The games I played as a child and the words I wrote at the end

The games I played as a child and the words I wrote at the end

The games I played as a child and the words I wrote at the end

Hello, hello, friends. I have written several issues on the topic of childhood games. The rest of the little game wants to be made into an issue. After these issues, this topic will come to an end.

When I was a child, I lived in the countryside. Besides helping adults, I went out to have fun with my friends every day. Although there are not so many electronic products and game machines, we have a world of our own, sometimes in the yard, sometimes in the alley, sometimes in the streets and lanes, and sometimes in the wilderness or in the ravine canal. These places are always full of laughter. Let’s see what other childhood games are there. Let’s review them together.

The first is hide and seek.

Hide-and-seek is usually a game played by children, which is very interesting. Find a hidden place to hide and others will look for it. If he finds it, it will be his turn to find someone else. This game is suitable for some old houses or places with complex terrain, and it is full of adventure spirit. Sometimes, you will find some surprises that even adults can’t find at ordinary times.

Second marble

For a while, everyone will bring their beloved marbles, that is, glass balls, which are all green at first, and then some people will bring colorful ones, which is really arrogant! When you play, you will find a flat ground on the roadside or in the community, dig a few small holes and row the line. Whoever can bounce the ball in will win the opponent, and there are other ways to play, but in any case, we will try our best to win.

The third is bungee jumping.

Girls play bungee jumping games a lot. Need two or more people to play together. You need to tie the rubber band to your ankle, then jump over the rubber band flexibly and make various movements in the air. I have to sing, I believe everyone has heard of it.

The fourth is skipping rope.

Jumping rope is not the same as bungee jumping. At that time, skipping rope was generally hemp rope, which was very simple. Find a flat ground first, and then start skipping rope. There are competitions to see who jumps more times, and there are also many people jumping together. That kind of jumping is called jumping a strong rope, which needs to jump together and fall together. It is very lively.

The fifth is throwing sandbags.

Boys and girls can play the game of throwing sandbags. Draw a grid on the ground. The first player should quickly run into the grid and follow the drawn route. The outsiders throw sandbags at him, and the people inside either catch sandbags or avoid them, so as not to hit the body with sandbags as much as possible. Looking at their crooked and embarrassed appearance in order to hide from sandbags, everyone was so happy that they couldn’t keep back.

The sixth is kicking shuttlecock.

Shuttlecock kicking is never out of date, and there are still people playing it in the community now. At that time, most people played alone to see who played the most, and some people played in a big circle like now. I didn’t buy the shuttlecock, I made it all by myself. Sometimes, the shuttlecock kicked into the tree and couldn’t get it off, so I climbed up the tree and shook it down.

Besides, there are some games and toys. These lost childhood toys and games, though seemingly simple, are the most precious memories. In the process of playing these simple games,

However, it contains a lot of quaint ideas, full of rich imagination and small dreams, which makes the childhood life of material poverty rich and colorful. At the end of 2023, people always like to summarize and recall. Let’s throw away the past unhappiness and enter the new year of 2024. I wish everyone a childlike innocence forever, always young, and still a teenager when they return! (December 6, 2023)


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