Food insurance, Xiong Haizi insurance, mobile phone broken screen insurance … Are these novel insurances reliable?

Food insurance, Xiong Haizi insurance, mobile phone broken screen insurance … Are these novel insurances reliable?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Wang Aona, Cao Yiming) Afraid of eating your stomach, Xiong Haizi damaging the goods in the shopping mall, and accidentally breaking the screen of your mobile phone? Maybe the insurance company has already thought of it for you.

  Nowadays, novel Internet insurance products such as "food insurance", "Xiong Haizi insurance" and "mobile phone broken screen insurance" attract more and more consumers’ attention. Are these new types of insurance reliable? How do insurance companies design these products? What should I pay attention to when buying Internet insurance?

  Internet plus Insurance meets the individual needs of users.

  "Remember those years because of greed and sin? Then why not take out a food insurance to make yourself more secure? " The reporter saw in a shop of Taobao Insurance that the purchase of this food insurance premium only needs 9 yuan, and in the following year, if you are hospitalized or out-patient for acute gastroenteritis, you can pay 1000 yuan the highest.

  There are not a few unexpected Internet innovation insurances like "food insurance". These special insurances with low premium, short guarantee period and strong interest have attracted more and more insurance online consumption. Among them, 0.9 yuan can take out the "occasional minor injury insurance", the protection period is one to three months, and the maximum compensation for accidental injuries during this period is 2,000 yuan. "January5" who bought this insurance said: "Spend a little money to buy peace of mind." There is also the "Xiong Haizi Insurance" which costs 8 yuan a whole year. Children under the age of 17 can get compensation for breaking shopping mall vases or school glass.

  It is not difficult to see that Internet insurance has expanded more application scenarios in traditional property insurance and personal insurance, such as "Wang Xingbao" to protect the medical expenses caused by pet injuries, "Mobile phone broken screen insurance" for "hand-sliding party" and "beautiful as a flower insurance" for plastic surgery accidents. Compared with traditional insurance, these Internet insurances developed based on specific scenarios meet the short-term personalized segmentation insurance needs of users.

  Chen Jin, CEO of Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd., said that the Internet has changed the traditional business pattern. The core of the Internet economy is customer demand-oriented, and so is the insurance market. It is these massive, small and fragmented insurance policies that greatly lower the threshold of insurance and cultivate the new consumption habits of the younger generation to buy insurance.

  Scenario innovation insurance is both a slogan and a risk.

  Relying on the rapid substitution of Internet insurance for some standardized traditional insurance and the incremental market brought by innovative products, the innovative business of Internet insurance has maintained rapid growth.

  According to statistics, in 2017, the number of Internet insurance signs was 12.491 billion, an increase of 102.60%, of which accident insurance was 1.592 billion, an increase of 539.26%; 1.032 billion liability insurance, an increase of 438.25%. It is precisely because of the prospect of rapid development of Internet insurance that more and more Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu and JD.COM are competing to lay out in this field.

  Chen Jin believes that with the advancement of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the power of science and technology has begun to reshape the product design, pricing, sales and claims of the insurance value chain. Taking product design as an example, Internet insurance companies cut in to acquire customers from e-commerce transactions, online payment, online travel and other scenarios, and collect, process and analyze user data in various ecosystems, making many risks become insurable from non-insurable. For example, relying on the user’s purchase history, return frequency and other data, provide online shopping return insurance; Provide flight delay insurance by analyzing flight dynamics, travel frequency, weather conditions and other data.

  "In the product pricing process, the combination of the Internet of Vehicles, drones, wearable devices and big data technology will help insurance companies better grasp the needs and risks of users and realize ‘ Thousands of people have thousands of faces ’ Dynamic pricing of. For example, in the field of auto insurance, we can rely on Internet big data to achieve accurate &lsquo according to the multi-dimensional factors such as driving mileage, behavior habits and vehicle safety factor of the owner; One car for one price ’ 。” Chen Jin said, "The future of Internet insurance should be personalized, customized and intelligent."

  It is worth noting that while Internet insurance brings convenience to consumers, there are also potential risks.

  The Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued a risk warning that "eye-catching" products may be misleading. Some insurance institutions have launched so-called "eye-catching" products for one-sided pursuit of attention and sales volume, and there are some problems such as nonstandard publicity content, inconsistent or incomplete display of format terms contained in web pages, and unclear exemption clauses, which are suspected of misleading consumers. In addition, some online platforms hide "tying", selling some insurance products by default checking on their ticketing and hotel reservation pages, failing to clearly list the underwriting subject or agent sales subject, and failing to fully disclose relevant important information such as insurance product terms, which infringes on consumers’ rights and interests such as the right to know and the right to choose independently.

  Is it innovation or flicker? It is also necessary to strengthen supervision

  Wang Yonghua, a visiting researcher at the Insurance Center of the Development Research Institute of Fudan University, said that if it is an insurance product, the first thing is insurance. In the name of mutual aid, some institutions are ostensibly insurance, but what they actually do is to raise funds for people. Some "exotic risks" may be controversial in claims because of their special scenes, and insurance companies may also try their best to expand sales, but ignore claims.

  "From the consumer’s point of view, you should not be impulsive before buying, and you should fully understand the product. It should be understood that buying insurance is a way to protect extreme risks, not to make a fortune. Even wealth management products can only provide very limited value-added. " Wang Yonghua said.

  Xia Xuemin, a visiting researcher in institute for public policy, Zhejiang University, believes that Internet insurance has many advantages, such as flexibility, low issuance and sales costs, and many institutions, even those without insurance business qualifications, have started to "scratch the edge" and launched many strange so-called Internet insurance products, and some even directly violated the national regulatory rules on insurance.

  At the beginning of 2017, the relevant departments issued the Guidelines for the Development of Insurance Products of Property Insurance Companies, which for the first time refined the principles and prohibitive provisions for the development of insurance products of property insurance companies, and directed the supervision at property insurance products with hype concepts and gimmicky tendencies in the market, such as "sticker insurance", "love insurance" and "helping the elderly to be wrongly insured".

  Cao Xingquan, a professor at the School of Civil and Commercial Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, said that the insurance law stipulates the approval and filing mechanism for product development, and the so-called "innovation" that does not conform to the insurance principle should be controlled by the government through strict implementation.

  Xia Xuemin suggested that blacklists and integrity files of Internet insurance should be established, reporting channels should be opened, and users should be encouraged to actively reflect suspicious institutions and products, and online exposure should be made for unqualified sales of Internet insurance and illegal cross-border agency of Internet insurance products.


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