Original inventory of Aauto Quicker’s top ten most influential online celebrity, Simba ranked unexpectedly, and Shijiazhuang Gou Lei was on the list.

Original inventory of Aauto Quicker’s top ten most influential online celebrity, Simba ranked unexpectedly, and Shijiazhuang Gou Lei was on the list.

Original title: Counting the top ten most influential online celebrity in Aauto Quicker, Simba was unexpectedly ranked, and Shijiazhuang Gou Lei was on the list.

Since the establishment of Aauto Quicker, many people have achieved fame and benefits, and gained a lot. Because their fame comes from the Internet, they are called online celebrity.

They have the same aura as the stars. There are countless people who like and worship them. They are willing to brush gifts for them, buy their products and even do everything they can for them.

Because of this, their influence is enormous, and their ability to organize and mobilize is super strong. Although some online celebrity can’t be broadcast live, their fans are still so iron and have been maintaining.

Taking stock today, who do you like best among the top ten most influential online celebrity in Aauto Quicker?

Tenth place: Zimbabwean aspiring (818)

He is a big brother in Aauto Quicker today, with a fan base close to 100 million yuan and a strong selling ability. However, he is lacking in life and a little arrogant, which is why many people don’t like him. He is a businessman with only interests in his eyes and no friends. Therefore, he is also the only person on the Internet who has no friends.

In his eyes, money can solve any problem. He thinks that spending money to increase fans in your live broadcast room is a fair deal, but ignores the fatal point, that is friendship. Because there are many things that can’t be measured by money. Therefore, many people spit out that he is the "king" with the least pattern and friendship.

Ninth place: Gaudi (Di Jiajun, Frozen Jiajun)

He is the original singer of "One Drunk by Drinking", tall and handsome, handsome and natural, taking the idol route, with a lot of iron powder behind his ass. Although he is married, he is still the dream lover in the eyes of many girls.

Recently, because the video of his "real" Simba apprentice’s balls exploded the whole network two years ago, he boarded a hot search.

Eighth place: Bai Xiaobai (321st Brigade)

From the duet actor to online celebrity, and then to the famous domestic singer, Bai Xiaobai’s road to fame is smooth. People of all ages have his fans, and there are many widely sung songs. The most important thing is that he has no scandal.

Recently, it was reported that Bai Xiaobai had already got married and had children, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens. His wife is very beautiful and her name is Dong He. He was also a duet actor. I heard that I am currently pregnant and ready to give birth to a girl.

Seventh place: Sanda Brother (Sanda Family)

Brother Sanda, because he often stays up late to broadcast live, he has poor hearing in one ear, which is also called "one ear". Because Sanda brother is known as the official "disciplinary committee member" in Aauto Quicker, someone named him "note beating".

Although there are more than 50 million fans, only a few thousand people watch it online in the live broadcast room, and the annoying fans name people "three thousand dozen".

Even so, Sanda Brother is still one of the most influential figures in Aauto Quicker, and has a prominent position among the major families in Aauto Quicker and is highly respected.

Sixth place: Erziye (Blue Shorts Brigade)

The second son, once one of the "three brothers of the donkey family", was called the godfather of gossip, the leader of high-end gossip, with first-class eloquence, intelligence and countless iron powders. The family’s fighting capacity is super strong, and once fought against Xianyang, it did not fall in the wind.

Fifth place: Tianjin Lisi (NZBZ)

Tianjin Lisi, formerly known as Yan Huasheng, is a veritable third generation of rich people. Before playing the Internet, he was already rich. He was a soldier and had all kinds of skills.

I remember the second son said that he played the Internet from a customer. With his growing fame, he gradually established the nzbz family. The family is not only powerful, but also cohesive. The spending power of fans is also very powerful.

Fourth place: Er Donkey’s (Donkey Family Class)

Two Donkeys, the king of entertainment talk shows in Aauto Quicker, has more than 40 million fans because of his funny and humorous live broadcast style. He used to be the king of popularity and income in Aauto Quicker from 2018 to 2019. Because of his high income, Aauto Quicker changed the cash withdrawal rules for him alone. (In the past, the maximum daily withdrawal was 100,000 yuan, but now it is 200,000 yuan).

Although it is now changed to e-commerce, people who like him still like it after all. Iron powder has always been there.

Third place: Shijiazhuang Gou Lei (no problem) Lei Jiajun

There is nothing wrong with Shijiazhuang, the originator of Internet Blackness. It can be said that Aauto Quicker is a veteran-level Internet sensation. Both his online qualifications and his fluent language are admirable, especially his idiosyncrasies, which are very real.

Because of the affair with A Niu Jr., something was found out again. It’s been a few months since I entered the palace, but now both of them are inside, and I don’t know if they are studying in a "university".

Second place: Qi Tiandao (Xiaotian) ~ Parents Group

Laughing with you at five o’clock every day, the outdoor male god Qi Tiandao, in Aauto Quicker, the name of the parents’ group is well known, and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, he was previously "walked" to "famous university" for fraud, and after several years of further study, he finally came out to turn over a new leaf.

A few days ago, leading the disciples to climb Mount Tai again indicates that the pace of return is getting closer and closer. If not unexpected, it will be premiered this month.

First place: abbot MC ~ (the door will last forever)

He is the most authentic and kind anchor of the whole network. He is bursting with positive energy and has a big pattern of thieves. It is not too much to describe him with indomitable spirit, openness and aboveboard. He is known as Aauto Quicker’s traffic password, the top stream of entertainment talk shows. The king of popularity, the king of talk shows.

Who do you like best? Welcome to leave a message below!

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