[See you at 8 o’clock] Official announcement! Corruption-related personnel are not allowed to be released on parole for this behavior.

[See you at 8 o’clock] Official announcement! Corruption-related personnel are not allowed to be released on parole for this behavior.

  At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.

  [Follow] Official announcement! Corruption-related personnel are not allowed to be released on parole for this behavior.

  According to the website of the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Court recently issued the Supplementary Provisions on the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Cases of Commutation and Parole. The Supplementary Provisions make it clear that criminals who were originally state functionaries who were sentenced for corruption and bribery, refused to plead guilty and repent, or did not perform or did not fully perform the property judgment in the effective judgment, were not granted parole, and generally did not receive commutation.


  The deflagration accident of Fangda Special Steel has caused 2 deaths and 8 injuries. Investigation on the listed supervision accident in Jiangxi Province

  According to the Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Department, as of 13: 00 on May 31, the deflagration accident of Fangda Special Steel Company in Nanchang has caused two deaths and eight injuries (six of them are in critical condition). According to the relevant laws and regulations, the Nanchang Municipal Government has set up an accident investigation team to carry out accident investigation, and the Jiangxi Provincial Safety Committee Office has listed and supervised the accident investigation, and will interview the person in charge of Fangda Group Industrial Co., Ltd. in the near future.

  The new version of foreigner visa, group visa and residence permit is so long!

  The State Administration of Immigration issued an announcement on May 31, deciding to enable the new version of foreigners’ visas, group visas and residence permits. The exit-entry administration departments of public security organs nationwide began to issue the new version of foreigners’ visas, group visas and residence permits from June 1, and stopped issuing the current version of foreigners’ visas, special economic zone tourist visas, group visas and residence permits. Special economic zone tourist visa business uses the new version of the visa to make and issue.

  Nearly 100 ancient tombs have been found in Tsinghua University, but no funerary objects have been found yet.

  On May 31st, it was reported that an ancient tomb was discovered during the construction of the northern side of Six Religions in Tsinghua University. According to Tsinghua University’s news about WeChat WeChat official account, 87 tombs of Ming and Qing Dynasties and 5 tombs of Han Dynasty have been discovered this time. The excavation work is not over yet, and the exact figures need to be further discovered and verified. As the funerary objects have not been found yet, the specific archaeological value has yet to be confirmed. According to the on-site staff, in addition to the bones, there are items such as copper coins at the excavation site.

  Beijing: The number of smokers has decreased by 200,000 after the implementation of the tobacco control regulations for four years.

  May 31st is the fourth anniversary of the implementation of the Regulations on Smoking Control in Beijing. Since the implementation of the Regulations, Beijing 12320 hotline has received 50126 complaints and reports on tobacco control, and the top three places for complaints and reports are office buildings, restaurants and entertainment places, accounting for 40.3%, 24.5% and 9.8% of the total complaints respectively. The rate of illegal smoking in public places decreased from 34.4% to 4.9%, a decrease of 85.8%; The adult smoking rate in Beijing decreased from 23.4% in 2014 to 22.3%, and the number of smokers decreased by 200,000. The exposure rate of secondhand smoke decreased from 35.7% to 20%, a decrease of 15.7 percentage points, and the number of people exposed to secondhand smoke decreased by 2.8 million.

  Beijing’s first bicycle lane opens

  On May 31st, the first bicycle lane in Beijing was put into trial operation. Bicycle lanes are totally enclosed, with a total length of 6.5 kilometers. They start from Huilongguan in Changping District in the east and end at Houchangcun Road in Haidian District in the west. There are 8 entrances and exits, and the speed of cycling does not exceed 15 kilometers per hour. Pedestrians, electric bicycles and other vehicles are prohibited from entering. After opening, it will directly serve about 11,600 commuters along the line, effectively alleviating the traffic pressure between Huilongguan and Shangdi on Metro Line 13 and improving the regional green travel environment.

  Li Guowen, former member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, accepted disciplinary review and supervision investigation.

  According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Li Guowen, former member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress, is under disciplinary review and supervision investigation.

  In 2018, the top ten online terms in China were announced, and koi fish, Buddhism and skr were selected.

  On the morning of May 31, the Report on Language Life in China (2019) released by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission showed that ten words, such as koi fish, Buddhism and skr, became the annual online terms in 2018.

  These top 10 online terms include: koi fish, Bar Jing, skr, Buddhism, Confirmed Eyes, Official Announcements, C-position, earthy love words, peeling, burning my calories. When explaining "skr", the report pointed out that the word originally refers to the rubbing sound of automobile tires, and then it quickly became popular with the frequent use of a pop singer in variety shows, and was imitated and spread by netizens. When you encounter something recognized, you will use skr to express your admiration and praise.


  Eleven people have been killed and six injured in a shooting in Virginia, USA.

