[Old Ghost Watching] The Premier League single-pass SMG Manchester United and Arsenal win.

[Old Ghost Watching] The Premier League single-pass SMG Manchester United and Arsenal win.

Last night, Manchester United won the first title in the last five years, and casemiro, who headed the ball first in the game, contributed a lot. The Brazilian midfielder with strong fighting spirit is a natural winner. casemiro has played in various finals in his last nine times, and all the teams he played for have successfully won the championship and won the cup! Phil Jones also said after the game that casemiro is the spiritual leader of Manchester United.

Manchester United coach Tenhage’s number one goal before the season was De Jong of Barcelona, but as a result, he changed to casemiro. At that time, many fans thought it was a wrong decision to sign a 31-year-old midfielder with 60 million pounds, but casemiro proved his influence. This game is the 17th time that the Brazilian international has played in the Cup finals over the years, and he has won 15 of them, including the last 9 finals, all of which have won the championship, and four of them are Champions League finals. casemiro’s Champions League final in 2017 is also a key goal to lead Juventus.

Phil Jones, almost forgotten by Manchester United fans, has no chance to play this season, but he also feels the influence of casemiro: "casemiro has calmed the Manchester United team, and his leadership and game style have great influence on his teammates. As long as he is in the squad, you will see that this Manchester United is the most successful Manchester United in recent years." After the game, casemiro was photographed arguing with bruno fernandez about the specific details of the game. Fans all praised casemiro for winning many championships, and he was still persistent about what he didn’t do well in the game. He was definitely a natural winner!

Newcastle United lost the Carling Cup final last night. Before this game, the focus was goalkeeper carius. After 728 days, he played in the official game for the first time, and one kick was the final. Many fans were worried that something would happen to this goalkeeper with a criminal record of "butterfingers". However, the German goalkeeper’s performance in this game was excellent, and he made eight successful saves. He was not responsible for the two goals conceded by Newcastle United in the game, but carius’s performance won applause from fans.

Due to the suspension of Pope, the main starting goalkeeper, and Martin Dubrav, the No.2 goalkeeper, was not qualified to play in the game, which made carius have to be ordered to check the situation. He also saved eight shots with high catches and low blocks. After the game, Eddie Howe, the head coach of Newcastle United, said: "He played very well and comprehensively, and even scored very well. When we were behind, carius made a wonderful save, and he could be proud of his performance today."

Fans praised carius’s performance in the Carling Cup final, but the gloves he wore in this game were hotly debated by many people. A pair of brown gloves were very "retro", and a large number of fans left messages: "Are these gloves from World War II?"? Why is it the same as my grandfather’s gloves? "I know carius hasn’t played for a long time. Should I go to the workshop to find a pair of gloves temporarily?"

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