5G signal, 5G package, 5G mobile phone, you need to consider carefully when changing your mobile phone.

5G signal, 5G package, 5G mobile phone, you need to consider carefully when changing your mobile phone.

With the launch of the operator’s 5G package on November 1, it is estimated that many friends have plans to change their 5G mobile phones. After all, the 5G era has indeed arrived. For 5G, I think many friends know that its network speed is 5-10 times that of 4G, online drama is not worrying, and multiplayer competition is smooth, which is probably such a carefree experience. So you will think: instead of changing the new machine next year, it is better to change the 5G mobile phone directly now, and you can experience the 5G high-speed network at once, making your life and work more efficient and more "fragrant".

Having said that, before you formally choose a 5G mobile phone, you need to consider three issues:

The first question: 5G signal coverage in the place.

To be honest, in the field of 5G, China’s 5G technology and 5G mobile phones are dominant in the global market, so we should be proud of this. In this regard, we can first try 5 G. However, in the actual process, you and I have to consider whether our home is covered with 5G signals. Although major cities will basically cover 5G signals next year, if there is a 5G signal in the place where your home is located, it must be superior.

Relatively speaking, in first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, almost all the central cities in these areas are covered with 5G signals, so "people in the city can really play" still have the first experience advantage. After all, the urban population is large. You can go to the operator official website or the mobile APP to check the 5G signal diagram, which is usually found in the "5G Zone".

The second question: Which 5G package should I choose?

At present, the three major operators have launched 5G packages. Different operators and different 5G packages have different charges and standards. You should look carefully when choosing to upgrade to avoid wasting fees or traffic. China Mobile, the 5G package starts at 128 yuan, and the back cover is 598 yuan; China Telecom and China Unicom started at 129 yuan, and the back cover of 599 yuan … ···5G network speed is between 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

By the way, a digression: Do you think 30GB package traffic is enough? As far as I’m concerned, I usually use about 10GB of traffic every month, which is only when I’m crazy about brushing Tik Tok and playing the king’s "eat chicken" mobile game! Therefore, when you choose the 5G package category, don’t be blind, depending on the actual use needs of individuals.

The third question: Which of a bunch of 5G mobile phones do you like best?

As we all know, many places are accelerating the construction of 5G base stations, and the coverage rate of 5G signals around us will be higher and higher. At that time, it is not a problem to seamlessly connect to 5G networks. Therefore, after knowing the 5G signal coverage area and 5G package, you can boldly choose 5G mobile phones. At this stage, high-priced 5G mobile phones can be "suspended". After all, the cost is too high and unnecessary. The most important thing is to try Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G and iQOO Pro 5G versions, with three thousand files, which is a good choice. Which one to choose, and see the comparison results.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

5G network speed reception. At this point, we directly look at the test results of Speedtest software: the download rate of iQOO Pro 5G version reaches 895Mbps;; Although Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G is equipped with the same 5G baseband, the download rate is 757Mbps··· … Obviously, there is a gap in the speed of 5G network.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

The level of game experience. As two Snapdragon 855 Plus models, iQOO Pro 5G and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G have smooth performance, but one thing is the unique product advantage of iQOO Pro 5G, that is, the two pressure-sensitive buttons on the middle frame. This design is comparable to the e-sports mobile phone, which can bring fast operation of four-finger linkage, making the skill control of game characters more comfortable and faster. In other words, the king "eats chicken" with iQOO Pro 5G version, and the king wins the championship in minutes.

Left: iQOO Pro 5G version; Right: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G

Fast charging performance of mobile phone. IQOO Pro 5G version is equipped with 4500mAh battery +44W ultra-fast charging, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G is equipped with 4000mAh battery +40W fast charging … The power is from 0% to 100%, iQOO Pro 5G version takes 53 minutes, and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G takes 70 minutes. It seems that iQOO Pro 5G version not only has a larger battery, but also has a faster battery return, which really helps our mobile phone life.

Final decision: try 5G in advance, and be flattered.

The 5G package has been commercialized, and the 5G era has arrived, so a 5G mobile phone naturally comes. I believe that when you look at the comparison between iQOO Pro 5G and Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, you will find that although they are both Snapdragon 855 Plus models and three thousand models with the same price, iQOO Pro 5G is more powerful in 5G network speed, game experience and charging speed, so its cost performance is relatively high. It seems that the complete coverage of subsequent 5G signals and the accelerated popularization of 5G mobile phones are really just around the corner.


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