Saiyi AIGC Zhongtai officially released, Shanmu GPT empowers the new development of enterprise digital intelligence with technological innovation

Saiyi AIGC Zhongtai officially released, Shanmu GPT empowers the new development of enterprise digital intelligence with technological innovation

Wuhan in the golden autumn ushered in the "2023 China Enterprise Digital transformation Summit and Sai Yi User Conference". At this grand event with the theme of "AI-driven, digital intelligence innovation", domestic industry professors, experts, scholars and more than 500 business leaders, more than 1,000 industry elites, in-depth discussion on the intelligent management, AI scene application, "dual-cross" integration innovation, value-based domestic substitution (Xinchuang) and many other issues facing the digital transformation of enterprises.

"Saiyi is a company that builds digital capabilities around the enterprise value chain," Zhang Chengkang, chairperson and CEO of Saiyi Information, said in the keynote speech. At this year’s conference, Saiyi Information and industry partners jointly explore the digital transformation of enterprises around AI technology, and extract value and create value from it.

In the meantime, Saiyi Information’s latest release of the first AIGC mid-platform (Shanmu GPT) focusing on the enterprise services model has become the focus of the industry.

Wind up AI to maximize the value of the industry

In the AI era, industrial reshaping and intelligent manufacturing are becoming new.

The "China artificial intelligence large model map research report" released by the new generation artificial intelligence development research center of the Ministry of Science and Technology shows that 79 large models above the 1 billion parameter scale have been released in our country.

With the continuous improvement of the top-level design, our country’s digital economy strategic system has been steadily built, providing strong support for the intelligent transformation of the real industry. In the process of enterprise digital transformation, artificial intelligence can be implemented in a variety of application scenarios, data modeling, and improve the level of analysis and decision-making in production, warehousing, marketing, marketing, finance and other links.

In the process of AIGC technology landing, Saiyi Information realized that the value of the big model lies in the combination with business scenarios. Only by generalizing, industrializing and verticalizing AI capabilities, and deeply integrating with the specific business scenario needs of different industries and different enterprises, and focusing on the big model in the field of Enterprise Services, can we deeply support the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises.

This is also the original intention and value of the research and development of Saiyi AIGC mid-platform (Shanmou GPT).

Deeply empowering, building an intelligent innovation engine for enterprises

Behind the artificial intelligence boom, major technology manufacturers have entered the market one after another, continuously launching AI models, and AIGC applications have exploded. For enterprises, how to choose the right path and high-quality platform in the process of digital transformation?

"There are so many big models, we can only build our own capabilities on the value chain of the entire industry around the focused industry, around the industry model. Everything is for value." Sai Yi, led by Zhang Chengkang, strives to provide the best path for the digital transformation of enterprises.

According to the introduction, Saiyi AIGC mid-platform (Shanmou GPT) deeply integrates the knowledge and best practices of Saiyi Information in the fields of finance and taxation, human resources, marketing, supply chain, R & D and manufacturing, and expands the storage memory, application adaptation, scheduling execution and domain expertise of the large model through context memory, knowledge/database & table indexing, Prompt engineering, agent execution, general toolset, etc., to form a systematic enterprise services large model. Provide enterprises with capabilities such as multi-model docking, vector management, private model pre-training and application, and help enterprises quickly implement AI and realize intelligent process management, interaction, guidance and circulation.

Digital employees (intelligent guidance), intelligent documents (intelligent assistance), enterprise knowledge base (intelligent Q & A), AI automatic quotation (intelligent quotation) and other functions required by enterprises can be realized in Shanmou GPT. By combining with the existing system and Data Transmission Service of the enterprise, Shanmou GPT can provide enterprises with more personalized and intelligent services, and improve the efficiency of enterprise production and operation management.

It is understood that Saiyi has fully integrated AI capabilities into agile development, achieving automated management of the entire process from requirements planning, requirements analysis, task allocation, progress tracking, iterative testing, and online deployment, with an efficiency increase of more than 40%.

Paradigm shift, AI-driven high-quality development

The "scissors difference principle" of digital transformation has resonated widely in the industry after Zhang Chengkang’s repeated emphasis. With the development of informatization and intelligence, on the one hand, the labor cost of enterprises continues to rise with time; on the other hand, the intelligent cost continues to decline with time. When the labor cost and the intelligent cost curve reach the intersection point, intelligence will usher in an outbreak.

Zhang Chengkang believes that in the era of AI-driven intelligence, the manufacturing paradigm has migrated from physical manufacturing based on the traditional "trial and error method" to virtual manufacturing based on CPS technology, and the manufacturing system has moved from an isolated centralized to an open system of networked collaboration, realizing the revolution of production tools and the transformation of production models.

At the critical juncture of paradigm shift, facing the trend of accelerated integration of the real economy and digital technology, Saiyi Information fully embraces the era of AI intelligence, leveraging its independent research and development capabilities and deep experience in the industry to enable the digital transformation of the industry and help Chinese enterprises move towards high-quality development.

The launch of AIGC mid-platform (Shanmou GPT) comes at the right time.

According to Yuan Haigang, chief architect of Saiyi Gushen Lab: "The launch of AIGC mid-platform (Shanmou GPT) marks an important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. It can provide enterprises with more intelligent and efficient solutions to help enterprises achieve digital intelligence innovation and development. In the future, we will strengthen in-depth cooperation and research with customers in different industries, expand the application of AIGC in different industries and fields, and further improve the performance and applicability of Shanmou GPT."

AIGC mid-platform (Shanmou GPT) has strong and comprehensive capabilities.

Automatically generate user stories: enter simple instructions to automatically parse user requests and convert them into standardized user stories, quickly adapt to changes in the market and user requests, save a lot of time and effort for manual creation and maintenance, and improve the quality of agile development and iteration.

Intelligent form creation function: Based on the intelligent form designer provided by Gushen aPaaS platform, users can quickly complete the creation and configuration of the required form application by entering simple instructions in the dialog box, and realize interaction and data collection, further improving the efficiency of enterprise application construction.

The release of AIGC Zhongtai (Shanmou GPT) marks a new step for Saiyi Information in strategic technological innovation. In the future, Saiyi Information will join hands with more outstanding enterprises to strengthen and expand intelligent manufacturing and industrial software, join the AI digital wave, amplify the value of the industry, explore high-quality development paths, and jointly help build a digital China.


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