Covering the use of new energy vehicles such as driving and parking, new energy auto insurance is coming.

Covering the use of new energy vehicles such as driving and parking, new energy auto insurance is coming.

  In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. The picture shows the employees in the assembly workshop of an automobile company in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, reporting the cars off the assembly line in an orderly manner. Photo by Hu Xiaofei (People’s Vision)

  The construction of charging facilities for new energy vehicles is accelerating to help residents travel green. The picture shows a new energy car owner charging in Longxing Lake Park, Baofeng County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Photo by He Wuchang (Xinhua News Agency)

  On December 14th, insurance association of china issued the Exclusive Terms of Commercial Insurance for New Energy Vehicles (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), which consists of the Model Terms of Commercial Insurance for New Energy Vehicles (Trial) and the Model Terms of Accident Insurance for Drivers and Passengers of New Energy Vehicles (Trial). How will the Articles provide more effective and targeted insurance protection for consumers of new energy vehicles? The reporter interviewed the association and relevant experts.

  What are the highlights of the design of the Terms?

  — — Diversified insurance scenarios, customized insurance liabilities and humanized insurance protection.

  "In terms of insurance liability, both for ‘ Sandian ’ The system provides guarantee and comprehensively covers the use scenarios of driving, parking, charging and operation of new energy vehicles; In terms of terms development, it not only considers the current mainstream technical route, but also leaves room for innovation in the new format of the new energy automobile industry. " Wang Yuxiang, member of insurance association of china Party Committee and vice president, introduced that the Clauses cover 4 main risks and 15 additional risks.

  From the perspective of insurance structure, there are many innovations compared with the current Model Clauses for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles (2020 Edition). Wu Tao, deputy general manager of Ping An Property Insurance, analyzed that the Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of New Energy Vehicles (Trial) has three main risks and 13 additional risks. The main risks are structurally consistent with the current Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles, and the additional risks have been revised and completed except for the nine additional risks in the current Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles, and the Special Provisions for Value-added Services of Additional New Energy Vehicles have been added. Two additional risks, namely, Additional Hospitalization Allowance Insurance and Additional Medical Expenses Compensation Insurance, in the Model Provisions of Accident Insurance for Drivers and Passengers of New Energy Vehicles (Trial) are consistent with the current provisions.

  Mao Jiwen, the marketing director of PICC P&C Insurance, believes that the highlights of the Terms are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the diversification of insurance scenarios, such as the development of "Loss Insurance for Self-use Charging Piles" and "Liability Insurance for Self-use Charging Piles" in combination with the characteristics of new energy vehicles, to focus on solving the risks arising from auxiliary facilities in the application of new technologies; The second is the customization of insurance liability, highlighting the structural characteristics of "three electricity" systems such as battery and energy storage system, motor and drive system of new energy vehicles, and expanding the scope of protection to vehicle-specific use scenarios, such as self-service charging and special vehicle engineering operations; Third, the insurance guarantee is humanized. Combined with the risks in the charging process of new energy vehicles, the Additional External Power Grid Failure Loss Insurance is designed to cover the vehicle losses caused by external power grid transmission and transformation failures and abnormal current and voltage.

  How to protect the unique losses of new energy vehicles?

  — — The fire of new energy vehicles and the loss of charging piles are all within the scope of protection.

  The innovative car scene of new energy vehicles has also derived new risk points. For example, new energy vehicles use power batteries as energy storage devices, and vehicle auxiliary equipment extends to charging facilities. In addition to the traditional traffic accident risk, major accidents such as fire and deflagration of power batteries constitute new risk factors. How to protect the unique accident risks of this kind of new energy vehicles is the focus of consumers’ attention and the focus of previous clause design research.

  Shen Hua, vice president of China Property & Casualty Insurance, said that the fire and burning of new energy vehicles is not only the insurance liability of "New Energy Vehicle Loss Insurance", but also the insurance coverage of "New Energy Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance". "At present, the maximum liability limit of auto insurance three-person insurance can reach 10 million yuan. It is suggested that the majority of new energy vehicle owners can choose the appropriate third-party liability limit for insurance according to their own risk protection needs." Shen Hua said.

  At the same time, Shen Hua suggested that consumers can also choose to insure the "legal holiday limit doubling insurance" on the basis of insuring the auto insurance three risks. During the legal holidays (including weekends), the liability limit of the auto insurance three risks can be doubled, and consumers can get double risk protection only by paying a lower premium.

  The newly added two additional risks, namely, loss insurance for additional self-use charging piles and liability insurance for additional self-use charging piles, have also attracted much attention. "Additional self-use charging pile loss insurance" provides insurance protection for the loss of charging piles caused by natural disasters, accidents, theft or damage by others; The liability insurance of additional self-use charging piles covers the personal injury or property loss of third parties that may be caused by electric piles.

  "The Clauses include the loss of charging pile equipment itself and the personal injury or property loss of a third party that may be caused into the insurance liability. This is the first time that the insurance industry has included the off-vehicle equipment into the insurance liability, and it is a bold exploration, important breakthrough and new attempt to provide insurance protection around the consumer car scene." Fu Tianming, vice president of China Life Insurance, said.

  What changes have been made to the claims process?

  — — Broaden the security boundary, try our best to avoid claims disputes and continuously upgrade claims services.

  What is the difference between the claims process of new energy vehicles and traditional motor vehicles?

  "For consumers, there will be no obvious difference between the claim settlement process and the current Model Provisions on Motor Vehicle Commercial Insurance." Bi Xin, general manager of PICC P&C Claims Department, introduced that claims also showed some new features in view of the risk characteristics and usage characteristics of new energy vehicles.

  For example, Bi Xin, in addition to including risks such as external power grid failure, charging pile loss and liability into the scope of insurance claims, broadens the protection boundary, and the Terms also explain the expressions of proper terms such as "new energy vehicle", "process of using the insured new energy vehicle" and "battery decay" to avoid disputes over insurance claims caused by different understanding of terms. In addition, the "Terms" continue to upgrade claims services, and comprehensively sort out the risk points, service standards and operational norms that may be involved in claims-related links. "Relying on technology empowerment, we will launch more online, personalized and differentiated new energy exclusive claims service initiatives to better meet the insurance claims service needs of different consumer groups." Bi Xin said.

  The new energy automobile industry is in the process of rapid development, which poses new challenges to the insurance industry. Experts believe that only by accelerating product innovation, accelerating the accumulation of empirical data, and accelerating the integration with related industries such as automobiles and collecting more industry information can we promote the high-quality development of new energy auto insurance.


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