The last stop of the ball king

The last stop of the ball king

I missed the quarter-finals of the Champions League again, and now it’s time for Paris to break up. The team must change the status quo a little now. "L ‘Equipe" recently talked about the future of Paris. At present, the top management thought is to build the team with Mbappé as the core of the team’s future. On the contrary, Messi, who is rumored to have a possible contract renewal, pointed out that the club has a high probability of giving up.

Although Messi won the Argentine championship in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and got the last title puzzle of his career, it seems that Messi’s "nightmare" in the Champions League is not over yet:He fell to the quarter-finals for three consecutive years, missed the Champions League for eight consecutive years, and failed to break the door of Bayern for eight consecutive years.

Messi, who entered the animal year, announced the end of this season’s Champions League tour only in March. It’s so close and so far away from the fifth Champions League trophy, just like Jacky Cheung’s song.

Every time Messi has rumors of leaving the team, it is enough to shock football.

In the summer of 20 years, that "leaving email" that shocked football, he originally joined forces with his mentor Guardiola in Manchester City, almost decided to send out an application for leaving email, but Barcelona prevented Messi from leaving with the terms of "700 million liquidated damages".

In the summer of 21 years, Messi, who was originally married to Barcelona, was suddenly "abandoned" by Barcelona when he was enjoying the joy of winning the first America’s Cup, and had to switch to the Greater Paris in Neymar and Di Maria.

In the summer of 23 years, Messi will encounter a difficult "choice" again. In front of him, there are about three feasible ways.

Renew the contract with Greater Paris. So far, Paris Saint-Germain is the only club that has made a specific offer to Messi. However, Paris Saint-Germain also has its own problems, limited by the fiscal fairness bill, and there are rumors that they will make great adjustments to their lineup this summer, and some of them will have to reduce their salaries. The next few days will be the time for negotiations between the two sides.

Shares+real estate projects+various commercial marketing, MLS (American Professional League) tried its best to attract Messi to join.Join the American professional leagueProbably like Beckham in those days, except for a handsome salary, he may get his own franchise or a stake in Miami in the future.

The last road, of course, is the result that fans want to see most.Return to BarcelonaIt is the result that many Barcelona Messi fans have always wanted. After all, Barcelona still owes Messi a decent farewell ceremony. However, judging from the current salary space and financial situation of Barcelona, it is simply a gap to operate Messi’s return.

Xiao Bian believes that Messi will renew his contract with Paris in a high probability, at least in the five major leagues in Europe until the America’s Cup in 2024. After that, the plum ball king will make his next choice. Where do you think Messi will go this summer?


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