Knight and day: cameron diaz Bikini vs Tom Cruise.

Knight and day: cameron diaz Bikini vs Tom Cruise.

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Cameron diaz is wearing a bikini and fighting Tom cruise.

        Knight and day’s exclusive Chinese TV promo.

        It is reported that the Hollywood summer romantic action blockbuster will be released in China on July 6.

        The film stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, which is their first collaboration since then. The film was released in North America last week, with a box office of $3.8 million on its opening day and $20.139 million on its first weekend. Thanks to Tom • Cruise has a very good box office appeal abroad, so the overseas box office prospect of this film is optimistic. In South Korea, the film was very popular. Although it was during the World Cup, there were still 465,145 spectators coming to join in, and the cumulative box office was 586,131, which made it the top box office.

        Is the famous director James • Mangold’s latest masterpiece tells the story of an ordinary woman, June (Cameron • Diaz), met Roy (Tom • Cruise), and it was love at first sight. Unexpectedly, during the flight, Roy actually killed all the other passengers on the plane and caused the plane to crash. Only then did June know that Roy was an agent and he had to escape with June. The mandarin ducks fled all the way from the United States to the tropical island of Jamaica, then to Austria, and then to Spain, passing through waves of crazy chasing cars and the terrible bullfighting group … …

        With the popularity of the film, the hero and heroine Tom • Cruise and Cameron • The story between Diaz in and out of the play has also become a hot topic for everyone. The two met again this time because of their happy cooperation many years ago, and both contributed their most "unprecedented" stunts to this film, and jointly created this action adventure entertainment comedy with full topics and constant surprises in 2010! !

        By Tom • Cruise’s inspiration, in knight and day, many amazing special effects shots, the heroine Cameron • Diaz also went into battle by herself, and she is not a fake. Because of her performance in the series of Charlie’s Angels in recent years, Cameron has also developed a good skill. She admits that she loves fighting scenes in action movies because "it’s really interesting to fight!" "She said. In the process of shooting, even though she was bruised, bruised, her knee bled, cut and twisted, she had no regrets. She also wore a dress to attend the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony with injuries all over her body, which showed that she had a good time. Another special thing was that in the film, Cameron also gave everything to speed up, whether it was a car or a motorcycle, it was very handy to drive in person. Director James • Manger also called out that if they were not the main characters in the movie, they should be the best professional stuntmen! !

        Tom Tom also praised Cameron’s performance. Because Tom Tom himself personally performed these stunts, he and Cameron appreciate each other had a special tacit understanding in the performance of Yuanyang in the movie. They fled all the way across Europe and the United States, and the beautiful scenery and beautiful women set off, which made Tom Tom Tom’s witty and dangerous agent Roy particularly charming, while Cameron’s silly elder sister didn’t understand Roy’s complex background and just followed him. Unexpectedly, According to industry insiders, this is an action movie full of many unique elements, which is absolutely unforgettable. It is a blockbuster movie in Hollywood this summer!

Movie network point of view:In the movie, golden couple reappears on the big screen, a mission impossible and a Charlie Hebdo. The two are evenly matched, and there is bound to be a spark of renewal.


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