Game activities popular with players, welfare and interesting forms are indispensable!

Game activities popular with players, welfare and interesting forms are indispensable!

With the development of the times and the game industry, players have higher and higher requirements for the gameplay, content and activities. In particular, activities have changed a lot. Whether you can impress the gameplay before depends on the welfare of the activities. The more, the better; Now it is not only welfare, but also some players have certain requirements for the form of activities. The following games show the fun of the activity form to the fullest. Let’s take a look!

Danzai party

For many people, swings, bungee jumping and ferris wheel are all entertainment items in the playground. Now, these entertainment projects have come to Egg Party, which brings joy and laughter to all egg players. The most important thing is that all these recreational facilities on Egg Island are free to play. So how many entertainment facilities have been put online in this activity?

According to the official information, the entertainment facilities of this arrival include white and round bouncing rabbits, candy-matched swings, exciting bungee jumping, gentle and elegant gliding props, unique ferris wheel, accelerated drumming props and so on. In fact, I prefer bungee jumping, gliding props and accelerating drum props, focusing on a stimulus.

However, if you are playing with an object, swings and ferris wheels are good choices, and you can talk about your feelings and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you like noisy couples, I highly recommend that you try to play the rabbit, which is definitely a very happy experience.

Tianlong Babu Mobile Games

The "Dragon’s Eight Hands Tour" mobile game has also recently launched a very interesting activity-crazy turkey. It is said that in this activity, no baby turkey can escape the player’s poison. This activity requires 3-5 people to participate in a team. After the activity begins, players will stand in the center of the venue to meet the attack of eggs and bombs. Players need to move constantly in the square area to avoid the attacks of eggs and bombs.

Players who can’t escape will be miserable. They will lose blood when they are hit, and they will be dizzy when they are hit by bombs. Once you are dizzy for many times, it is estimated that you will directly GG. In addition, there will be a baby turkey in the center of the venue, that is, near the players. If you touch it, you will get points.

Other games are good luck, eat chicken tonight, and "Dragon Eight Hands Tour" is good luck, catch chicken tonight. However, this kind of activity similar to a small game is very interesting and much more fun than a task type activity.

Moyu mobile game

At the beginning of November, "Magic Hand Tour" also launched a very interesting activity-pumpkin dream. This activity gives me the feeling that the plot, play and activities are integrated into one. In forgetting farewell, players can experience a complete story through dreams-forgetting-fireworks-medicine-candy-hide and seek-farewell.

You can also combine two identical items into a high-level item to complete the tasks on the list of items. The whole game is a bit like playing chess.

Of course, the activity reward is also very rich, and the dream-catching crystal (activity token) obtained from the activity can be exchanged for various items in the store.

Do you also prefer this type of activity? What do you think about the increasingly interesting game activities? You can also leave a message in the comment area!


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