Break dancing has become an official Olympic event, and the formation of the national team has begun to select talents.

Break dancing has become an official Olympic event, and the formation of the national team has begun to select talents.

       CCTV News:Together with skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing, break dancing has become an official event of the Olympic Games. A few days ago, when IOC President thomas bach announced this decision, it really caused quite a stir. When it comes to break dancing, friends over 40 must have special feelings. In the 1970s and 1980s, break dancing became popular in China. No matter the streets and alleys, as long as the dynamic music rang, there were young people with explosive heads, bell bottoms and open-fingered leather gloves, while stepping on the spacewalk, cleaning the glass with their bare hands and dancing with each other, showing their youthful vitality. In many variety shows at present, break dancing is even more cool, and the limelight is the same.

       [After all] What kind of dance is "Olympic" break dance?

       Break dancing, English name Breaking, is sometimes translated as "floor dancing" because of its classic movements on the ground. From leading the trend of street culture to becoming an official Olympic event, what kind of dance is break dancing?


       Hold the ground with one hand, exert your strength instantly, and your body will fly and spin rapidly. The young man who danced like a tornado and looked wild and free was 20-year-old Shang Xiaoyu. As the only break dancer in China, he played in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, competing with the world’s top players, and finally broke into the top eight.


       Break dancing originated from American hip-hop culture in the 1960s and 1970s, and it is a kind of generalized hip-hop. Its symbolic action is that dancers support their bodies with their hands and heads to do rapid rotation and tumbling on the ground, which has the elements of sports competition since its birth, and street cheers are the basis for judging the success or failure of fighting dancing. In 1987, the American film "Break Dance" was released in China, and it was all the rage to take a "spacewalk" with a tape recorder on your shoulder or "clean the glass" in the air. However, these movements are not break dancing.

       Su Jie, Secretary-General of China Sports Dance Federation: "The break dance in the movie is the predecessor of breaking now."

       According to experts, the most obvious feature of break dancing is that athletes are no longer satisfied with expressing music with their bodies, but pursue to explore the limits of the human body in rhythm, and Thomas and handstand rotation have become symbolic movements.

       [Question in the end] There are various forms of street dance. Why can break dance "enter the Olympics"?

       As a competition, break dancing made its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018, which also played an important role in promoting its official entry into the Olympics. There are many forms of street dance, so why can break dance "enter the Olympics"?

       Su Jie, Secretary-General of China Sports Dance Federation, said: "One of the strong characteristics of break dancing is that it is very competitive. The form of competition generally appears in the form of fighting dance, that is, one-on-one PK, and the criteria for judging are relatively clear, so it can be the official event of the Olympic Games first."

       In China, break dancing has also become the only dance in the street dance competition of the 2nd Youth Games held in 2019, and China break dancing has officially entered the preparation stage for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

       Experts believe that dance presentation, music understanding, dance culture interpretation and innovation may be the scoring points of break dancing after entering the Olympics.

       How to form a national break dance team?

       The reporter learned from the China Sports Dance Federation that the formation of the national break dance team for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games has started, and talent selection has begun. At the same time, the preparation and selection plan has also entered the revision stage and is expected to be announced to the public in the first half of 2021. How to form the national team of break dancing? In particular, everyone is very concerned about whether those stars who are good at break dancing will also have the opportunity to enter the national team.

       Su Jie, secretary-general of China Sports Dance Federation, said: "We will decide who can be selected into our large talent pool by comprehensive standards, not whether he is an performing star or a person engaged in a certain profession. We are based on sports performance."

       According to reports, it takes two steps to form a national team of break dancing. First, a talent pool is established by extensively selecting talents in the whole society, and then the national team candidates are finally determined through a competitive selection mechanism.

       Su Jie, Secretary General of China Sports Dance Federation: "Now the selection method has entered the revision stage, and then it will be reported to the relevant departments for review, and finally we will announce it to the whole society. The announcement time is probably before the first half of next year. "

       [After all] Is everyone suitable for break dancing?

       The door of the national break dance team is open to the whole society. Are you also moved? It is estimated that many parents will be busy letting their children practice again. Is it suitable for everyone to break dance? What should we pay attention to when engaging in this sport?

       In the face of zero-based reporters, Shang Xiaoyu only selected a few simple warm-up professors, but the reporters still found it difficult to control.

       Wang Hong, a professor at Beijing Sport University and a member of the "Source News" expert database of the China Association for Science and Technology, said: "Many movements really violate some concepts of traditional sports training, and the risk of injury is great. Some movements of flexibility and explosive force may be harmful to a child who does not grow well, to the development of his bones or to his ligaments, for example, to the lumbar spine. If children and young people want to do this kind of action, you must first practice basic physical fitness and special physical fitness before you can rise to the level of technical training. "

       Shang Xiaoyu, the only player of the China team in the break dance event of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, said: "Don’t always focus on these rotations and difficult movements. In fact, breaking is more interesting in its dance."

       [After all] Although break dancing is cool, can everyone try it?

       Finally, I would like to remind you that although break dancing is cool, its difficult movements such as tumbling, handstand, head turning and Thomas require very high strength, flexibility and coordination. Don’t try rashly if you don’t have a certain physical quality. Especially parents and friends, all want to build a handsome baby, but break dancing is fierce and difficult, and it is not suitable for children who are too young to learn, so as not to get hurt.


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