"The most beautiful reading sound" sounded in front of the Red Building of Peking University.

"The most beautiful reading sound" sounded in front of the Red Building of Peking University.

  (Reporter Zhang Enjie) "With the youth of me, we will create a youth family, a youth country and a youth nation & HELIP; …” "Youth is like the early spring, like the morning sun, like the budding of a hundred flowers, like the new development of a sharp sword in Xi … …” On August 29th, recitation artists Kang Zhuang and Guo Kaimin stood together in front of the Red Mansion of Peking University, and after a hundred years’ time and space, they read the classic quotations of Li Dazhao’s Youth and Chen Duxiu’s Youth with deep affection, bringing the readers back to that passionate awakening era, and officially launched the "Meeting the Party’s Twenty Themes Reading Activities".

  Sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the reading activity is based on the theme of "Striving for a New Journey and Building a New Era", and is divided into three sections: the reading demonstration activity with the theme of "the most beautiful reading sound", the book exhibition and promotion activity with key themes, and the special promotion activity of the digital reading column of "Reading Beijing, Reading China and Looking to the Future".

  On the same day, General Jin Yinan told "Why China" at the Red Chamber of Peking University. He pointed out that in today’s thrilling world, only history can make us face reality without feeling scared. "By learning to read and be familiar with history, we can broaden our horizons, enhance our confidence and improve the strength of our personality. Therefore, reading is not just a pastime after a meal, it is as simple as adding some talk. "

  It is worth mentioning that the reading leading plan of "the cradle of the Party" was also released at the event site, and the initiative of reading books such as "Striving for a New Journey and Building a New Era" was put forward. In addition to this launching activity, the theme reading demonstration activity of "The Most Beautiful Reading Sound" will focus on celebrating the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and four theme reading activities will be held successively, inviting industry celebrities to read books related to the construction of "Four Centers" in Beijing.

  It is understood that major bookstores, key entity bookstores and e-commerce platforms in Beijing will set up special counters to display and sell key books in a centralized way, and all relevant units and districts will also organize and carry out a variety of reading activities on the theme of "Celebrating the 20 th National Congress" in an orderly manner, and hold lectures and knowledge contests to create a good atmosphere for the party’s 20 th National Congress victory.

  In addition, digital reading enterprises will set up special columns to promote the Party’s innovative theoretical reading materials, the book list with the theme of "Striving for a New Journey and Building a New Era", China’s good books, good books reflecting the achievements in the construction of the national cultural center and the development of the capital, excellent online literature and digital reading. Through a variety of forms throughout the year, we will lead the citizens to enjoy a reading feast in the atmosphere of cultural Beijing and scholarly China.

  Photography/reporter Yuan Yi

  Coordinator/Liu Jianghua


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