"Limited Memory" Farewell Concert NINEPERCENT Tears on the Stage Disband

"Limited Memory" Farewell Concert NINEPERCENT Tears on the Stage Disband

On October 12, NINEPERCENT held a "Limited Memory" farewell concert in Guangzhou. The stage exploded, fans cheered, and reluctantly disbanded. About 22 related hot searches such as "npc farewell concert" appeared on the list. And NINEPERCENT’s true farewell is not a graduation, not a concert, and the story is not over yet. The combined variety show "Limited Memory" will accompany NINE’s last journey.

"Limited Memory" farewell concert, NINEPERCENT shed tears on the stage and disbanded

The nine members of NINEPERCENT are the best selected by "Idol Trainee". The group has been formed for 18 months, and October 6 is the last day. The "Limited Memory" farewell concert held on October 12 is the last concert for the nine people to present to the fans.

NINEPERCENT’s "Limited Memories" farewell concert was held in the big "hot" Guangzhou, with a circular stage on all sides, allowing NINEPERCENT members to get up close and personal with fans, and the atmosphere of the scene exploded. That night, the nine members of NINEPERCENT each brought two solo tracks, a personal classic song represented the farewell to the past 18 months, and a song from the album "Limited Memories" represented the future. The reluctance to disband spread throughout the concert. So far, 22 related hot searches such as "npc farewell concert" have been listed, which shows the popularity and influence of NINEPERCENT. Fans have expressed: Although the group has disbanded, they are still looking forward to seeing NINEPERCENT at its peak in the future!

After the wonderful performance, the nine members of NINEPERCENT reported their farewell feelings and shed tears on the stage. The NINE’s waved their support sticks and were reluctant to disband! A song "Can’t Leave" sung by the NINEPERCENT members pushed the concert atmosphere to a climax! The nine members said: "Although NINEPERCENT is nominally over, our hearts are still together", "I hope everyone will not take the dissolution as the end, this is a new beginning for each of us".

"Dissolution is not the end of NINEPERCENT", accompanied by "Limited Memory"

The farewell concert of NINEPERCENT has ended perfectly, but the story of NINEPERCENT is still going on. In the broadcast of "Limited Memories" tailor-made for NINEPERCENT, the "record + interview" format will show more aspects of NINEPERCENT’s life. The protagonist of the first episode, You Changjing, recounts his experience of "participating in 500 games in 5 years" before his debut, and how he has digested the voice of doubt after his debut. Next, the other eight members of NINEPERCENT will also show the public the unknown mental journey behind the stage.

After the farewell concert of "Limited Memory", the members of NINEPERCENT will set off on their own journey, and "Limited Memory" freezes frame the best NINEPERCENT. As a gift from NINEPERCENT to fans after farewell, in addition to full of memories in the program, the nine members of NINEPERCENT will also confess their future development direction.

One episode of "Limited Memory" has been broadcast, and there are nine more exciting content. It is reported that the next issue will exclusively reveal the behind-the-scenes shooting process of Zhu Zhengting’s first personal MV. "Limited Memory" is broadcast exclusively on iQIYI VIP every Thursday at 12 noon, so stay tuned!


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