of physical buttons are set in the car, which is convenient for quick operation.

In the configuration part, the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng version will come standard with front and rear airbags, panoramic sunroof, induction electric trunk, dual 12.3-inch screen, 360-degree panoramic image, voice recognition system, navigation, car networking, OTA upgrade and other functions. In addition to the heroic version, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic sign recognition, full-speed adaptive cruise, active braking and built-in driving recorder will also be equipped.

The dimensions, length, width and height of the new car are 4722/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm, which is quite spacious for a five-seat car. The trunk volume can reach 889L in normal state, and it is 1930L in the back row.

The Kunpeng version uses a 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 254Ps and a peak torque of 390N·m, which has appeared on many Chery models. It is reported that the car can achieve a zero-speed acceleration of 7.3S, and the vehicle will also be equipped with a new generation of electronically controlled intelligent four-wheel drive system, with various driving modes such as economy, sports, snow, mud and off-road, which can adapt to more different road conditions.

The Kunpeng version will be more expensive than the cash price, and the current pre-sale price is 1419-169900 yuan, but the richer configuration and stronger power performance are undoubtedly very worthwhile. At present, the Tiggo 8 series has become the sales force of the explosive family in the market, and the arrival of the Kunpeng version has further improved the product layout, which is believed to contribute to the sales growth.


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