In the civil war of women’s singles table tennis, Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi 4-2, advanced to the final and was recognized.

In the civil war of women’s singles table tennis, Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi 4-2, advanced to the final and was recognized.

For Manyu Wang, how brilliant will his achievements be? The WTT Macau Championship in 2023 will last until the sixth match day, and the men’s and women’s singles semi-finals have now ended. In the high-profile women’s table tennis competition, four China table tennis players presented two amazing semi-finals. This is the second year in a row that she has won the world championship at this level. In a just-concluded semi-final, Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi with a score of 4:2, thus successfully advancing to the final. In this competition, Manyu Wang showed amazing strength. His goal is to win the final championship. Even if he loses the competition, he can consolidate his position in the third place in the world.

At present, there are obvious differences between the two core players of China table tennis team. During the whole Paris Olympic cycle, Wang Yidi’s performance showed a trend of low opening and high walking, from the marginal main force of table tennis to one of the five main forces of table tennis. With Chen Meng’s ranking falling to the fourth place in the world due to the elimination of Olympic points, Wang Yidi’s ranking in the world has climbed to the third place, while Manyu Wang has shown a trend of high opening and low walking throughout the cycle.

Especially in this year, Manyu Wang showed an amazing performance, coupled with injuries and the change of the head coach, his performance is quite bad. His grades don’t seem to have changed much either. Chen Meng failed to win the championship in many competitions. Unfortunately, her efforts failed to win in the end. But he still sticks to his dream. In the Macau Championship, Manyu Wang and Wang Yidi staged a thrilling reversal in the semi-final, which provided him with an opportunity to win the championship again.

In the first game, Wang Yidi seized the opportunity of the game with keen insight and keen sense of smell. Take the lead in the score, then remain stable in several rounds, and finally lead the opponent by 11:7, successfully opening the door to victory. He used his expertise and technology to attack. With the arrival of the second game, Manyu Wang launched a counterattack and successfully occupied the advantage on the field. And control it. Whether in attack or defense, we can seize the opportunity skillfully in the stalemate and win. After pulling back the second game with 11:9, the score was 1:1, and in the third game, the competition between the two sides became more intense.

However, there is still a chance to catch Manyu Wang, who took a 2-1 lead with a score of 11-9, performed well in the multi-beat stalemate in the fourth game without mercy, and finally took the lead. Although he was robbed by his opponent in the last board, he finally defeated his opponent to win. Under the score of 11:6, we have achieved a 3:1 lead, which is a very excellent victory. This also shows that he is very confident about this game. In the fifth game, Wang Yidi showed indomitable spirit, even in the face of last stand.

From falling behind to equalising and then leading, we finally won the bureau with a score of 11:5, making the score 2:3. Manyu Wang, whose victory in the sixth game was in sight, did not give up the victory, but won with the score of 11:4, and finally eliminated Wang Yidi with the score of 4:2, thus winning the national table tennis civil war. This is another great achievement after he won the titles of "best server" and "excellent receiver and receiver". Despite the hard-won victory, Manyu Wang is expected to challenge the first singles title this year and become a new champion.

Due to long-term injury and coach change, Manyu Wang’s performance this year is not satisfactory, and he has not been able to break through the championship shortage so far, but in the end, he successfully entered the finals and will have an excellent chance to win the championship. Although his current state is not very good, he still hopes that he can return to the competition as soon as possible and strive for a better record. This is also the root cause of Manyu Wang’s recovery. Although his performance in the game is not good at present, if he can maintain his current competitive state, he can lay a solid foundation for winning greater victories next year. In order to consolidate the existing position, it is indispensable to achieve corresponding results after the global ranking has risen to the second position. Therefore, his performance in this competition is still good, especially his excellent service, which won him a good chance and finally won the runner-up. For Manyu Wang, how excellent will his performance be in this competition? We will analyze his pre-match preparation and performance in the competition and give some suggestions. Welcome everyone to leave a message and exchange.


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