Heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Original title: heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Original title: heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

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2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show

Time: June 10th-11th (this Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: Qingdao Guoxin Stadium (No.3 Yinchuan East Road, Laoshan District)

Organizer: peninsula metropolis daily

A large outdoor auto show is coming! It’s in a prime location in downtown Qingdao! From June 10th to 11th, that is, this Saturday and Sunday, the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium (No.3 Yinchuan East Road). At that time, more than 200 new cars of more than 60 brands will be unveiled, including luxury cars that riders love and new energy vehicles that are currently hot. The horizontal comparison is more convenient, and there are surprises when talking about discounts. This auto show should not be missed!

Luxury brands are the "vanguard"More than 200 mainstream models were unveiled.

For the auto show audience, what they like most is that all the "Italian cars" can be unveiled at the auto show, so it is more convenient to see and choose cars, and the auto show will not be in vain. In this regard, the organizers of this exhibition have made great efforts to collect mainstream hot-selling brands and models on the market at present. The reporter made a rough count. More than 200 models of more than 60 brands were unveiled at the exhibition and circled on the runway of Guoxin Stadium, which is convenient for the audience to watch slowly and choose carefully.

The brands participating in the auto show are mostly the strength in the market. Including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Hyper, Subaru, Jeep, Smart, BYD, Tengshi, AITO Wenjie, Feifan Automobile, Gaohe Automobile, Xpeng Motors, Hyperplatinum, Lantu, Zero Run Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Extremely Fox, Ford Electric Horse, Great Wall Haval, Wei Pai, Deep Blue Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, etc. Changan Mazda, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Automobile, Lectra, SAIC Roewe, Auchan Automobile, FAW Pentium, MG MG, Dongfeng Scenery, Landelectric Automobile, Beijing Automobile and Hechuang Automobile were confirmed to appear at the auto show.

Luxury brands are the "vanguard", and the era of changing cars for consumers has been going on. Luxury models of more than 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan are the first choice, with high quality and good arrangement, which means that their life is getting better and better. The most important thing is that the prices of luxury models are very cheap now. Take Lincoln Z as an example, the body length is close to the 5-meter mark, and the ultra-wide central control screen is used, which directly extends from the driving side to the co-pilot side, which is quite scientific and technological, and the price is less than 25%. In addition, like the Land Rover Discovery Sports car, the current discount is more than 100,000 yuan, and the plug-in hybrid model can be won at a minimum of 280,000 yuan. You can also hang a green card, eliminating the purchase tax of tens of thousands of yuan, which makes you feel excited. Luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have more than 200,000 yuan of entry-level models coming to the scene, and the preferential margin is large enough to come to the scene to negotiate the price of buying a car.

New energy vehicles become the biggest bright spotTengshi N7, Hyper GT, etc. will debut.

Undoubtedly, the current momentum of new energy vehicles is strong, and the low cost and worry-free maintenance make it more advantageous in the urban car scene. The reporter roughly calculated an account. If the fuel consumption of an oil vehicle is 10 liters per 100 kilometers and it travels 20,000 kilometers a year, the cost of a car for ten years is about 150,000 yuan, while the cost of a new energy vehicle is 20 cents per kilometer, and it only costs 40,000 yuan in 10 years, and only needs to replace glass water for 10,000 kilometers.

At this summer’s international auto show, new energy vehicles will naturally not be absent, even the biggest highlight of this auto show. There are new car-making forces such as Tucki, AITO, Zero Run, Feifan and Gaohe, as well as mainstream brands such as BYD, GAC Ai ‘an, Deep Blue Auto and Extreme Fox. Traditional giants have also begun to exert their efforts in the field of new energy, and Mercedes-Benz EQ series, BMW i3 and iX3, Audi’s e-tron series, Buick E5 and so on have attracted more and more attention.

When it comes to new models of new energy sources, Haoplatinum Hyper GT is worth mentioning. It is the latest masterpiece of Ai ‘an, starting at 219,900 yuan, and the intelligent configuration is "full", aiming at Tesla Model 3 and Tucki P7. At present, Ai ‘an’s sales momentum is very strong, closely following BYD, and the trend is stable; Needless to say, Tengshi N7’ s appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show can only be described as "bursting", with a sporty appearance and high value. It is also equipped with a dual-motor version, which has strong power and the highest cruising range has reached 702 kilometers. The same Tengshi brand MPV model D9 is a hot new energy MPV model, which has caused great pressure on traditional GL8, Saina and other models, except for more than 300,000 models. In addition, the popularity of Tucki G6 is higher than that of Tengshi N7. This medium-sized pure electric coupe SUV will be the "strong enemy" of Tesla Model Y, and it is equipped with the second generation intelligent assisted driving system XNGP. The new system can get rid of excessive dependence on high-precision maps and truly realize the full-scene assisted driving function.

It is worth mentioning that the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show is still a big stage where fuel, oil and electricity are mixed and plugged in. There are also many new cars in it, such as Guangqi Honda’s new generation Accord, BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition, Buick’s new generation LaCrosse, Mazda CX-50, Haval Xiaolong MAX, new Toyota Corolla, and Wei brand new Mocha DHT-PHEV.

The current maximum discount is in place.Enjoy watching cars on the pitch.

Price is what consumers are most concerned about, and many people can’t figure out the current preferential policies. According to the reporter’s understanding, the overall preferential strength in June is good, and there are two key factors. One is that the automobile emission standard has been switched from national six A to national six B, and many models that do not meet the emission standards are cutting prices and dumping their warehouses, with great preferential strength, which is of course limited to certain models. Second, the overall sales situation of the automobile market in the first half of the year was flat, and dealers urgently needed to sell cars to complete the sales task, thus creating a prerequisite for consumers to talk about concessions.

In addition, the environment for watching the auto show this time is very good, because it is June, the weather is not too hot, and the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show was chosen in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium, which is a core area with very convenient transportation in Laoshan District. Consumers can drive to buy a car, and it is extremely convenient to park the car in the whole venue. They can also take public transportation to see the car, and all buses are very accessible. The most important thing is that Qingdao Guoxin Stadium is a lush place, and it is very "cool" to watch cars and exhibitions. In such an environment, it is particularly beautiful to watch cars and buy cars. In addition, around Guoxin, there are supermarkets such as Thumb Square and Golden Lion Square. It is also a good choice to have a meal and take the whole family for leisure when you are tired of the auto show.


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