Zhang Yimou’s new work "Cross-border" fashion circle fashion "Butterfly" will be on stage.

Zhang Yimou’s new work "Cross-border" fashion circle fashion "Butterfly" will be on stage.

1905 movie network news The second season of dialogue fable 2047, a brand-new concept performance produced by Buick and directed by Zhang Yimou, is about to premiere, and the team is rehearsing nervously recently.

In this performance, the masters of traditional folk art will join hands with the world’s top scientific and technological experts, and Zhang Yimou, who advocates cultural inheritance through innovation, even "crossed the border" fashion circle and invited the international avant-garde fashion design team of Turkish Ezra Tuba to join the performance. 

The internationally renowned Ezra Tuba team used nanotechnology and wearable technology to create the world’s first flying Butterfly Dress together with Intel. This dress can sense external stimuli, including touch, body temperature and movements. When an object approaches or movesWhen the mobile device communicates wirelessly, the butterfly on the clothes will "wake up" slowly, and gradually speed up the rhythm frequency of the wings and dance in the air as the object approaches. This time, this technology will also be applied to the unit program "Song Shu Butterfly" in the second season of Dialogue Fable 2047. When the enthusiastic Zhuang people sing Poya Song Shu, ancient songs can call "Butterfly" and bring the audience a sense of returning to nature. 

In an exclusive interview, Zhang Yimou admitted that the "cross-border" fashion circle aims to "add technology and intangible cultural heritage together with the traditional culture of China, and we hope to present a particularly good visual effect on the stage at 1+1." As early as the press conference of Dialogue Fable 2047 in the second season, Bao Ye, director of Buick Marketing Department of SAIC-GM, the producer, already said, "I am looking forward to seeing our team really make a bigger and newer breakthrough in the second season and show it to the audience." 


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