The first entry-level BYD Han EV Champion Car Purchase Manual

The first entry-level BYD Han EV Champion Car Purchase Manual

In the past year, BYD has undoubtedly become the top stream of the new energy market. In the new wave of price reduction, although BYD did not participate in the price reduction, the newly launched champion version lowered the entry threshold of the whole vehicle in disguise at a lower price range, which also attracted the attention of many consumers. The BYD Han EV Champion Edition, which was recently launched, has launched five models with configuration versions, with the price range of 209.8-299.8 million yuan. Compared with the old version, the price of the Champion Edition has been lowered, and a new model with a battery life of 506 kilometers has been added. At the same time, the configuration has also been upgraded. Next, let’s take a look, which version of the new Han EV Champion Edition is more worth buying?

506km predecessor distinguished type

Guide price: 209,800 yuan

First of all, the entry-level version of the 506km predecessor distinguished model, compared with the standard battery life version of 21 models, the battery capacity is reduced from 64.8 kWh to 60.48 kWh, and the battery life is 506 km from the NEDC of the old model to 506 km from the CLTC of today. You know, CLTC is more virtual than NEDC in battery life data. The power of the motor has been reduced from the old 163kW to the new 150kW, but the suspension system has been upgraded and the FSD damping system has been added.

In terms of configuration, such functions as L2 intelligent assisted driving, DiLink 4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system, panoramic sunroof, hidden door handle, keyless entry/start, battery preheating, external discharge, 12.3-inch LCD instrument, 15.6-inch central control panel, LED headlights, adaptive far and near light, ambient light, induction wiper and automatic air conditioner. Compared with the 21 standard endurance versions, the configuration has more functions such as electric trunk, ambient light, heat pump air conditioner, DiLink car and 5G network. Generally speaking, after the price reduction of 10,000 yuan, the configuration performance of the 506km predecessor distinguished model is still relatively cost-effective.

605km predecessor distinguished type

Guide price: 229,800 yuan

The next 605km predecessor distinguished model is 20,000 yuan higher in price. First, the battery life is increased from 506km to 605km, and the motor power is upgraded from 150kW to 168kW. In addition to the upgrade of power life, in the configuration, there are more functions such as parallel line assistance, door opening warning, rear collision warning, reversing car side warning, etc., and the audio system is upgraded to a 12-speaker Dana audio.

715km predecessor honor type

Guide price: 259,800 yuan

The price of the 715km predecessor distinguished model is 30,000 yuan higher than that of the 605km predecessor distinguished model, and the power and endurance are also further upgraded. The endurance of CLTC is increased from 605km to 715km, and the motor power is upgraded from 168kW to 180kW. In the configuration, there are more functions such as HUD head-up display, co-pilot ventilation and heating function, and main driver seat memory. Generally speaking, the extra 30,000 yuan is mainly for upgrading the endurance configuration.

715km precursor flagship type

Guide price: 279,800 yuan

The next flagship model has increased the price by 20,000 yuan compared with the distinguished model. The configuration has more functions such as fatigue driving reminder, automatic parking, automatic lane change assistance, steering wheel heating, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, etc. At the same time, the steering wheel and seats are upgraded to leather materials. This version mainly upgrades the comfort function and configuration. If the budget is sufficient and the function is concerned, you can choose this version.

610km four-wheel drive flagship type

Guide price: 299,800 yuan

The biggest change in this version lies in the adjustment of the power system, which is upgraded from a single-motor front drive to a front-rear dual-motor four-wheel drive. The comprehensive motor power is increased from 180kW to 380kW, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is increased from 7.9s to 3.9s s. In addition, although the battery power has not changed, the cruising range is reduced from 715km to 610km due to the energy consumption problem of the four-wheel drive. In the configuration, there are many functions, such as steering wheel memory, sports seat, two-row seat electric adjustment, two-row seat heating/ventilation, two-row seat backrest adjustment, rear multimedia, car fragrance, Brembo brake, DiSus-C intelligent electronic control active suspension and so on. This version is still very attractive to consumers who like passionate driving.

Conclusion:Judging from the five configuration models launched by the Champion Edition, in fact, the entry-level version is already full in configuration, which is very suitable for some pragmatic consumer groups. If there is a high requirement for battery life, then the 715km predecessor distinguished model can fully meet the demand. If there is a higher pursuit for driving control, then the four-wheel drive flagship model may be a good choice.


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