This special reunion dinner is really delicious!

This special reunion dinner is really delicious!

Original title: This special reunion dinner is really delicious!

"Today’s annual meal is very fragrant and warm." On January 30, after eating a special reunion dinner at school, Wang Tongbang, a 2021 graduate student of the Department of Artificial Intelligence Education of Huazhong Normal University, said with emotion.

This year, a total of 161 students from Huazhong Normal University stayed in school for the New Year. On the day before New Year’s Eve, the school invited the students’ representatives who stayed in school during the winter vacation to have a "group annual banquet" and sent the students a New Year gift package and warm wishes. Although this special "Group Year Banquet" took the form of distributing box lunches and scattered meals, the students still lamented: "It smells good!" "I also feel at home when I stay in school for the New Year."

In a conference room in the Nanhu complex of the school, representatives of teachers and students communicate while eating lunch boxes. "I wish the students a prosperous and prosperous Year of the Tiger, and learn something!" The school leaders sent New Year greetings to the students who stayed in school for the New Year, asked about their study and life, and told everyone to pay attention to safety precautions, strengthen physical exercise, and communicate with family and friends more. If you encounter difficulties in life during your stay in school, the school will provide you with all kinds of help in time.

On the same day, Huazhong Normal University also prepared lunch boxes, Chinese New Year gift packages and Chinese New Year red envelopes for the students who did not attend the group annual banquet at the scene, which were collected by the heads of various training units and sent to the students’ dormitory. The delicious food and the warm words of the teachers moved the students deeply.

"Although I haven’t seen my family, it is also a special experience and growth opportunity for me to stay in school for the New Year." Yun Tianrun, a 2020 undergraduate from the School of Psychology in Hong Kong, said.

Li Bairong, a 2019 undergraduate from the School of Computer Science, is from Taiwan Province. He said that he was used to living in Wuhan and wanted to feel the Spring Festival in Hubei this year.

After receiving the gift package, Xing Xu, a 2018 doctoral student of China Rural Research Institute, said: "The concern and condolences of the school made me deeply feel the’ temperature of Chinese teachers’. Wuhan is very cold after the snow, but my heart is warm. Guizishan is my home in Wuhan. "

The reporter learned that in order to ensure that the students staying in school have a warm and happy New Year, in addition to ensuring normal meals during the winter vacation, Huazhong Normal University also provides free meals for the students staying in school from New Year’s Eve to the second day of the first month.

Hubei Daily All-Media Reporter Han Xiaoling Correspondent Wu Yan Party Botao

(Photo taken by correspondent Chen Xichang)

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