Blacklist, duty on the road, exam! There is always a takeaway brother who is "suitable" for traffic violations.

Blacklist, duty on the road, exam! There is always a takeaway brother who is "suitable" for traffic violations.

CCTV News:Shanghai Pudong police recently notified several major traffic accidents involving take-away riders and punished the enterprises involved.

As can be seen from the monitoring screen, in October last year, two take-away riders drove electric cars in tandem on the non-motor vehicle lane in order to save time. As a result, the rear rider mishandled and ran into the front car, causing the rear rider to fall to the ground and be injured. He died after being rescued by the hospital. On January 2 this year, when a man was driving a two-wheeled scooter, he collided with a takeaway rider who was driving in the opposite direction. The man fell and was injured and died after being treated by the hospital.

Takeaway riders are ordered to rectify traffic violations.

According to the statistics of the traffic police department on the types of traffic violations committed by take-away riders in January 2019, the number of times of "driving electric bicycles in reverse" was 1777, ranking first in traffic violations. For the case that the main responsibility of traffic safety management of take-away enterprises is not implemented in place, the traffic police department also imposed fines on several take-away enterprises and full-time traffic safety management personnel of enterprises and ordered them to make rectification.

A takeaway rider was blacklisted for repeatedly breaking the law.

In the list of take-away riders with frequent traffic violations by take-away enterprises in Pudong New Area in January 2019, a take-away rider broke the law 13 times in one month, with a score as high as 40 points, and was finally blacklisted by take-away enterprises, becoming the first case in Pudong New Area to be blacklisted by take-away enterprises due to traffic violations.

Li Chun, head of Shanghai regional security of a takeaway enterprise:Deduct 36 points in a quarter, which shows that you are a rider who often violates the law. Our company considers others for its own sake, so we pull the black with the industry.

Score management for riders’ traffic violations.

Since the end of 2017, the traffic police department in Pudong, Shanghai has worked out the "Traffic Civilization Scoring Method" in consultation with the express delivery and take-away enterprises within its jurisdiction, and managed the rider’s traffic violations through the "Take-away Traffic Civilization" APP with personal information.

Lu Wei, Captain of Che Xuan Brigade of Traffic Police Detachment of Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau:For other riders with scores over 24 to 36, we ask them to be on duty for an hour on the road to carry out voluntary activities of traffic civilization. There are also some riders who break the law more, and we ask them to pass online tests to improve their awareness of law-abiding.


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