Zhengzhou issued a yellow warning for heavy pollution weather.

Zhengzhou issued a yellow warning for heavy pollution weather.

According to the provincial and municipal air quality forecast and consultation results, Zhengzhou will experience a round of moderate-severe pollution from January 11th. According to the requirements of joint prevention and control of heavy polluted weather in Henan Province and the Notice of the General Office of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Distributing the Emergency Plan for Heavy Polluted Weather in Zhengzhou City (Zheng Zheng Ban [2023] No.43), Zhengzhou issued a yellow warning for heavy polluted weather, and started the Class III response of heavy polluted weather at 18: 00 on January 10, 2024.

During the yellow warning period, citizens should do a good job in health protection. Children, the elderly and susceptible people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases should stay indoors, and protective measures should be taken if they really need to go out; The general population should reduce outdoor sports and outdoor work time. If it is inevitable, it is recommended to take protective measures.

Advocate public green consumption and green travel, try to travel by public transport or electric vehicles, stop the car in time, and reduce the idle running time of the vehicle; Advocate public green life and reduce energy consumption.

Relevant departments should implement emission reduction measures for industrial sources, dust sources, mobile sources and non-point sources. Including the National Fourth Diesel Truck, it is forbidden to drive into the south of the North Fourth Ring Road (Dahe Road, excluding this road), the west of the East Fourth Ring Road (including this road), the north of the South Fourth Ring Road (including this road), and the east of the West Fourth Ring Road (even Huo Expressway is not allowed in the area).

This round of early warning is expected to be lifted on January 15, and the specific lifting time is subject to the official notice according to the results of the consultation and judgment.

(Zhengguan journalist Qi Qijuan trainee reporter Huang Qiyue)



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