  On Friday afternoon local time, a shooting incident occurred in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, killing 11 people and injuring 6 others. It is reported that the gunman has been killed by the police.

  Caressing Nara deer or causing it to be "abandoned" conservation groups: don’t touch it!

  According to Japanese media reports on May 31st, Nara Park, a famous tourist attraction in Japan, is now at the peak of deer birth. Local conservation groups have called for the doe to stop taking care of the deer if it is infected with the smell of people, so if tourists see the deer, "don’t touch it."

  American man sued Delta Air Lines for being bitten by a dog on the plane and leaving a scar on his face.

  According to US media reports, Marlin Jackson, a man from Alabama, filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines on May 31, claiming that in 2017, an emotional support dog of a passenger of Delta Air Lines attacked him on a flight.

  According to reports, litigation documents show that on the flight from Atlanta to San Diego, Jackson was sitting in a window seat, and a passenger’s "big dog" suddenly attacked him, bit his face and forced him to cling to the window of the plane. He is suing the airline for an unknown amount, claiming that the company failed to ensure his safety and allowed the dog to board the plane without proper restraint.

  Nearly half of Chileans rely on self-study to watch American TV plays in English.

  According to foreign media reports, the "Global English Learning Report" conducted by Yuguan Survey Network shows that 49% of Chilean respondents teach themselves English by watching American TV shows. The report said: "In developing countries, such as Indonesia and Chile, people are more inclined to master some English skills through self-study." In Germany, 93% of the respondents learn English through school teaching.


  The driver refused to take the drunk passenger and was responded by dripping.

  Recently, a drip driver refused to carry a drunk passenger and was beaten, which triggered a heated discussion. On May 31, Didi explained that on the evening of the 27th, Master Qin, the driver of Didi in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, was beaten by five drunken passengers during the service and was injured and hospitalized. According to the audio and video evidence, the driver refused to take the taxi, and Didi would permanently stop providing taxi service to the taxi driver. At present, Master Qin is in stable condition and is recovering.

  In 2019, the mountaineering season on the China side of Mount Everest ended, with 241 people reaching the summit, 2 rescued and 2 killed.

  The press conference on Mount Everest in Xizang Autonomous Region in 2019 was held in Lhasa on May 31st. The People’s Government of Xizang Autonomous Region released the relevant data of the climbing season on the China side of Mount Everest in 2019. A total of 241 people climbed the world’s highest mountain from the north slope of Mount Everest in Xizang Autonomous Region, China, and two foreign climbers were rescued in distress and died due to physical discomfort.

  The Guangdong police’s Hurricane 2019 operation destroyed more than 300 criminal gangs in five months.

  On May 31st, the press conference held by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department reported that the Guangdong police’s "Hurricane 2019" special campaign launched 34 "Hurricane" cluster campaigns from January to May, destroying more than 300 criminal gangs and arresting more than 5,400 criminal suspects, successfully cracking a number of criminal cases, effectively driving the province’s criminal alert and criminal filing down by 16.4% and 9.6% respectively.

  A fire broke out in a KTV building in Changchun.

  On the morning of May 31, a fire broke out in a KTV building near the intersection of Changchun Street and Dajing Road in Changchun City. At 10 o’clock in the morning, firefighters were carrying out fire fighting work. The building where the fire broke out was unrecognizable, and the fire was under control, but there was still an open flame in the building. It is not clear whether there are any casualties.


  80 yuan also sent a cheering T-shirt to announce the highest fare for the national football warm-up match.

  Weibo, the official of China Football Team, announced the ticket price of the national football warm-up match in June. The highest price is only 80 yuan, and you can also get a cheering T-shirt.

  According to the information released by China Football Team Weibo, the tickets for this warm-up match are divided into three stages: 30 yuan, 50 yuan and 80 yuan, and all spectators who buy tickets for the match can receive a T-shirt for China team for free on the match day.


  [Xia Gengen] The only boy wears a wedding dress to shoot graduation photo.

  Graduation photo, a special student of Northwest Normal University, became popular on the Internet, with a boy wearing a wedding dress and 28 girls wearing suits surrounding him. A group of special graduation photo popular networks in Northwest Normal University in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, have been dubbed by netizens as "the funniest graduation photo of the year". Xia Gengen, the hero in the photo, said, "We don’t want to be unconventional or eye-catching. We just want to leave a good memory for graduation photo in the class. As long as the students are happy, I am not afraid of other people’s opinions and ridicule. "

  [Wang Yongfeng] We must be in awe of nature.

  At the end of the climbing season on the China side of Mount Everest in 2019, Wang Yongfeng, Vice Chairman of chinese mountaineering association, told the climbers in an interview on May 31 that they must be awed by nature, and introduced chinese mountaineering association’s efforts to ensure the safety of climbers on Mount Everest. Besides, enjoying the process is more important than reaching the top.

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